ICSE Solutions For Class 8 History and Civics

Now preparing the subjects like History and Civics, so easy. You will get the proper guidance step by step just need to follow the PDF we are providing. A PDF, where your all search ends. We will never ask you any login id or registration for downloading this ICSE solution for Class 8 History and Civics.

ICSE Solutions for class 8 History and Civics – PDF Free Download Chapter wise

Class 8 History and Civics ICSE Solutions


  1. A Period of Transition
  2. The Growth of Nationalism
  3. The American Civil War
  4. India in the Eighteenth Century
  5. Traders to Rulers (I)
  6. Traders to Rulers (II)
  7. Impact of British Rule on India
  8. The Great Uprising of 1857
  9. Great Reformers and Reform Movements
  10. Struggle for Freedom (I)
  11. Struggle for Freedom (II)


  1. The Union Legislature
  2. The Union Executive
  3. The Judiciary
  4. The United Nations

Focus on the Subjects like History and Civics

History and Civics are the easy subjects, you just need to go through it like you are reading some stories. But these stories really play a great role in our life. As you are in class 8 so there are many chances to know our past stories from this book. Class 8 history means to know the Modern World closely, where you will get so many chapters related to our India and outside of India.

History and Civics are one subject but divided into two parts, in the History you will get 11 chapters, among them some important chapters are India in the Eighteenth Century, Impact British Rule in India, Great Reformers and Reform Movements. You need to go through these mentioned chapters, along with that you have to be a focus on the rest chapters too. Those are equally important as it belongs from the world history.

Next comes to the Civics part, here you will get four chapters, and these four chapters are equally important, you can’t neglect a single one. All of this information will help you in your future. So make sure that you have gone through the chapters.

Why should You Download this PDF?

We are not forcing you to download this PDF, but if you want to achieve a good grade then you need something extra with proper detailing and this PDF will fulfill your this requirement. Here you will get the exact pattern as ICSE board follows, so it can help you to stay one step ahead than others.

Along with the brief definition, you will get a proper and explained questions and answers which will help you to memorize the answers and recall that in your exam time.

The PDF strictly follow the Pattern of ICSE board. You can see the pattern on the website. As per the class 8 syllabus, the PDF is decorated like –

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Match the column A with column B
  • True or False Marking
  • Then the Question and Answer comes
  • Tick the right answers
  • Short questions based on Civics

Every chapter is explained beautifully along with some important questions and answers, suggested and described by the experts. Some basic questions are there too, just go through all of these and keep practicing with this. To check your progress, you will get some exercise in the PDF, just attempt that to complete within a period of time.

It will help you to check your progress and you will be enough confident for your coming exam. Everything is explained here in the ICSE Solution for Class 8 History and Civics, with easy and simple language so that you can understand each and everything

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