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Diploma in Clinical Research: The clinical research diploma course is designed with the morality of bioethics in mind, with a concentration on the more complex issues of applying this broad knowledge to scenarios. The Diploma in Clinical Research is a one-year program designed to fulfill the growing demand for qualified professionals in human clinical trials.

The diploma course in clinical research will help you get a practical grasp of clinical trials and how to run them. Do you want to know the complete information about the online clinical research diploma certification programs & Course Details? Look at the below modules and gather all the information you required about diploma courses of clinical research in no time.

About Diploma Course in Clinical Research

Clinical research is a flourishing sector for researchers all over the world, and India is no exception. Not only for qualified specialists but also for management personnel, the clinical industry is seeing remarkable development and job prospects.

Apart from tight regulatory requirements, India is becoming a hub for clinical research, resulting in a steady demand for people in this field. There will be a strong demand for specialists in this field now and in the future, making clinical research a promising career option.

Clinical research is undeniably going to be the next big career option in India. Because of India’s large population, significant workforce, and cost-benefits, major pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations have begun to set up clinical research facilities in the country.

Why opt for Clinical Research Diploma Course over others?

The course is beneficial in that it provides students with the opportunity to learn at the highest academic level while also providing a unique atmosphere for study and high quality of life.

After that, you can pursue higher degrees to improve your educational qualifications and advance your career.

You might also open your own private clinics while working in other hospitals.

Diploma Clinical Research Course Duration

The length of the mentioned courses varies based on the course level. Graduate-level courses last 3-4 years, post-graduate level courses last 2 years, doctoral-level courses last 3 years, and diploma-level courses last 1-2 years.

One – Two Year Diploma in Clinical Research Fees

The average fee for pursuing a Diploma in Clinical Research course is INR 1,00,000. After Completing this Course One gets to work as Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Research Physicians, Lecturer, Clinical Research Coordinator, Biostatistician, Clinical Research Analyst, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

How can I apply for a Diploma in Clinical Research in India?

Candidates who want to work in this sector can apply to Diploma in Clinical Research courses both offline and online.

You can fill out the admission application form at the institute’s official House, office, or interior of any site, or you can travel to the admission office.

Fill out the required application form and upload all supporting documentation.

To get into your chosen college, proceed to the counseling round and personal interview round after completing an online phase.

Admission to a course is based on a candidate’s success in the individual entrance test, as well as merit in their graduating degree, for universities that conduct entrance tests.

Some colleges do not need applicants to take an admission exam.

Instead, individuals are admitted based on their total performance in their most recent graduate or further education degree.

Top Diploma in Clinical Research Colleges

With the increased demand for effective clinical research specialists in academia, a number of institutions have already begun to implement helpful courses in their institutions. The following are some of India’s most prestigious diplomas in clinical research colleges:

  1. St. Xaviers College, Mumbai
  2. Hindi Vidya Prachar Samiti’s Ramniranjan JhunJhunwala College, Mumbai.
  3. Academy for clinical excellence, Mumbai
  4. Apheta Insititute of Clinical Research, Delhi
  5. Institute of Clinical Research, Bengaluru
  6. Clinical Research Education and Management Academy, Uttar Pradesh
  7. CMJ University, Meghalaya
  8. College of Health Sciences, Mohali, Punjab
  9. Global Institute of Medical Sciences, Gujarat

Diploma in Clinical Research Eligibility

Both merit and admittance are used to determine admission to Clinical Research Diploma programs. It should be noted, however, that college admissions methods differ, as some may or may not conduct entrance exams and invite applications based on 10+2 or graduate level grades.

Students’ success in the qualifying examination at the 10+2 level is taken into account while determining their eligibility for Diploma programs.

Aspiring students must meet the eligibility requirements for the individual course, as this is a requirement for the admission process.

If the student is admitted to the program on the basis of merit, he or she must have scored at least 50% on their qualifying tests, following which the cut-off lists are released.

Clinical Research Diploma Courses

Who should pursue Diploma in Clinical Research Online?

People who are devoted workers can work long hours, and have administrative skills should pursue a Diploma in Clinical Research.

More advanced research studies are available to candidates. It is useful for persons who have a passion for teaching and want to work as a schoolteacher or a college professor.

Even in the most difficult conditions, they should be able to remain calm, control their emotions, moderate their anger, and prevent violent behavior.

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Syllabus for Diploma Clinical Research Certificate Program designated by various Universities and Colleges

Before moving on, it is of utmost importance to find out which subjects will a person study once s/he opts for this course. Below we have provided a list of subjects to study included in the curriculum.

Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Introduction to clinical research
2 Pharmacology and drug development
3 Ethics and Guidelines in Clinical Research
4 Regulation in Clinical Research
5 Clinical Trial Management
6 Clinical Data Management & Biostatistics
7 Project & Internship

Job Prospects for Diploma Clinical Researchers in India

Here, we have curated some of the career options for clinical researchers after their completion of a diploma in clinical research online or offline certification course.

  • Clinical Research Investigator– conducts research that contributes to generalizable knowledge while protecting the rights and welfare of human participants.
  • Drug Safety Officer- specializes in monitoring adverse effects of medicine or drugs on patients.
  • Lecturer/Professor– Both a lecturer and a professor may teach in academic institutions, they have varying roles and qualifications.
  • Pharmacovigilance Manager– Such a person is responsible to supervise Pharmacovigilance (PV) Specialist staff and provide oversight to pharmacovigilance activities.
  • Project Manager– Has the responsibility of the planning, procurement, and execution of a project, in any undertaking that has a defined scope, defined start, and a defined finish; regardless of industry.
  • Regulatory Affairs personnel– S/he is the only one who is completely responsible for holding products in compliance and maintaining all the records
  • Research Associate– S/he is primarily employed by asset management firms, financial institutions, consulting firms, and in-house research departments of companies.

Diploma in Clinical Research Salary

Clinical research gives experts a wide range of opportunities as the medical area expands. As a result, candidates with the appropriate clinical research degree can work in a variety of professions in this field.

Candidates who complete Clinical Research Courses also earn an annual wealth distribution ranging from INR 3,00,000 to INR 12,00,000, depending on their qualifications. With more knowledge and experience, this numerical figure may increase.

Title of the profile Average starting salary
Biostatistician 3 Lakhs per annum
Clinical research associate 3.5 Lakhs per annum
Clinical research coordinator 4 Lakhs per annum

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FAQs On Diploma in Clinical Research Online Courses

1. What is Clinical Research, and how does it differ from other types of research?

Clinical research is a field of medical science that focuses on the evaluation of prospective treatment techniques for humans, such as medication, a device, or a diagnostic tool.

2. What Clinical Research courses are available?

Candidates can enroll in a variety of Clinical Research courses, including certificate, diploma, and undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Before applying for the exam, candidates should confirm the eligibility of each course.

3. What are the prerequisites for admission to a Postgraduate Clinical Research course?

To be considered for admission to a master’s programme in clinical research, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in clinical research.

4. What are the most important examinations for clinical research admission?

Colleges admit students based on their academic merit or entrance exam scores. Some institutions offer admission to clinical research programmes based on a combination of class 12th grades and an entrance exam. NEET, ICRI entrance examination, and NIMS are some of the entry tests.


Clinical trials are essential for bringing new medications and technology to market and ensuring that they are both effective and safe to use. This circumstance is resulting in a number of employment openings in this rapidly expanding business.

So check out the career options and complete an education-related diploma in clinical research course details from the above modules and settle in a good position. For more knowledge about all diploma courses, visit our website

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