How to become a Food Inspector in India | Types, Process, Skillset, Pros and Cons, Salary

How To Become A Food Inspector In India?: The Food Industry is a growing industry in India. If you look at job availability in the food industry, there are various jobs there. Did you know there are food scientists, food lawyers, food technologists, and food production managers? But, one of the most known and most highly paid jobs in the food industry is the food inspector. Being a food inspector is an excellent job that is related to the health of people. A food inspector determines and ensures the quality of food. They look into the manufacturing process up to the final products that are delivered to the customers. Their job is to ensure that the food served in the hotels and eateries is safe for the common person.

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Food inspectors ensure that whoever is selling any food item or eatables is maintaining proper hygiene. They even ensure that there is no contamination in the food and no one’s health is in danger. The government gives this responsibility to the food inspectors to check the food that is free from bacteria. Inspecting the grains before it reaches the market, and checking the food which is imported are also the responsibilities of a food inspector. In this article, we will ensure that we know more about the designation of a food inspector and other details.

Process of How to Become a Food Inspector?

The eligibility and the exams one has to clear

To become a food inspector, one has to clear an exam held by the central and the state public service commission. UPSC conducts All India food inspector exams each year for recruiting food inspectors. Subscribing to different portals and applying for this job is convenient. You must get details about the exam date and the different vacancies.

  • After clearing the exam, there is a selection process that includes selecting the candidates who will be appointed for the post of food inspectors. The process can change according to the requirements of the department. Thus, the candidates need to keep checking on the government’s updates either on newspapers or the portals.
  • There are specific eligibility criteria that need to be completed by the candidates. Anyone who is applying for the job needs to be a graduate in science. Chemistry is also compulsory in this stream. Anyone who has graduated in medicine, agriculture, dairy, food technology, and pharma is also suitable for this post. Candidates who are coming from a government-certified university are also welcomed in this exam.
  • Anyone who falls under the age limit of 18 to 42 years, but only the age limit can be increased if one falls under the OBC, ST, SC category. Every state has a different age limit, and thus, depending upon the age limit set by the state, one can see accordingly and apply. Therefore, before applying, it is necessary to check the reservations, if any.

Skills of a Food Inspector

Every government official needs to have specific skills to be apt for a government job. In the same way, for being eligible as a food inspector, the candidate needs to possess specific skills.

  • The candidate needs to be physically fit and must be able to work on the field as per the government norms.
  • The power to inspect well and look into every matter in detail, for example, checking the food quality, the smell, color, and odor of the food. A person with good sight and smell will be apt for this job.
  • A person needs to be prepared to work in unhealthy and worse environments thus also needs to be psychologically fit.
  • There are chances that the candidate may have to work in hazardous situations and conditions; thus, he needs to be prepared mentally and physically.
  • A candidate needs to be willing to apply for exams from time to time conducted by the state and the central government.
  • Good communication is an important skill required that the candidate applying for this job must possess. One will have to interact with many people from time to time regularly.
  • They will need to prepare reports for keeping the government informed about the food quality, hygiene, and other food quality matters.
  • One of the essential skills is observation skills. Observing how the manufacturing process, the packaging, and the supply process needs to be smooth enough. Identifying the issue and solving that very issue is essential.
  • Anyone applying for the job profile of a food inspector needs to be very focused on their work. People can get distracted while working or when someone is offering a bribe which is not legal. Thus, the candidate needs to work with total concentration.

Different Types Of Job Roles for Which Food Officers Can Be Hired

Food Health inspector- a person responsible for checking the food quality, the hygiene of the place, and the hygiene of the workers and other staff working in the hotel, manug=facturing units, bakeries, and other food joints and units. He goes on regular inspections, and on a sudden visit, if he finds that things are not going as per the required norms, he can charge a good fine from the restaurant owner or the manufacturing unit.

Food Drugs Administrator: A food drugs administrator is a person who keeps a check on public health. He makes sure that the food coming to the consumer is safe and hygienic—keeping products safe from chemicals and keeping a check on tobacco-regulated products.

Food scientist: a food scientist’s job is to study the food samples deeply. Keeping a check on the manufacturing process and the processing of the food is the main role of a food scientist. They also suggest different ways to preserve the food and maintain the hygiene of the place to keep the food safe.

Food technologists: another position for which a food officer can be hired is as a food technologist. He/she is the one who ensures that the packaging of the food is done hygienically. The use of preservatives and their effects are all monitored by food technologists. They test the food samples and make reports that are submitted to the higher authorities.

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Salary of a Food Inspector According to Different Job Roles

A food inspector can be hired for different types of jobs. Thus, the pay scale can vary according to the responsibilities assigned by the hiring agency or government.

  • If you are hired as a food inspector, then the starting package can be around 2.4 lakhs. It can quickly increase up to 6 lakhs.
  • The package of a food scientist can start from 4 lakhs and can go up to 20 lakhs.
  • A food technologist can start a job with a decent salary of 3 lakhs and then reach up to 7 lakhs.
  • FDA inspector can also start his work with a salary of 3 lakhs and can go five lakhs.

What are the Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Food Inspector?


  • Becoming a food inspector is a reputed job as the person is hired at the administrative level. And with the work responsibility, the pay is also good.
  • With the position, a food officer also gets certain rights that help them to make crucial decisions.
  • The job is respectful as it becomes the responsibility of the food inspector to take care of the hygiene and health of the people.
  • They have the right to make policies for the betterment of the food industry and the people.
  • It is a post that automatically helps you serve society.
  • He has supervisory roles and can ensure that all the manufacturers and food producers are following the guidelines set by the government.


  • All those who are not from a science and maths background cannot apply for the position of food inspector.
  • The examination conducted by the central and the state public service commission is strict.
  • Sometimes the food inspector has to make decisions instantly, which is a big responsibility.

How to become a Food Inspector in India

FAQ’s on How To Become A Food Inspector In India?

Question 1.
Which sector or industry chooses a food inspector or a food safety officer?

As mentioned earlier, the position of a food inspector is an administrative-level position. Different departments hire a food inspector, which is related to food safety and health. The four main sectors that hire a food inspector are pharma, central, state, and agriculture.

Question 2.
Name a few agencies that recruit a food inspector

A few agencies that recruit a food inspector are

  • Food safety and standard authority of India.
  • State public service commission.
  • Department of food safety and health.


All those willing to apply for the job of a food inspector need to be mentally prepared to work in bad conditions. Physical fitness is another essential requirement for being a food inspector. It is a decent job with a good salary. Thus, you need to be active enough to work in the field almost 70 % of the time as office work is only around 25- 30%. This is one of the best career options for those who want to learn and experience something new.

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