How to Join a Parachute Regiment in India | Selection Procedure and Skillset of Army SF PARA

How To Join A Parachute Regiment in India?: What is the Parachute Regiment? There are paratroopers and Special forces units in the Indian Army known as the Parachute Regiment. After World War II, it was separated from the British Indian Army, of which it had been a part in 1945. It became part of the Indian Army in 1952.

There are currently two Territorial Army, one National Rifles Battalions, nine Special Forces and five airborne. The PARA and PARA SF are two of the largest and most notable volunteer forces within the Indian Army. Due to their specific roles and functions, both the Special Forces require a high degree of operational efficiency. In addition to mental stability and physical fitness, candidates should also possess motivation, intelligence, and understanding of the operational role.

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A Guide to Joining the Parachute Regiment

In order to become a member of the Parachute Regiment, you must choose the PARA Special Forces option. In the Indian Army, this force has a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier forces. PARA Special Forces offer you the opportunity to join as PARA SF Commando and serve the nation. Para SF commandos go through an extremely difficult training regimen, but they are also extremely proud of the accomplishment.

This post provides candidates with an excellent opportunity to prove their abilities. There’s an interesting aspect to this force that has been incorporated into the majority of armed forces across the globe. It is the dream of all Indian defence aspirants to wear the maroon beret and Balidaan Badge. PARA SF Commando’s signature uniform is an important part of its identity. Once you achieve the status of Red Devil, you will become a renowned individual.

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Procedure for Selection of PARA Special Forces

Being a commando in the PARA Special Forces requires no special qualifications. In order to apply, you will need to know the actual procedure first. You must score 100% in the PARA Special Forces Physical Test in order to become a Commando. Furthermore, you should score a minimum of 50% in written tests in regular Indian Army rallies. These candidates sometimes have the opportunity to join the PARA Regiment. In order to be a part of PARA, they have to clear a variety of testing processes.

Joining PARA SF as an Officer

The Indian Army is a good place for interested candidates to apply. These units are only open to male candidates. A badge of honour is awarded to those who successfully complete Intensive probation training. Parachute regiments welcome recruits fresh from the recruiting process, while others admit soldiers transferred from regular army units. Following the required period of time, they can become an officer of PARA SF. Here are the details:

Pre Commission 

It is intended for young trainees in OTA and IMA. Two officers are to be hired per battalion per year for the OTA / IMA. A parent regiment will be assigned to them by the MS Branch.

Post Commission

All and any service officers can assist the Regiment, regardless of their rank or service experience. Since becoming volunteers, officers had only served for less than five years. Among their other statistics, however, they are in medical category shape-1 as well as being graded excellent in BPET (Battle Physical Efficiency Training).

Joining Para SF as a Jawan

Prior to applying to PARA SF as a Jawan, candidates should understand how the application process works. Here are some details:

  • Physical Test – Physical tests must be passed with a score of 100%.
  • Written Test – Candidates must score at least 50% on their written test to be considered eligible. It is vital that they are placed on the merit list.
  • Parachute Regiment Training Centre (PRTC) training – Candidates or volunteers not able to meet the training standards at PRTC will be sent to their parent regiment for further training.

Skill-Set for Army Para SF

As a jawan in the Army, you must possess certain skills to be a commando in PARA SF. Among these are:

  • Acute Care and Stress Handling
  • Defining and upgrading
  • Communicating
  • Courage
  • Awareness of weapons
  • Surviving Combat
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Skills in linguistics
  • Fighting unarmed techniques
  • Philippians Martial Art.

How to Join a Parachute Regiment in India

Conclusion on How To Join A Parachute Regiment in India?

In order to be eligible for the Regiment Special Units, candidates must first prepare for the Indian Army. Ensure you keep your focus and strengthen yourself to be eligible. A high level of knowledge and capability of several operations is required, along with the presence of mind, the ability to deal with the situation, and outstanding communication skills. There is a lot of competition on the path and it isn’t easy. There are many students who apply for this position, but only a few succeed.

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