How to Read 2nd ARC Reports for UPSC? | Administrative Reforms Commission Reports for UPSC

Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) Reports play a key role in terms of UPSC Civil Service Exam Perspective. The ARC Documents include information covering the details of public administration, ethics in civil services, conflict resolution, governance, etc. In spite of being crucial, the majority of the students skip these due to the vast amount of portion for UPSC.

After going through this article, candidates will have an idea of how to Read the 2nd ARC Reports for the Civil Services Examination. In addition, we will provide you with the information that complements your preparation such as UPSC Syllabus, Books, Answer Sheet Booklets, and many more.

About ARC(Administrative Reforms Commission)

Administrative Reforms Commission is a committee held by the Government of India to review the Public Administration of the Country and make necessary changes to improve it. The Reports given by the committee are called ARC Reports. It was begun in the year 1966 and was initially headed by Morarji Desai and later by K. Hanumanthaiah. the 2nd ARC came into force in 2005 and was headed by Veerappa Moily

Candidates can get benefitted by knowing about ARC in their UPSC 2021 Examination.

What is an ARC Report?

Reports published in the Administrative Reforms Commission are called ARC Reports. 1st ARC was begun in the year 1966 to monitor the public administration system and bring necessary changes if any needed. 2nd ARC(2005) provided a detailed blueprint to revamp the public administrative system. It even submitted 15 reports to the Government on the areas like RTI,  local governance, ethics in governance, terrorism, e-governance, financial management, public administration, and so on.

2nd ARC Reports is useful for candidates at the time of UPSC Mains since it has detailed information regarding the public administration and the major recommendations for improvement. The 2nd ARC Reports Submitted can be read by candidates so that it would be beneficial for them in GS – II and GS- IV Papers.

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How to Read 2nd ARC Reports for UPSC Exam?

Usually, ARC Reports contain a lot of information useful for the UPSC Mains Exam. In fact, these reports are useful for all IAS Aspirants and not just those who took Public Administration as an Optional Subject. Since these Reports are bulky UPSC Aspirants find them difficult to cover the entire portion. Instead of skipping candidates are advised to go through the summary/gist to have an overview of the reports.

Going through them IAS Aspirants can answer questions in UPSC Civil Service Examination General Studies Papers. For your reference, we attached them in the below table. You can download the 2nd ARC Reports PDF  free of cost from here and prepare offline whenever you need.

S.No ARC Report Download PDF
1. 2nd ARC- Report 1 Right to Information: Master Key to Good Governance Click Here
2. 2nd ARC- Report 2 Unlocking Human Capital: Entitlements and Governance Click Here
3. 2nd ARC- Report 3 Crisis Management Click Here
4. 2nd ARC- Report 4 Ethics in Governance Click Here
5. 2nd ARC- Report 5 Public Order Click Here
6. 2nd ARC- Report 6 Local Governance Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 7 Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 8 Combating Terrorism – Protecting by Righteousness Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 9 Social Capital-A shared Destiny Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 10 Refurbishing of Personnel Administration &ndash Scaling New Heights Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 11 Promoting eGovernance: The Smart Way Forward Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 12 Citizen Centric Administration Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 13 Organisational structure of Govt of India Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 14 Strengthening Financial Management Systems Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Report 15 State and District Administration Click Here
7. 2nd ARC- Summary Reports of the Administrative Reforms Commission Click Here

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