How to Become a Bank Clerk in India | Skills, Career Path and Steps Involved

How to Become A Bank Clerk in India: Working in a reputed bank is the dream of many. Not only is it a respectable job but it is also a job that gives you a good salary. In a bank, a clerk’s position is significant, and it is the most desired position for a government or a public sector bank. All those who work as clerks in a bank come in direct contact with the customers and work behind the scenes by recording customers’ detailed data in the bank’s system. If you are amongst those looking for a bank job, then a clerks job is the best for you.

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Who is a Bank Clerk?

A reputed person in the bank who serves as the main point of contact between its customers. A clerk is a person who interacts with the customers the most. We can also say he is the first person who is the face of the bank. Maintaining the customers’ financial records by following all the guidelines mentioned with the bank is the primary duty of a bank clerk. A job of a bank clerk is a secure job with many perks attached to it.

All those who apply for a bank clerk’s job ensure that they know their customers very well. Their main aim is to keep the customer’s data safe with the bank. Updating the information from time to time is also very necessary. A bank clerk also helps the customers apply for loans, updates passbooks, and integrates accounts through net banking are a few job roles of a clerk.

What is the Job Role Of A Clerk In Detail?

The job role of a clerk is as follows:-

Manage Customers– One of the main objectives in the career of a bank clerk is to manage its customers. Their main aim is to act as a bridge between the customers and the banking staff. Thus, managing the customer’s data is the main objective of the clerk. Handling the customers, meeting their requirements, solving their basic queries are different ways to manage their customers.

Maintain good relationships with the customers: individuals who opt to choose the clerk’s role as their job need to maintain good relationships with the customers. Helping the customers to know the bank well is the main motive of the clerk. Depositing the loan, helping the customers in the transaction process, helping them in loan recovery are a few essential job roles of a clerk.

Helping customers to invest financially: Financial investments are one area where the clerks also play a vital role. They can help the customers to invest in loans and other credit decision-making. Gaining the customers’ interest in financial investments is also essential to start trusting the bank more. This job can be done well by the customers.

Monitoring daily cash transactions: A bank clerk is involved in cash monitoring and cash transactions. Handling customers’ cash and handing it over to the bank is an essential part of the job role of a bank clerk.

Data management: Another essential job role of a clerk is handling all the financial data management. Updating the client’s information with the bank and keeping it up to date is the job role of the clerk. Keeping the customer’s data safe with the bank and the bank details safe is also the job role of the clerk.

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Steps Involved In Becoming A Bank Clerk


When applying for the post of a bank clerk, the candidate must have a primary degree of graduation in any stream. Make sure the degree is valid and is from a recognized state of a central university. Moreover, the candidate must not have any criminal records attached to his name when applying for the exam of a clerk. He must be clean. The age limit must be between 20 to 28 years, and the marks must be above 50 percent.

Exams to be given

For undergraduates- there are entrance examinations that the colleges conduct. After clearing the 10+2 examination, colleges provide admissions to children based on merit and the basis of marks scored by the people.

Here is a list of exams that you can take under the undergraduate bank entrance exams.

  • IPU CET: Indraprastha University Common Entrance test
  • BHU UET: Banaras Hindu University Entrance exam for Undergraduates
  • JMI EE: Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exams

Bachelors Courses: all those who have passed their 10+2 with more than 50% marks can apply for courses to become a bank clerk. The individuals can go for doing courses like BBA, which is bachelors of Business Administration. They can opt for studying banking and finance or can study banking and insurance. Individuals can go for in banking, finance, and insurance.

For postgraduate students: if an individual is capable and wants to study further, they must continue to take up a postgraduate course without keeping any gap in the academic year. Then they can quickly clear the bank clerk examination.

Bank clerk exam

Individuals can give their bank clerk examination, divided into two parts: preliminary and the mains. Individuals need to qualify for the preliminary exams to get through the next step of the mains. The Preliminaries are essential about the English language, reasoning, and numerical ability. The mains are difficult as it has advanced English, reasoning, financial awareness, computer knowledge, quantitative aptitude, and general awareness. It is after this that the individual is selected for a bank clerk position.

Skills Required To Become A Bank Clerk

Communication skills: one of the essential skills needed for any job is communication skills. To interact with the customers and be able to understand them is one big thing. Both written and verbal communication skills need to be strong enough to deal with customers on a regular basis. It is not necessary that only English needs to be fluent, but the hold of the Hindi language also needs to be vital for a bank clerk. Understanding the customer’s needs and requirements is essential. The person needs to be a problem solver and query handler, and both are possible only if the communication skills are good.

Ability to be attentive to the minor things happening in and around the bank: a bank clerk needs to be attentive in work given, paying attention to what is happening in the bank, with the customers, and understanding things is essential. He must have the eye of an eagle so that nothing goes missing. Going through every paper and file cautiously is very important to not miss out on any details. The slightest mistake of being inattentive can cause a massive loss for the bank and the clerk.

Responsible and honest:any bank official needs to be responsible for the work given. Understanding the work and following it step by step is essential. In the same way, the bank clerk needs to be standing for his mistakes and the good that he does for the bank. A clerk has different responsibilities. Thus, fulfilling them is essential. The more the customers are satisfied with the bank officials, the better it is for the bank. It is a win-win situation. Everyone likes honest staff in an organization. Thus, honesty is one quality that any bank official must-have. Being honest with the work given is essential.

Numeric knowledge and accuracy: The numerical ability of a bank clerk needs to be strong as he is the one who is handling the customer’s cash. While maintaining the ledgers and accounts, the calculations need to be solid and accurate. As the job includes a lot of calculations, thus accuracy is one thing that is of utmost importance. One wrong calculation can lead to a loss of millions of rupees. Thus, numeric skills need to be good.

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What Is the Career Path Of A Bank Clerk?

A bank clerk can first become an assistant bank manager, then become a bank branch manager, then become a senior manager, and this is how he grows and becomes a chief bank manager. After attaining this position, the responsibilities also increase, and then he can become an assistant general manager, deputy general manager, and finally attain the topmost position of a general manager.

Conclusion on How to Become A Bank Clerk in India?

A job as a bank clerk is one of the most secure jobs, and if you are thinking of choosing this as your career, it is one of the best options. It will not only give you a lot of experience but career growth too. There is a lot of competition in the banking field, but let me tell you, there are many more opportunities for an individual who is looking for growth. Last year there were around 16000 to 20,000 job openings for both public as well as private banks.

So you see, the vacancies are increasing, and so are the opportunities. It is a dream of many individuals to work in the banks, and starting to work as a bank clerk is an excellent option for growth in the coming years. If you get an opportunity, do not miss it.

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