Top Medical Writing Courses in India | Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus, Fees, Career Scope, Jobs

Online Medical Writing Courses: Medical Writing is the fastest-growing career for medical students who are keenly interested in writing. It provides you ample opportunities to work with high-paying firms. The main aim of medical writing courses free is to provide students with in-depth knowledge about the writing skills which they can improve using their medical knowledge.

With the help of this, you will see the ways to utilize your clinical research in the development of medical documents, description of results, product use, and other medical information. With the introduction of new medical opportunities, Medical writing is one such domain. As this course is not known by a lot of people so the opportunities are more.

If you cannot find how to pursue a career in medical writing then we are here to help you. In this below article you can read the latest information on medical writing courses.

About Medical Writing Courses Free Online

Free Medical Writing Courses can be divided into two different categories. These can be classified as

  • Educational Medical Writing:

The main motive is to work in the medical education department and provides information to the general audience. They mainly work to coordinate with clinicians, clinical scientists, biostatisticians, and more. They write content related to drugs, medical education, health care, magazines, etc. In addition to this if any discovery occurs then they are the people who inform the general audience about this.

  • Regulatory Medical Writing:

They work for the approval of drugs, food, cosmetics, and other medical devices. There is a proper authority that works in this domain. And the people working there are called regulatory medical writers. Their job is more technical as they are required to maintain the standards of medical writing for the approval of those products.

Medical Content Writing Courses Eligibility Criteria

Any graduate who has completed his or her education in science is eligible for this course. Even medical diploma holders and certificate program holders are eligible for this course. If you have a degree in another domain such as English you are eligible for this course.

List of Colleges Offering Best Medical Writing Courses in India

Medical writing certification courses is trending these days. There are various opportunities to pursue a career in medical writing. You can receive the diploma, PG diploma, and certificate degree if you pursue best medical writing courses online in India.

These courses are offered by a few colleges only. However, few institutions offer online certificate medical writing courses too. So you can check the complete list of courses that are provided by the specific colleges and institutions in India.

  • Henry Harvin
  • James Lind Institute
  • Symbiosis
  • CLINI India
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Biomed Informatics
  • Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India(IGMPI)

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Accredited Medical Writing Courses Syllabus

The syllabus for the medical writing course includes 14 modules. All these modules include a detailed way to study the medical writing course. Let’s have a look over the detailed module table which you will be studying in the medical content writing courses.

Module 1- Introduction in Healthcare Communication and Medical Writing

  • Understanding the term ‘Medical Writing’
  • Types of medical writing
  • Qualities required in a medical writer
  • Target audience
  • Employers and clients
Module 8- Scientific Writing

  • Scientific news
  • Scientific reviews
  • Writing research papers for journals
  • Case reports
  • Drug monographs
  • Abstract writing
Module 2- The Writing Process

  • The four steps in the writing process
  • Prewriting strategies
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Refining
Module 9- Regulatory writing/Clinical trial writing

  • Medical writing in clinical research
  • Clinical trial process
  • Activities involved in the clinical trial process
  • Study designs
  • ICH
  • GCP
  • Roles of IRB/IEC
  • The role of investigator
  • Clinical trial protocol writing
  • Clinical trial regulation in India
  • Pharmacovigilance
Module 3- Online and Offline Writing Skills for Media

  • Reader behaviors
  • Differences between web and print media
  • Effective web writing techniques
Module 10- Medico-marketing writing

  • Understanding medico-marketing writing
  • Steps in writing a marketing material
  • Posters
  • Case-studies
  • Public relation materials
  • Business insight reports
  • Sales aids
  • Sales/Consumer training materials
  • Product ads/Corporate ads
  • White paper
  • Brochures
  • Web content
  • Proposal writing
  • Blogs
  • Product monographs
  • Types of medico-marketing writing
  • Leave-behinds/flyers
Module 4- Researching for the content

  • Internet research challenges
  • Google search techniques
  • Journals
  • Medical databases
Module 11- Specifically for healthcare professionals:

  • Social media and Digital marketing writing skills
  • Principles of effective social media writing
  • Developing content for Social Media
  • Developing Social Media plan
  • Practice in revising social media content.
  • Utilization of Web Content as Source Material for Content written for Social Media
  • tips for effective social media writing
Module 5- Copyrights and Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism
  • Copyrights
Module 12- e-learning and Medical Writing

  • Understanding the e-learning environment
  • Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning
  • Developing e-learning courseware
  • Storyboarding
  • Assessment in e-learning
Module 6- Basic Rules of Writing

  • Basic structure of a write-up
  • Writing the basic components
  • Grammar basics
  • General rules of writing
Module 13- Email Writing/Business Communication

  • Structure of an email
  • Etiquettes of email
  • Email as a business communication tool
Module 7- Consumer writing

  • General rules for consumer writing
  • Types of consumer writing
  • Consumer news
  • Consumer reviews
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Fact sheets
  • Care guides
Module 14- How to get yourself published

  • Publishing in print media
  • Publishing in online media

Required Medical Writing Skills

When it comes to Medical writing, skills are the key features. Without proper skills, you might not be able to express your words. There should be a connection between the reader and your writing. Also, the message should be conveyed properly. Thus, to know the ways to good writing you need to have some skills. Some of these medical writing skills are described below:

  • Domain knowledge
  • Understanding the needs and interests of the respective audience
  • Writing Skills
  • Maintenance of accuracy and consistency
  • Keep yourself full-fledged with the latest information
  • Clarification in writing
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Management skills
  • Time Management

Top Medical Writing Courses in India 1

Career Prospects After Medical Writing Certification Courses

As the boom in the medical sector is also leading to the rise in medical writers. You can easily find your medical writings jobs in the various domains mentioned below.

  • Medical/scientific societies
  • You can work for CROs, KPOs, and BPOs
  • as Functional service providers. In this job position, you are required to work for the companies which are involved in Scientific content and healthcare communication
  • Healthcare Website
  • Reputed Medical Journals
  • Academic medical institutions engaged in providing education to healthcare professionals
  • Pharmaceutical/healthcare product companies including medical device companies
  • Media & Publishing companies
  • Food processing/ cosmetics manufacturing companies

Also, check medical coding courses details which is another demand course in the medical field.

Top Recruiters for Medical Writers

Work from home is the latest trend. If you pursue your career in medical writing then you may proceed with your life as a permanent work-from-home employee. As the course provides you the jobs while sitting at home. But there are companies which ask you to visit the office. The top recruiters which hire an employee in the medical writing domain are:

  • Paraxel
  • ICON
  • Eli Lilly
  • inVentiv Health
  • PPD
  • HCL
  • Cognizant
  • Accenture
  • Novartis
  • TCS
  • Covance
  • Novo Nordisk

Top Medical Writing Courses in India 2

Medical Writers Salary

The average medical writing courses salary ranges from INR 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs.

FAQs on Free Online Medical Literature Courses

1. Can I become a medical writer in India?

Yes, in India too you can become a medical writer ad various colleges offer this course. You are just required to have medical knowledge and good command of English then you can pursue your dream of becoming a medical writer.

2. Is Medical writing the right choice? 

There is a significant market that provides ample career opportunities for medical writers in India. You can easily look for a job in this field. Even if you want you can go for work-from-home jobs too after the completion of Medical Writing Courses.

3. What is the average salary for medical writers in India? 

The average salary which they receive ranges from INR 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs. But with time you will gain more knowledge and you can earn a high amount of salary.

4. What are the top companies for Medical Writers in India? 

There are various firms such as CFT Consulting, GA Technocare, Syneos Health, Indegene, Springer Nature, and more recruit medical writers.


Medical Writers are in huge demand these days, medicine has always been a good sector to work with. Thus, if you want to build up your career in writing content for medical standards then go for it.

As you have already studied a lot about this Medical Writing Courses details and to know more about Medical Courses, visit our official website Also, do not hesitate to ask your doubts in the comment section below we feel the privilege to provide answers.

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