How to become a Marine Engineer in India | Eligibility Criteria, Colleges, Scope, Salary

How to become a Marine Engineer in India: One of the highly valued and well-paying jobs, the job of a marine engineer is an important one. If you aspire to become a marine engineer, in this article you’ll find everything you need to know about marine engineering and how to become a maritime engineer. Read on to find out about the career path

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What is Marine Engineering?

Marine engineering is the discipline and field of study that deals with the design, innovation, construction, development, and maintenance of equipment used at sea – which is majorly sea vessels such as boats, ships, submarines, and their internal systems.

It is a branch of engineering that specializes in the application of engineering sciences such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer sciences to marine vessels and structures and their onboard systems such as power and propulsion mechanics, machinery, piping, fuel system, automation, and control systems.

Who is a Marine Engineer? What do they do?

Marine engineers are professionals who are trained in maritime engineering. Having studied and specialized in the field they are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repairs of all major mechanical and engineered equipment and systems used in marine vessels.

There are many mechanical systems that together run the marine vessel, such as power and propulsion systems, electricity and power generation, fuel and lubrication systems, even lighting and air conditioning systems. Simply put, a marine engineer takes care of any or all of them.

Career Path of a Marine Engineer – How to Become a Marine Engineer in India?

There are two ways you can become a marine engineer.

  1. The first is by acquiring a B.E./B.Tech. Degree in Marine Engineering, a four-year undergraduate residential program covering all parts of theoretical learning and practical training requisite.
  2. The second and alternative way is by lateral entry. You can also secure lateral entry into the 2nd year of B.E./B.Tech. in Marine Engineering course after completing Diploma in Mechanical or Marine Engineering from a recognized institution.

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Eligibility Criteria To Become A Marine Engineer In India

Educational qualifications 

For regular B.E./B.Tech. in Marine Engineering:

  • 10+2 in science stream with PCM subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics mandatory.
  • The minimum aggregate of marks in PCM should be 60%
  • Minimum marks scored in English Subject should be 50%

For Lateral entry:

Successfully completed Diploma Course in Mechanical or Marine Engineering from a recognized university.

  • Minimum aggregate marks in the Diploma course should be 60%
  • Minimum Marks scored in English Subject (10+2) should be 50%

Age limit 

For regular B.E./B.Tech. in Marine Engineering:

Candidates must be between 17 to 25 years of age.

For Lateral entry:

No lower age limit however there’s an upper age limit. Candidates should not be older than 25 years of age.

Medical standards 

In addition to educational qualifications, there is also a medical standard that one needs to qualify in order to be admitted into the maritime engineering course. Life on a ship miles away from the land has its own challenges, candidates, therefore, need to be physically fit and healthy in order to face the challenges of a seafaring role. Besides, a maritime engineer is required to stay onboard the ship for long periods of time without limited medical facilities on board.

The Medical standards and health criteria are therefore an important factor and given great priority. These include constitution and built, cardiovascular, digestive, skin, genitourinary, respiratory health which may be determined with the help of physical examination and clinical tests. Deformities and disabilities or potential deformities are causes of rejection.

What Does It Take To Be A Marine Engineer?

From what you know by far, you can easily imagine life at sea if you choose to be a marine engineer! Life can be pretty adventurous for you. But before you get aboard your workplace, you need to earn the degree of a maritime engineer.

The course and curriculum itself involve an extensive study of systems and rigorous practical training. Besides the theoretical understanding of everything, there is a much greater emphasis on the practical training know-how, therefore the course of marine engineering is a four-year long full-fledged residential program. In addition to the bachelor’s degree, Marine engineers are also required to earn the Maritime Engineer Certificate of Competency, awarded by the Ministry of Shipping, India, which is provided only after the candidate completes 6 months of sea service.

Top Colleges Offering Marine Engineer Course

  1. MERI (Marine Engineering And Research Institute), Mumbai, Maharashtra
  2. CV Raman College Of Engineering, Odish
  3. International Maritime Academy, Tamil Nadu
  4. IMU, Chennai
  5. IMU, Kolkata
  6. Maharashtra Academy Of Naval Education And Training, Pune, Maharashtra

How to become a Marine Engineer in India

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