Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates by Google | Courses List, Eligibility, Fee Structure

Google Digital Marketing Course Details: Digital marketing is one of the most straightforward courses that you can apply for and enrolled in online. One of the best companies globally, Google is offering students and professionals worldwide this course. You can apply and enrolled for this course on the google website.

This article will give you all the necessary details that you need to know to apply for this course. You will get to know the eligibility criteria, fee, and duration of the course along with other details like what the course is about and what you will learn. Get to Know More about other types of Course Details Streamwise, and Category wise.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a course that comes under the board banner of marketing. There are various mediums of digital marketing. Here are the mediums of digital marketing of online, mobile, TV, radio, and all the other kinds of media marketing spaces. It is the promotion of the products and brands with the help of electronic mediums and spaces. It is a branch of marketing that mostly deals with promotion through electronic mediums.

The Google digital marketing course will help you learn many things. You will learn digital marketing from search engines, search marketing, and paid advertising. The world of digital marketing keeps improving and changing with technological advancements. It keeps giving internet marketers new challenges and learning opportunities to change the world.

Google Digital Marketing course is for improving and guiding students and marketing professionals. These courses aim to teach digital marketing to all the people who apply for these courses. Digital marketing courses aim at channeling marketing strategies and optimizing as well as maximizing the brand presence online.

Different courses are a part of this digital marketing course, and all these together build a rewarding career in digital marketing. At the end of the courses, the candidates get participation certificates from Google. Here are all the details about the digital marketing courses on Google.

Requirements Before Applying for Digital Marketing Course

Here are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill to enroll in a digital marketing course by Google. These are simple requirements, and you won’t face any difficulties in fulfilling them.

  1. You need to have a google account and ensure that you are signed in.
  2. Make a Google Partners account, so that it’s easier for you to enroll in this course.
  3. You should agree to the terms of service notice to fulfill the requirements of the job.
  4. You need to choose if you want to receive emails from the Partners.
  5. On the page, you will see the Sign Up now, click here and choose the option “Search for your company to unlock additional benefits.”
  6. Here you need to choose the options Google Online Marketing Challenge or GOMC.
  7. Click the Certifications section from the left-hand side menu, and here you can get started with the Google Digital Marketing Courses List.

Google Marketing Courses List

Given below are all the details about the various courses available on Google for Digital Marketing:

  1. Google Digital Unlocked Course
  2. AdWords Fundamentals Course
  3. Search Advertising Course
  4. Display Advertising Course
  5. Mobile Advertising Course
  6. Video Advertising Course
  7. Shopping Advertising Course
  8. Analytics Course
  9. Tools and Best Practice Courses
  10. Google My Business Course

Google Marketing Courses Details

Here is the detailed explanation for all the above google digital marketing courses list:

  1. Google Digital Unlocked Course: This course offers the students a comprehensive view of the field of digital marketing. It will boost your knowledge and help you optimally learn digital marketing. The course will help you learn all the core factors in digital marketing. The course is free, and anyone can quickly sign up for this course. It is a course that’s best suited for Job seekers and students who want to learn digital marketing. It has lessons in English and Hindi to learn digital marketing in the language of your choice.
  2. AdWords Fundamentals Course: It is a course for students who want to give AdWords Fundamental Exam. It helps you by giving you data as well as information about the parts of web-based advertising. It is a course that’s going to help you in every aspect of advertising, right from using the keywords to your financial plans.
  3. Search Advertising Course: It is a module that will help students build perfect and substantial search advertising optimizations of excellent practices and get ready for the exam. It will help you understand and compose Ad Campaigns, Ad configurations, and many other things related to Ads.
  4. Display Advertising Course: It is a course that teaches what Ads work on what platforms and what ads don’t work. The display advertising course covers the diverse sorts of topics related to advertising and campaign administration.
  5. Mobile Advertising Course: It is a module that’s going to teach you about the significance and importance of mobile phones in marketing. You will be acquainted with Ad Campaigns on phones, the methods used, and the best practices.
  6. Video Advertising Course: Videos are among the best and most potent ways of making contact with clients. It is a course that’s going to help you understand the importance of videos, how video campaigning works, and how to offer video promotion campaigns.
  7. Shopping Advertising Course: This course is mainly focused on the shopping aspects of your campaigns. It’s going to teach how to put your product images, costs, and business name in front of potential clients.
  8. Analytics Course: This one of the courses of Google Digital Marketing Courses. It is a course that covers the Google Analytical aspects and how exactly it works and its functions. This course is a review of the Analytical structure of Google.
  9. Tools and Best Practice Courses: Planning and arranging are two essential and vital parts of a compelling and well-researched advertising campaign. This course works in the sector to teach the candidates the prospects, competitors, trends, and keywords.
  10. Google My Business Course: This is the last course that you can apply for in the list of Google Digital Marketing Courses. It is a course that helps you and your business partner further the experience of the customers of your website. Google My Business Course is an optional course.

There are study guides and exams for all these Google Digital Marketing courses that will help you.

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates by Google

Are you thinking why opt for google free certified courses in digital marketing? Because these Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with certificates by Google are very helpful for your job search where it adds an extra touch to your CV or resume. As it was recognized globally by top employers. So, find the details like what are the course names, how many modules it includes, and the total hours for the 9 google digital marketing courses given below.

Google Digital Marketing Courses Modules Total Hours
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Includes Certification) 26 modules 40 hours
Make Sure Customers Find You Online 4 modules 3 hours
Get a Business Online 7 modules 3 hours
Promote a Business with Online Advertising 5 modules 3 hours
Connect with Customers Over Mobile 2 modules 1 hour
Expand a Business to Other Countries 1 module 1 hour
Understand Customers Need and Online Behaviors 3 modules 1 hour
Promote a Business with Content 4 modules 3 hours
How to Enhance and Protect Your Online Campaign 12 modules 7 hours

Who can Apply for Google Digital Marketing Courses?

Here is the list of people who can apply for the digital marketing courses on Google:

  1. College Students: College students following any stream and field can apply for the Google Digital Marketing course. It is a short-term course that can be done simultaneously with their studies.
  2. Marketing Professional: Another batch of people who can apply for the Google Digital Marketing course is marketing professionals. They can use this course to broaden their horizon in the field of marketing. They can gain an in-depth understanding of knowledge about digital marketing and formulate their marketing strategies.
  3. People looking for a Career Switch: A batch of people who can apply for this course are the candidates who are trying to switch their careers. It is a perfect course if you are looking for a new direction in your career.
  4. People in business and Entrepreneurs: Businessmen and entrepreneurs are the people who will be an advantage if they do this course. It’s going to help them learn digital marketing and then apply it in their lives.

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Google Digital Marketing Courses Fee Structure

All the courses that are offered by Google are free. Therefore, anyone can easily apply for these courses without worrying about the fee for this course. Diploma in Digital Marketing Course is also fee.

Google Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Planning and Creating a Website
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Strategy

FAQ’s on Google Digital Marketing Courses

Question 1.
What is the aim of the Google Digital Marketing Course?

This course aims to teach the people enrolling in this course ways to do marketing on the electronic mediums like search mediums, search marketing, and paid advertising.

Question 2.
What are some of the offered courses as part of the Google Digital Marketing Course?

Here are some of the courses that are a part of the Digital Marketing course:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing- Google Digital Unlocked Course
  • AdWords Fundamentals Course
  • Search Advertising Course
  • Display Advertising Course
  • Mobile Advertising Course
  • Video Advertising Course
  • Shopping Advertising Course
  • Analytics Course
  • Tools and Best Practices Course
  • Google My Business Course

Question 3.
What is the fee for the Google Digital courses?

All the courses that are available for Google Digital Marketing Course are free of cost. You don’t need to pay any fee for enrolling for any course.

Question 4.
Who can enroll in the course?

Here are some of the people who can apply in this Google Marketing course:

  • College Students
  • Marketing Professionals
  • People looking for Change in Career
  • Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

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