AutoCAD Course Details | Duration, Syllabus, Fees, Eligibility, Jobs, and Salary

AutoCAD Course Details: If you are into Civil Engineering, then you will come across the most critical subject called AutoCAD. In this course, you will have to involve yourself in creating different digital designs for the structures. Thus with this system, you can create error-free and precise designs.

It is all about space management and to develop different eco-friendly designs for the course. However, you must be thinking about where to study this course and the preferable fee to pay. Don’t worry; in the article below, learn about the complete detailed information, including duration of the course, eligibility, fees, admission procedure, job prospects, and salary. Also, there is a complete description of the syllabus with the concepts that you will learn under this.

About AutoCAD Course Details

If you are in civil engineering, AutoCAD is the most basic course, especially for the diploma holders. It is a study of designing and space management. If you are seeing your future as an AutoCAD and seeking a job in the Information Technology sector, you need to undergo a complete study for the AutoCAD software. It is the digital software conducted in civil engineering. This course is mainly preferred by those engineers who want to master in design courses. Read complete details for the duration, eligibility, syllabus, job prospect, and fee structure.

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Overview of AutoCAD Course Details

Course AutoCAD Course
Course Level and Type Certification Course
Duration of the Course Three months
Eligibility A student must have passed 10th standard
Admission Procedure Apply from college
Course Fees INR 15,000 for one year
Starting Salary Offered 1.5 lakhs
Different Job Prospects AutoCAD Designer, AutoCAD Architect, AutoCAD Engineer, and so on

Subject, Concepts in AutoCAD Courses

AutoCAD is a certification course that a student can take along with college studies. It will enhance their understanding of nook and cranny in the civil Industry. Below are the important subjects and concepts covered under AutoCAD course Syllabus:

  • Auto CAD Interface
  • Block, W-block, X-attach, & X-Ref
  • Sketch Entities & Sketch Tools
  • Sketch Visualization & Sketch Analysis
  • Dimensions & Dimension Styles

In the entire certification course of AutoCAD, students will become familiar with practical exposure to draft and then finally design Industry. Thus they develop a competent mind throughout the course and try to give their best in this field. It has a well-developed curriculum that enables students to undergo different operations like structural designing applications and drafting. Even they develop the mind in research and exploration.

List of Colleges Offering AutoCAD Courses

The main motive of institutes in teaching AutoCAD courses is to develop productive and successful students. They aim to teach them a complete thorough detail for draughting toll and hence produce a 2D drawing. Here is the list of colleges offering AutoCAD courses:

  • OPJS University, Rajasthan
  • SPC Education Center, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology, Chattisgarh
  • PAI International Learning Solutions, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Government Polytechnic, Mumbai
  • National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Mohali
  • Advanced Computing Training School, Mohali
  • Unity Veda Animation College, Lucknow, UP

AutoCAD Courses Eligibility Criteria

If you are done with your secondary education from a certified school and want to aspire to a course in AutoCAD, then you are eligible for it. However, you need to fulfill some criteria as listed below:

  • After you finish the first year in diploma, then students who are seeking engineering in the civil or mechanical fields can directly apply to the institutes.
  • Students must have scored 55% of marks in the 10th standard, which his core subjects as Mathematics, Science, and English.
  • The student must have cleared the entrance test as many institutes conduct it before allowing them to study AutoCAD under them.

AutoCAD Courses Fee Structure

The AutoCAD course fees are all dependent upon the university, college, or institute you choose to study from. Many Institutes take monthly fees while others take annual fees. The monthly fee varies between the range of INR 4,000 to INR 10,000. However, many institutes conduct the annual fees for the AutoCAD course, and the average yearly prices taken by them are INR 15,000.

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AutoCAD Courses Admission Procedure

AutoCAD is a certification course, and hence merit is the essential factor while considering the admission process in a particular institute. If a student wishes to pursue a route in AutoCAD, then he must have passed the 10th standard with more than 55% marks. He must have some prior knowledge to clear the entrance test conducted by the institutes. Any student who has passed the 12th standard can also pursue this course with more than 50% in PCM subject. Thus students can fill the respective admission form of a particular institute. If they qualify for the eligibility and entrance test, then they can take admission in an institute.

AutoCAD Courses Duration

There is no specific limit to learn this certification course of AutoCAD. However, you need to master your skills in it. If you want to start with the basics, it will surely take six months as you begin. However, rest all depends upon your practice and the way you gather knowledge in the course. It might even take more time, like 1-3 years, as you start with the class.

AutoCAD Course Details

AutoCAD Courses Syllabus

The below table represents the entire syllabus that students have to study in the AutoCAD course.

AutoCAD Interface Sketch Entities & Sketch Tools Block, W-block, X-attach, & X-Ref
Layer & Object Properties Dimensions & Dimensions Styles Drafting Settings
Geometry Creation & Modifications Inquiry Tools & Parametric Drafting Design Centre & Modification Tools
Isometric Views Creating & Editing Text Equations, Design Table, & Configurations
Smart Dimensions, Fully Define Sketch and Blocks Sketch Visualization & Sketch Analysis Drafting Settings
3D Parts, UCS, Boolean Operation, Solid Editing, etc. Surface Creation & Modification Tools Geometry & Dimensional Constraints

AutoCAD Courses Job Profiles

If you acquire useful knowledge in AutoCAD, then surely you will enjoy a highly paid job under it. It has opened up different job opportunities in the design industry for you. However, the course is for a short duration, and the rest depends upon your understanding. The salaries offered are very high. You can work as an AutoCAD Drafter, designer, structural designer, Mechanical Designer, Product Designer Engineer, and also work as an electrical engineer. Students can also find Engineering Courses in India.

Salary Offered to AutoCAD

With the highly paid job under the AutoCAD course, you will earn an average of INR 6 lakhs in a year. However, the starting salary might range between 4-9 lakhs in a year. Rest everything depends upon the skill set you have developed with the course learning. Also, the companies consider your marks in the B.Tech program. For the diploma holder sunder Civil Engineering, you will get a starting salary of three lakhs INR in a year. However, the best salary packages are for those who have experience of 2-3 years or have studied from IITs.

FAQ’s on AutoCAD Course Details

Question 1.
In how many days will you learn AutoCAD?

You will learn AutoCAD through practice in real life. If you want to learn 3D AutoCAD, then it might take around 20 hours more than learning 2D AutoCAD consistently once you sit. However, for learning 2D AutoCAD, you need to complete 6 Months.

Question 2.
Is it challenging to learn AutoCAD?

For most of the parametric and 3D CAD applications, you need to go for deep learning in the curves. If there is complexity, then there could be a commitment to learning for a long time. You need to learn around 3000 commands for learning 3D AutoCAD.

Question 3.
How can one learn AutoCAD quickly?

You need complete practice in real-time for learning AutoCAD. Then visit the full tutorial after installing the software. You will come across 2D and 3D sketching.


Hopefully, you have gained the complete information on AutoCAD courses with complete detailed information for fee structure, duration, syllabus, and the career aspect with the detailed information listed above.

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