How to Join Marcos Marine Commando of Indian Navy? | Role and Selection Process of Marcos Marine Commando

How to Join Marcos Marine Commando of Indian Navy?: MARCOS or Marine Commando Force is a special force unit in the Indian Navy. It is a major component of the Indian Navy and the major responsibility is to direct various special operations. MARCOS is also famous as the DadiwalFauj, which is a kind of code name given by terrorist groups due o their setose attire. The MARCOS are powerful enough to handle operations on air and land as well. Unlike various other forces, the entire MARCO team can take part in any special force operation.

The team members under these forces gain years of experience along with global honour for professionalism. MARCOS forces are split into different units and form a special Operation Armed force division. The creation of these divisions is for special tri-services. In this article, You will learn all about how to join Marcos marine commando of Indian navy.

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Major Role of MARCOS

  • The major role of MARCOS is the conduction of underground attacks against attacker ships, forceful assets behind attackers’ lines, and offshore fixings.
  • In this list, the next role is to help in supporting marine operations that include pre-assault operations.
  • The MARCOS can participate in undercover diving activities as well.
  • They hold rescue missions and keep observations of ongoing activities. They support naval operations and ensure success.
  • The most important reason behind the creation of MARCOS is to combat terrorist attacks in a Maritime climate.

Selection Process to Join MARCOS

To become a part of MARCOS, Only male candidates can apply. If you are among the sailors or commissioned officers, then you can appear for MARCOS recruitment. But candidates from other military services are not eligible for this job. Usually, the MARCOS selection process is certain up to two phases but it may get bolstered up to four phases. The four phases are as follows:

  • Phase I – Pre Selection
  • Phase II–Selection
  • Phase III – Basic SF Training ( Qualification Training )
  • Phase IV – Advanced SF Training

Phase I-(Pre-Selection Phase)

It is the initial stage to become a marine commando. The duration of the Pre-Selection stage or the enrolment stage is 3 days. After you will successfully complete the enrolment stage, the candidate can further move on to a five weeks selection procedure. It is considered the most difficult stage as the number of applicants qualifying this phase is quite less.

Phase II-Selection

After the applicant successfully completes the initial stage, they can move on to the next five-week stage that involves physical task training. The physical task that a candidate needs to clear is :

  • Morning run of 20 kilometres (about 12.4 miles)
  • Carrying a 60-kilogram load and marching for 12.4 kilometres at night ( 20 KG)
  • Will take part in training using live bullets, shells, and other weapons.
  • Lifting a 60 kg weight for a set amount of time (once per week).
  • Perform a 120 KG March
  • Participating in everyday training for several hours each day, which includes physical energy training.
  • Candidates can only sleep for fewer than 4 hours throughout the selection time. You will be fortunate if you have the opportunity to sleep for more than 4 hours.
  • Applicants will do the 800-metre long run at the end of the week.
  • Candidates will participate in crawl carrying (25Kg) at the end of the week, among other activities.
  • There are also additional activities, such as a 2.5-kilometre obstacle course.

Phase III – Basic SF Training ( Qualification Training )

If the candidate will qualify the phase II, the next phase comes the Basic SF training. The SF training is split into two stages: basic and advanced. During this stage, a candidate will have to appear for a different range of training with various institutions. The training and activities conducted in this stage will be judged by INS Abhimanyu. The duration of Phase III consists of 10 weeks of training. Along with 10 weeks of training, the 3 weeks of basic parachute training by the Indian Army’s Parachute Training School along with Combat drivers training by the Indian Navy’s Dive School is also a compulsory part of this phase.

  • Explosives and ammunition
  • Unarmed Combat Training CQB
  • Weapons Management Training
  • Kayaking
  • Defenceless Combat Training ( Close Quarter Battle )
  • Training for photographers
  • Drills for Ship Intervention
  • Offshore installations are being recaptured.
  • Rescue of a Hostage

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Phase IV – Advanced SF Training

After the candidate will complete all the previous stages, then they will have to clear the final most stage that is advanced SF or Special force training. This stage involves a preliminary set duration for candidates. At this stage, a candidate must have to undergo these different training.

  • Training in Anti-Piracy and Anti-Hijacking Capabilities
  • Water-Para-Jump Training in addition to a full combat load
  • Free-fall warfare training
  • In Mizoram, there is a counter-revolutionary and jungle warfare school.
  • Training in observation, surveying, and inspection
  • Operations in the Shadows
  • Operation Amphibious (including riverine, beach, and coastal)
  • Unconventional Warfare is a term used to describe a type of warfare that is
  • Various Language Training, particularly Mandarin or Arabic
  • Training for Submersible Craft and Submarine Operations
  • Sniper proficiency and training with shoulder-launched MMGs and Missiles, as well as bullets and other small arms.
  • Participate in the improvement of IEDs utilising easily available items.

After completion of all the stages, a candidate can join MARCOS. The salary of commandos depends on the experience level. But even at the initial level, the salary is good enough. And at higher stages, the salary of MARCOS goes up to 5-6 lakhs and even higher. So, if you have a dream to become a commando in MARCO, then you are on the right path. Go ahead!

How to Join Marcos Marine Commando of Indian Navy

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