ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Geography

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Download Latest ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Geography – PDF Chapter wise

Class 9 Geography ICSE Solutions

Unit – 1 Our World

1. Earth as a Planet
2. Geographic Grid: Latitudes and Longitudes
3. Rotation and Revolution

Unit – 2 Structure of the Earth

4. Earth’s Structure
5. Landforms of the Earth
6. Rocks
7. Volcanoes
8. Earthquakes
9. Weathering
10. Denudation

Unit – 3 Hydrosphere

11. Hydrosphere

Unite – 4 Atmosphere

12. Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
13. Insolation
14. Atmospheric Pressure and Winds
15. Humidity

Unit – 5 Pollution

16. Pollution
17. Sources of Pollution
18. Effects of Pollution
19. Preventive Measures

Unit – 6 Natural Regions of the World

20. Natural Regions of the World

Similarly, like Science in class 9th Social science is also further divided into three major categories, i.e. History, Geography, and Civics. Among which Geography deals mainly with various land features, natural resources, soil type, climate type and numerous phenomena of the earth.

We get to know much about various places, lands, atmosphere, locations, the universe, etc. from this vast field of Geography. By studying the subject we can keep a constant check on various environmental factors like global warming, deforestation, and other problems too.

Also by studying about the surface of the earth and factors related to it, we can ensure sustainable development. Apart from this, it also provides information about various natural disasters studying which we can prepare ourselves well in case of any disaster like the earthquake, flood, landslides, etc.

If you are planning to becomes a geologist, conservation officer, cartographer, town planner, etc. Then you need to be good at this subject. This is a very interesting subject to study as we get to know about the various places on the earth. And also other specification related to the places like the temperature, annual rain, latitude, climate, vegetation, and other important factors too. If you have already decided to pursue your career in the wide field of Geography. Then it’s time to study hard and learn the specifications by heart.

Because you can pursue your career in Geography only after scoring good marks in 9th, then clearing your 10th ICSE board exams and finally opting for Humanities in your 11th. And to achieve all that you need to start preparing yourself for future.

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All the chapter are important but lessons like Rotation and Revolution, Land forms of the Earth, Composition and Structure of Atmosphere, and lastly Pollution from the 6 units of the syllabus forms matter of concern from examination point of view. Focusing these chapters could make you score more good marks. Just practice the in-text questions with the solutions provided by our subject experts.

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