Do You get Stuck for Words While Speaking? Here Is the Tips to Improve

Speaking in English is an art that needs a lot of practice to excel. Sometimes it is hard to have verbal communication, even though you are very good at written English. The fundamental problem that people face while conversing in English is get stuck by a word which you know in your native tongue.

Speaking in English takes a lot of in-depth knowledge other than in writing. It is because you can pause while writing; however, you cannot just sit and recall the words while conversing. If you are speaking to your boss or in a debate, pausing for the word can be your worst enemy. Such cases immediately kill your confidence.
The question that might arise in your mind is the leading cause behind such long pauses while conversing and how not to do that the next time.

Gather Information Regarding Basic English Skills and become proficient in the language and speak fluently with confidence. Try the Tips over here and Improve your English Writing and Speaking Skills.

Stuck On Words? Why Does It Take Place?

It is often the case that the language we write so well to express becomes our worst enemy during conversations. There are a few reasons that might lead you to such discomfort.

Stage Fright– One of the common causes of getting stuck on a word while having a conversation is nervousness. Most of us have felt discomfort while addressing a small group at school, even between family or friends and got stuck on a word. This can immediately break your confidence.

You might even recall the word after some time and feel embarrassed for yourself, but you are not alone. It is common among best of the speakers. Only practising to speak in front of a crowd will help you to overcome the fear and bring you confidence.

Lack of Vocabulary– Sometimes, people cannot get through some words simply because they do not have a stalk of a lot of these words. Vocabulary English mostly involves passive voice; however, when you do not have the knowledge of words, framing sentences can become a problem.

There are some of the words which are common, and most of us are comfortable to understand them. Words like gigantic, solitude, outplay, marvellous are common which we can easily read and listen. However, do we use them while speaking or writing? When we try to start a conversation, we use common words like eating, wash, run and more.

People who get stuck with words while speaking are considered to have even less vocabulary than others. Lack of reading books or watching movies can be the two main reasons behind the struggle.

How to Improve Your English Vocabulary?

Pausing in between a conversation for finding a problematic word is pretty standard. There are many people, and even the best of speakers can face it. Frustration, embarrassment, and guilt are the exact feelings that all people face during such time. Here we have some of the best ways to get rid of such moments while addressing an audience.

Grammar Book Will Not Always Help– you need to know that every time you face such challenges, going back to your grammar book wouldn’t help. Some people even look for n vocabulary application which is pretty standard, but did it ever work out for you?

It would help if you had a chance to see some real difference. Challenging yourself is always a good option. Stepping out of your comfort zone is equally important. Speaking practice is best to develop your skills and be more confident. Here we have five ways to get a better fluency in English.

  • There are various applications available which help you to join language clubs, look for language exchange deals and more. The language exchange program is a great opportunity when it comes to learning a new language. Since you will be teaching your first language to somebody, there won’t be any embarrassing moment.
  • The international institute of toastmasters helps to develop leadership skills and public speaking abilities. You can get better networks, communicate and give representations, all of this with small membership payment.
  • Hire Professional- One on one classes are one of the effective ways for better progress, and you will learn faster. Look for a site which provides trained speakers, anywhere anytime classes, and free trials. You can quickly start and focus on your goals.
  • Group Classes Online- group classes can be a great way to learn a new language, especially when you have stage fright. Addressing a small group of friends all at a similar level can be an easy and fun way to learn.
  • Recording Your Speech-Another great way of learning fluent English is by recording yourself. A self-record can help you to realize the way your sound, you can correct your pronunciations and better the areas that you think you stutter.

Other than these, you can also lookout for some of the recommendations that the students provide from online or offline classes.

Do It Today and Don’t Think About Tomorrow.

It is not at all important that you start from zero to correct yourself from the broken knowledge of English. Sometimes, focusing on what you need can save you time and work as well. However, to do that you need to know where you went wrong and study on that.

When you decide to do something about your word problems, start it now and don’t leave it for later. You can keep a fixed time for your English improvement thrice a week. The best way to do this is by taking weekly classes online; that way, you can check your lesson anytime you want and practice accordingly.

Practising at home and applying what you have learned is crucial. Whenever you get a chance, try to rehearse your lessons loudly. Speaking the language is very important because that is what you are planning to improve.

No matter where you think you are, it is okay to start from wherever you want to. Try to think about the new day and the endless opportunities that lie ahead of you.

No Shame to Take Help

If you feel that it is a problem for you to correct your mistakes by yourself, be free to take professional help. If you are in school or college, you can always consult your professor. If you are opting for higher studies, it is very crucial to know fluent English. There is no shame in hiring a professional to improve your English fluency.

Instead, a professional can help you learn the language without any stress and embarrassment. You will get the proper guidance and test yourself through various tests and assessments. Since it will be a one on one class, you can ask your doubts easily, and it’s a smart investment.

How to Improve English Fluency at Home

Many people are studying English for years and are yet not able to speak the language fluently. It takes years of practice and habits to learn fluency in any language. The worst of all is getting stuck for words in the middle of a conversation in a class or among friends.

You need to know that to learn English fluently, and real life experiences work best. Bookish knowledge can help you to write, but for vocabulary, it is best to practice through daily habits.

Surround Yourself with Friends Who Speak the Language

There is no better way to learn English fluency rather than surrounding yourself among native speakers. Listening to them having conversations will help you understand the language better. It will help you learn faster, and the process becomes comprehensive as well. Since you will hear the correct pronunciations, it will make your basics strong.

Read! Read! Read!

Children are asked to read books from the beginning of their school journey. The main reason is that reading habits help you concentrate, get better knowledge and explore new words. It also helps you to imagine and be creative.

Reading can help you improve a language, get knowledge from magazines and articles. You will get an idea of forming new sentences through various other ways. Reading helps you to connect words with phrases and understand the structure of sentences.

Use English Verbally at Home to Communicate

Talking in English and recording will help you to recognise your flaws and also learn a lot from it. If you are working at home, talk loudly, or converse with your siblings and friends in the language. You will not only know the terms of household items but also improve your grammar.

Listen to Podcasts

It is not important what you like, but what you need. Listening to podcasts helps you to learn a lot about the language. You will get a lot of information about the language and how to use it. This will also help you sound normal.

Textbooks Are Not Always the Best Idea

You cannot learn grammar from textbooks. Practical use of knowledge is critical when it comes to learning a language fluently. Reading newspapers, books and watching movies can help you a lot with English.

Learn New Words Everyday

Learning new words is very important to improve your vocabulary. Words that sound similar or means the same can be beneficial for fluency. Exploring new words and framing new sentences can be a plus point.

Always Carry a Journal

Keeping a journal and writing down what words you come across and learn can be a plus point to improve your English. It will not only help you to improve grammar errors, but it will always help you to learn to join the words to form meaningful sentences.

Join a Community

There are various communicates that will help you connect with other English learners. You can stay in touch with them and learn new words and their uses. You might face difficulties with some phrases or words that you can easily discuss with them to solve.

Imitate Other Speakers

Imitating speakers can help you develop an accent. After all, no one wants to sound like a foreigner. You can follow a movie or a piece of music and practice it every day by imitating them. Repeating and pronouncing the same words over and over can help you develop an accent.

It would be best if you also watched English movies every day or at least one episode from the series. This will help you to develop skills and interest. Fluency can help you from being stuck for words in between conversations and save you the embarrassment.

FAQs on Stuck for Words While Speaking

Where Do I Find a Professional?

There are various ways to hire a professional. You can look for an English teacher in your locality, or you can look for online courses that will help you to get through smoothly with tests and assessments.

How much is English Required to speak fluently?

When you are looking for fluency classes, you must know the basics of the language. Simple grammar, sentence framing, can help you speak fluently. However, if you are an absolute beginner, various beginner level classes are available online.

How are spoken English classes conducted?

Spoken English classes require a lot of conversations among you and other students in the class. You can talk about any topic you are interested in and improve your skills. It will help you detect the places you are going wrong and rectify them for better results.

Is Learning Grammar a Part of Spoken English?

Grammar is a significant part of learning English. It will help you to speak correct English while conversing with your friends or in class. Grammar is the base of the English language, and wrong grammar can be a significant negative point when you go for job interviews.


Many people feel embarrassed when they get stuck during a speech or a conversation for a word. However, many speakers face the similar issue and try to improve themselves through classes. If you think you are not fluent enough to speak in English, try taking classes or doing the daily practices for better results.

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