How to join an Indian Military in IMA | Selection and Entry Procedure to join an Indian Military in IMA

How To Join An Indian Military In IMA?: The Indian Military Academy is referred to as IMA. Established in 1932, the Indian Army Officer Training Academy is a training ground for officers. Trainees are referred to as Gentlemen Cadets after they are admitted to IMA. It is located in Dehradun.

There are various reasons for this, including the Academy’s hope that its graduates will have the highest ethical and moral values. A range of training is provided to trainees, including fitness training, drills, weapons training, leadership training, and other activities. The IMA provides exciting career opportunities for brave young people.

The IMA offers one-year training to cadets. Candidates must pass various exams to be considered for the program. The Cadets who graduate from non-military college have to go through an intensive training program for an additional year and a half.

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Selection Procedure To Join An Indian Military In IMA?

To become an IMA member, one must meet certain physical and medical requirements as well as meet the required age. Below are a few of the basic requirements that candidates must meet.

  • Written Examination
  • Medical Test
  • Interview

Candidates who wish to become members of IMA must possess a degree in any field from an accredited university. In order to join the IMA, one must take an entrance exam, just like other forces.

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Entry Procedure To Join An Indian Military In IMA

The Indian Military Academy at Dehradun has consistently produced first-class officers for service in the Indian Army and is the most prestigious defence institute in India. In 1932, the IMA was founded on the principles of “Valour and Wisdom.” IMA has upheld its motto ever since. The IMA offers permanent commissions to cadets upon finishing their training, beginning with the rank of Lieutenant.

In addition to providing young men with an opportunity to realize their true potential, the academy offers them a fulfilling and purposeful career in service to the nation. Furthermore, the selection process is very strict and the institution has a policy of selecting only the top applicants from among a large number of candidates. Indian Military Academy admits candidates through four entry routes. Here are the four options:

Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE)

Graduate males may join IMA through CDSE. Candidates must complete the CDSE written examination, and pass the medical screening. Candidates should be healthy and make the final cut. The minimum age requirement is 19-24 years old. In order to apply for the CDS exam, you do not need to get a specific percentage.

Technical Graduate Course (TGC)

Those who are in their final year of college or who have completed their BE/B-Tech in relevant fields are eligible to join IMA through technical graduate programs within the age group of 19 to 25 years old.

University Entry Scheme

Candidates in the last or pre-final year of their engineering program can submit this entry. They should have a minimum score of 60% and a minimum age of 20 to 25. They are selected through campus SSB interviews.

Through the NDA Exam

Class 12th pass candidates are eligible to appear for NDA. Only male candidates will be permitted to write these exams. Applicants must be between 16 and 19 years of age. They should not be married. All applicants need to have completed their 12th grade with PCM as their main subject.

Fitness Requirements

A physical fitness requirement is a prerequisite for joining IMA. Regardless of the branch, you are applying for, you must meet some basic physical requirements. General physical requirements must be met by all candidates. They are as follows:

  • It is mandatory that the applicant is healthy physically and mentally without any ailments or disabilities
  • Neither the bone nor the joint should be infected with the disease
  • The chest ought to be well built, with a minimum of 5 cms of expansion.
  • The heart and blood vessels should not display any symptoms of organic or functional illness. It is crucial that the blood pressure is normal.
  • A urine sample is evaluated, and any abnormalities are considered grounds for rejection.
  • There will also be rejections due to skin diseases.

How to join an Indian Military in IMA

Conclusion on How To Join An Indian Military In IMA?

You learn leadership skills at the IMA. Technologies and other modern tools are part of your training in all aspects of combat and tactics. IMA facilities provide excellent opportunities for development on every level. All individuals who are interested in joining the Indian Army and fulfil the eligibility requirements will be able to join, however, the ultimate test will be whether they possess the leadership qualities and adhere to the Army’s core values. With a passion like this, joining IMA would be the best decision, one that could shape a young man into a soldier.

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