How to Join Black Cat Commando in India: Training, Selection Process and Salary

How To Join Black Cat Commando In India?: A special task force operating in India and is highly trained, well-equipped, and is considered to be one of the country’s top military units referred to as a Black Cat Commando. A black cat commando is a well-rounded unit capable of handling any challenging situation and dealing with any dangerous scenario. It is a brave group of commandos who are prepared to die for their country. In 1984, the Ministry of Home Affairs established the National Security Guard (NSG) to protect the nation from anti-national activities and to combat the growing threat of terrorism. The country needed the NSG due to the internal unrest it was experiencing.

An NSG is a special force that serves as a Federal Contingency Deployment Force. In an exceptional situation, it is equipped with qualified officials who are trained to deal with terrorism. In no way is NSG intended to replace police or military functions. It can combat terrorism on land, at sea, and in the water. It is capable of dealing with hijackings, explosions, and hostage rescues.

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How to Become a Black Cat Commando?

It’s an empowering experience to be a black cat commando. Almost all young people dream of becoming a black cat commando. Soldiers who go through the toughest selection processes are considered the toughest in the army. The men of the NSG must pass the hardest tests and face the most challenging situations.

You must join the defence services before becoming an NSG commando. NSG cannot be joined directly. NSG has two units. They are Special Action Group (SAG) and Special Ranger Group (SRG). SRG requires joining a paramilitary force, and to become a SAG, you must join the Indian Army.

NSG Selection Process

As part of the process of protecting the Prime Minister and other important individuals, the National Security Guard was established in 1984. As a part of the NSG force’s special duties, they were responsible for keeping the country safe from terrorism and anti-national activities.

The selection process for the commando force is largely affected by the selection process for the paramilitary forces and the selection process for soldiers in the army. From all the various divisions of the army, such as CRPF, BSF, RAF, & ITBP, 47% of the candidates will be selected for the commando force.

Comprehensible NSG training

Training for the Indian commandos is a very thorough and extensive program. Military and security experts are involved in its planning to provide solutions that will rely on professional manpower and technology, as well as address the growing security concern. There are various lessons included in the training that shape a person’s abilities and increase their confidence level. All training sessions comprehensively combine theory and practice.

Training for the selected soldiers is extremely demanding. During the 90-day training period, the candidates are given various tasks and workouts to prove their competency. In addition, the candidates must pass the tests they must take before they can be considered for the final selection.

Testing Mental & Physical Abilities

In this rigorous training, the soldiers are tested for their capabilities, understanding, and mental awareness. During the training sessions, candidates are tested mentally, physically, and morally. Additionally, they are designed to establish whether the candidates are attentive, team-oriented, and patriotic. Only those with good scores will be selected for the higher level. Candidates must appear in all the examinations.

The process of training takes three months, after which only 15 per cent of the contestants remain. During training, the mind and body are constantly stimulated and alert. Tasks include dealing with difficult situations while remaining confident and patient. In addition, many of the candidates are looking forward to putting their skills to the test.

The Final Round of Training

A final round begins after the candidates have completed the 90-day training period. It is aimed at improving the candidates’ physical and mental abilities. It enables candidates to undergo training in Counter-Terrorist Conditioning, Battle Assault Obstruction Course, and psychological tests. Candidates with a score of 40% can increase their score to 90% through these courses and tests. Candidates who have high capacity and willingness to commit their time, energy, and effort will certainly benefit from this experience.

Salary of Black Cat Commandos

Depending on their performance and experience, the commandos are paid. The salaries of commandos range from Rs.84k to Rs.2.3 Lac annually. In addition to bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing, the commandos also receive other payments.

Conclusion on How To Join Black Cat Commando In India?

According to many developed countries in the world, the NSG commandos are one of the top five special forces. Uniforms for the commandos are black and their logo depicts a black cat. India’s black cat commandos are very skilled, highly sophisticated, and fearless men. Young people looking to become commando cats become even stronger through the challenges they face. They are the pride of the country.

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