ICSE Solutions for Class 7 Geography Voyage

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Class 7 Geography Voyage ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download Chapter wise

Class 7 Geography Voyage ICSE Solutions

Theme 1 : Representation of Geographical Features

1. Topographical Sheets: Colours, Signs and Symbols
2. Scale and Distance

Theme 2 : Atmosphere

3. Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
4. Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Theme 3 : Weather and Climate

5. Study of Weather
6. Recording of Weather

Theme 4 : Weathering And Soil Formation

7. Types of Rocks
8. Weathering and Soil

Theme 5 : Industries

9. Industries: Their Need, and Classification
10. Major Industries

Theme 6 : Energy and Power Resources

11. Renewable and Non-renewable resources

Theme 7 : Study of Continents : Europe, Africa, Australia and Antarctica

12. Europe: Location, Area, Political & Physical Features
13. Europe: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife; Forest, Minerals & Power Resources
14. Africa: Location, Area, Political & Physical Features
15. Africa: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife; Minerals
16. Australia:Location,Area, Political & Physical Features
17. Australia: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife; Forest and Minerals
18. Antarctica: Location, Physical Features, Climate, Natural Vegetation

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is a well-known private board of education in India. Most of the parents opt for it because its certification is valued worldwide. It is also known for its comprehensive syllabus which enhances their skills and creates interest amongst the students for studies.

However, their syllabus is vast but it just to make the student know deeper about the particular topics. In the classes like 5, 6 or 7th, the students are well prepared for their future studies making their backbone stronger. More the basics get clear or more we learn in our early stage of education, more helpful it proves to us in future.

If we talk about, Geography then it is the study of the physical features of the earth, atmosphere and also how it affects human living on it or how it is affected by them? In the Class 7 ICSE Geography syllabus, students are introduced to four major continents out of 7, i.e. Europe, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Apart from these, they will get exposure to some important topics like Weather and Climate, Soil Formation and major environmental problems like global warming and greenhouse effect too.

No regrets that Class 7th ICSE exams are the building blocks for their future. That is why learning with great dedication is needed indeed. You need to create a schedule for your study and follow it for better results. Give your studies enough time to understand each topic. Make out the note from the chapters for quick revision; mark the questions where you find any kind of difficulties.

Keep on doing the revision as it will help you to retain everything that you study for a prolonged duration.  And remember that we are always there to help you out with the questions you find difficult. Our solutions are prepared by the team of experts in a step-by-step manner. Solutions are well discussed in details in the quite apprehended form of language. All these make it easy for a student to grasp the conceptual knowledge, rather than just mugging up the queries.

Basically, in 7th standard students are introduced to the fundamentals of basics topics. The vast syllabus Class 7 ICSE of the subject Social Science can be fraction into Geography, History, and Civics. Here we are going to talk about the Geography part, which consists of 7 units or say Themes, which in turn comprise of 18 lessons. If you want to score good marks simply in your class tests or exams.

You just need to go through all the topics and practice all the text-based questions. Each topic holds a specific value of its own.  But some lessons like Chapter 4 – Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming and Chapter 11- Renewable and Non Renewable Resources are the scoring ones. As many questions are asked directly from these chapters.

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