Marine Engineering Courses After 12th | Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Skills, Career Scope, Salary

Marine Engineering Courses After 12th: Are you excited to work around the ocean and is that your dream job? Then, marine engineering is the best course that you can do. This marine engineering course can be done once after completion of your mechanical engineering graduation. The course deals with the design, operation, construction, and maintenance of the ship functions that contain steering, cargo handling, anchoring, heating, air conditioning,  ventilation, etc. In this blog, we are going to learn more about the marine engineering course and all the details like eligibility, courses, fees, salary, career, and many more.

Eligibility Criteria of Marine Engineering Courses

If you are willing to study this course you need to meet the particular criteria before applying for the course. Here are the eligibility criteria you can know the requirement of marine engineering.

  • The candidate should complete the 10+2 in the recognized board of education with a minimum of 55%.
  • He/She should complete 10+2 in the stream of MPC(Maths, Physics, Chemistry).
  • And the age should be between 17 – 25 years.
  • The candidate should have a minimum of 50% marks in the English language.
  • And you need to write the entrance exams like IMU Cet, JEE Main.

Marine Engineering Course Fees

In marine engineering, as we have different levels of education, there are different fees for different levels of education. And another essential thing is fees will be varied from college to college. we will look into it one by one.

Diploma Course:

The average fee structure for this diploma in marine engineering can be INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000. This is not the actual amount it depends on the college you choose.

Graduate Level:

The average fee for public colleges can be between INR 50,000 and INR 10,00,000.  Whereas, private colleges can be between INR 50,000 and INR 10,00,000.

Marine Engineering Course Duration

To study this marine engineering at the diploma level you can complete it in 3 years, whereas in an undergraduate-level course it completes in 4 years.

Entrance Exam for Marine Engineering After 12th

To get admission from any college in the marine engineering course you need to write the entrance examinations for the UG and PG levels.

UG Level Entrance Examination

In this level entrance examination, you will have the syllabus on maths, physics, chemistry. Given below is the list of entrance examination.

  • JEE Main
  • JEE Advanced
  • HIMT Entrance exam
  • IMU Cet

PG Level Entrance Examination

To study PG in colleges you need to write the entrance examination that is given below.

  • GATE

Marine Engineering Subjects

In this Marine Engineering course what is the syllabus will be covered in the colleges has given below.

  • Technical Management
  • Electronics Navigation Systems
  • Marine Control and Automation
  • Advanced Marine Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Ship Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Offshore Engineering
  • Human Resource Management
  • Safety Management
  • Environment Science and Management
  • Information Technology and Security
  • Communication Skills

Marine Engineering Colleges in India

In India, many colleges offer marine engineering courses that are given below. Look into the list.

  • Ganpat University
  • Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata
  • Coimbatore Marine Engineering College
  • Coimbatore Marine College (CMC)
  • V.Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar
  • International Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida
  • GKM Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology
  • National Institute of Technology, Karnataka
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training, Pune
  • Academy of Maritime Education & Training (AMET University)
  • Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering

Books & Study Materials for Marine Engineering Courses 2022

Here we are providing some of the books and study materials to study marine engineering courses.

  1. General Engineering Knowledge – H.D McGeorge.
  2. Ship Construction – David J.Eyres.
  3. Introduction to Marine Engineering – D.A. Taylor.
  4. Marine Boilers – G.T.H Flanagan.
  5. Marine Auxiliary Machinery – H.D McGeorge.
  6. Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge – Dennis T.Hall.

Skills Required for Marine Engineering

Here are some of the skills required for the marine engineering course.

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Efficient planner
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing skills
  • Proven negotiating skills
  • Mathematical skills

Marine Engineering Courses After 12th

Top Recruiting Companies for Marine Engineer

Given below is the list of companies that give marine engineer jobs.

  • Indian Navy
  • GE Shipping Co. Limited
  • TMC Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
  • Fleet Management Limited
  • Martinek
  • Shipping Corporation of India
  • Design and Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • ITT Shipping Pvt Ltd

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Career Scope in Marine Engineering After 12th Science

In Marine Engineering you have plenty of opportunities. Depending on the specializations you have done you will be getting the job in that field. Many of them think that the marine engineer’s job is just the construction and maintenance of ships. But it is not at all true. You can extend the marine engineer’s job upto the project management and control responsibilities.

There are many jobs outside for marine engineers in the public sector as well as in the private sector. As we have given there are plenty of job profiles with the highest paying salaries we have in marine engineering. You can job not only in India but also we have opportunities abroad too.

Job Profiles and Salaries for Marine Engineering Courses After 12th in India

Following are the job profiles that many offers once after completing the marine engineering courses after the 12th.

Job Profiles Avg Salaries
Navy personnel 25K- 46K
Chief Security Officer 126- 212K
Marine Equipment Designer 58K- 95K
Onshore Marine Coordinator 34K- 47K
Maintenance Engineer 58K- 95K
Trainee Marine 30K- 45K
Engineering Managers 58K- 95K
Submarine Designer 32K- 50K
Chief Engineer 50k- 106k
Design Engineer 55K- 78K

FAQs on Marine Engineering Courses After 12th

1.  Is marine engineers’ jobs are tough?

Marine engineers’ job is to work in an engine room with four-hour shifts and it is quite a challenging job.

2. What is the GME exam?

GME (Graduate Marine Engineering) is a one-year diploma course after the 12th. If you are interested in joining the merchant navy sector. you can join this course.

3. How long is in Marine Engineering? in Marine Engineering takes 4 years to complete course.

4. What are the minimum marks you need to get for marine engineering?

To join marine engineering in colleges you need to get the minimum cut-off mark is 160.


The information which we have given above about marine engineering courses after 12th is useful. And in this marine engineering, we have many job opportunities with the highest salary. Suppose you get a government job you no need to look back. Look into the details carefully that are given about the marine engineering course. Still, if you have any doubts about the course you can ping us in the comment section. we will definitely respond to your messages and provide you with the answers. All the best for the future.

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