Renewable Energy Courses in India | Duration, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs, and Salary

Online Renewable Energy Courses in India: After you have passed the 12th, you can choose the best option for your future as Renewable Energy courses. Go for graduation level if you want to take admission under this course. The successful completion of the 12th standard will be the basis for taking admission to Renewable Energy Course in India. This course mainly focuses on work on different productive activities. Renewable Energy Courses will guide you through the study of renewable energy and energy efficiency. You will get through the detailed study of bioenergy, solar cells, catalysis, and many more. However, if you want to pursue your career in Renewable Energy Course, get detailed information on the duration, fees, eligibility, syllabus, salary, and job opportunities in the future.

About Renewable Energy Courses in India

Renewable Energy Courses will let you through a detailed study of the different renewable resources, bioenergy, wind energy, solar energy, biogas, biomass, and many more. The depth study through this program will also guide you through other forms of energy, including OTEC, tidal energy, and more. Also, the best learning part of this course is through insights for the recovery of waste. If you are planning to pursue this course after 12th, you can take admission to B.Sc. in Renewable Energy. This course is also available for students who want to seek their study further in Master’s Degree after completion of B.Sc.

Renewable Energy Course Highlights

Course Renewable Energy Course
Full-Form Renewable Energy Course
Eligibility 12th pass in Science Subjects for B.Sc in Renewable Energy
Duration Three years of B.Sc Course
Fee Paid INR 90,000 to INR 2.3 lakh for three years
Starting salary  offered INR 2lakh to INR 10 lakh
Employment opportunities Renewable Energy Engineer, Energy Engineer, Green Engineering Manager, Sustainable Energy Technologist, Industrial Ecologist, and many more

Subjects & Concepts of Renewable Energy Courses

The main concepts that students need to study under Renewable Energy Courses are:

  • Energy conservation Systems
  • Manufacturing and the promotion of Renewable Energy
  • All issues related to energy, national energy, regional, and global importance
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy Management

List of Colleges Offering Renewable Energy Courses in India

If you want to take admission in B.Sc, there are numerous colleges available throughout India offering entrance to the course. You can take admission as per the appropriate choice for you. However, other colleges and universities might even consider merit-based admissions to their colleges. There are self-centric private colleges and government-based colleges. Prefer any of them as you like. Some of the top listed M.Tech Renewable Energy Colleges in India:

  • B.Sc in Delhi-NCR
  • B.Sc in Chennai
  • B.Sc in Uttar Pradesh
  • B.Sc in Telangana
  • B.Sc in Maharashtra
  • Jain University, Banglore Karnataka
  • Teams Global Village Academy, Thrissur
  • Pune University, Pune

Get to Know More about other types of Course Details in Streamwise, and Category wise

Eligibility Criteria for Renewable Energy Course

If you want to take admission in three years course in B.Sc in Renewable Energy Course, then you must have the 12th standard in Science subjects. Here are the criteria that students need to fulfill eligibility into this course:

Science Subjects in 12th includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the primary subjects to pass

There must be a minimum aggregate score in the 12th standard of 50%, at least for general candidates and 45% at least for category candidates.

Renewable Energy Course Fee Structure

There is no specific cost for taking admission in Renewable Energy Diploma Courses in India. It all depends upon the institute in which you are planning to take admission. However, one thing is a must that Government Colleges charge less fee as compared to private colleges. So, on average, the cost for B.Sc in Renewable Energy can lie between INR 90,000 to INR 2.3 lakhs for all three years. Also, the fee charged depends upon the college and institute reputation. For a year, there is a minimum charged fee of around 27K in India.

Renewable Energy Course Admission Procedure

Before you plan to take admission for B.Sc in Renewable Energy, better you first consider about minimum eligibility. Admission to this course depends upon the performance of the candidate in the +2 standard. Also, many universities conduct their entrance test to allot seats to the students in their university. There could be round counseling for this. Generally, the admission procedure varies according to the colleges and their criteria.

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Renewable Energy Course Duration

Duration for Renewable Energy Duration is three years after you have passed the 12th. In this B.Sc course, you will get a seat into college or university on either merit bases or after passing the entrance. It is a full-time course for the students who want to prepare them in this category of the course. There is no certification for this course. After B.Sc, you can go for post-graduation for Masters in Renewable Course for two years. So if you want to be proficient in Renewable Energy Course, you may need to spend a total of five years for it.

Renewable Courses Syllabus

Renewable Energy Course is very vast, and you need to cover the major concepts in B.Sc. The prominent syllabus topics include:

  • Energy conservation
  • Energy management
  • Manufacturing and the promotion of Renewable Energy
  • All issues related to energy, national energy, regional, and global importance
  • Research training for the development of an economically viable system of Renewable Energy

For post-graduation in Renewable Energy, you will study some basic concepts of:

  • Solar Thermal Technologies
  • Waste to Energy
  • Instrumentation, Control, and Automation
  • Green Buildings
  • Energy Lab-I
  • Energy Lab-II

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Job Profile for Renewable Energy Courses in India

The best option for the students seeking a career in Renewable Energy Courses online is in the consulting companies and the multinational companies. Many other engineering and construction companies, steel and the power-based industries, and the NGOs. Some graduates have the opportunity to work as the policymakers for the development of engineers in the public sector. Other employment sectors include solar panel manufacturing companies, grid system area, the solar energy sector, power distribution areas, the wind energy sector, and other colleges and universities.

Some of the best professional avenues for the graduates and post-graduates are listed below with the position in a different sector.

Job Position Job Description
Energy Engineer Energy Engineers work to develop and involve the formation of new energy using different natural resources.
Renewable Energy Engineers Renewable Energy Engineers work for clean energy production like wind and solar power.
Technical Product Manager Technical Product Manager works upon the present products to form new products.
Green Engineering Manager & Planning Manager Green Engineers work on the retro-commissioning for the buildings that exist initially, for conducting the energy audits, and other peer reviews.
Sustainable Energy Technologist Sustainable Energy Technologist works on the sustainable energy fields like wind power, solar power, and hydropower
Industrial Ecologist An Industrial Ecologist assist different companies for performing operations
Green Building Engineer To build a good structure for a building which is environmentally responsible

Renewable Energy Courses in India

Salary Offered to Renewable Energy Professionals

The starting Salary Offered to a professional in Renewable Energy differs according to the job position. However, most of the people earn INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs depending upon the skill set you have developed over time.

FAQ’s on Renewable Energy Courses in India

Question 1.
Who is a Renewable Energy Engineer?

Renewable Energy Engineers work to produce energy from different renewable resources like wind, solar, and hydropower.

Question 2.
Is working in Renewable Energy a good scope?

The demand for Renewable Energy engineers has been rising daily. However, there is no doubt that the scope will be increasing in the coming years.

Question 3.
What will you study in Renewable Energy?

Under the course of Renewable Energy, students will learn about different forms of energy like solar, wind, electrical, and waste management.


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