Countries and their National Games in the World | Check the List of Country-wise National Sports for General Awareness

Countries and their National Sports: A sport is a structured form of play that, over casual or organized participation, aims to use, maintain or develop physical ability and skills while giving enjoyment to the participants, and in some situations, entertainment for the audience. A national sport is considered to be an essential part of the culture of a nation. Some of the games are established as national games by the law of the country, whereas others are commonly acknowledged as national sports.

Various countries are recognized with their flag, their national anthems, birds, animals, language, and also with their national sports. I know you have no idea about all the national symbols of all countries in the world but now you can aware of them all by going through with our General Knowledge Article. Simply have a look at these games that have the integrity to become a national sport of a country.

Also, the National Sport represents its people in a significant way not just specify the culture and traditional ideas and beliefs of that nation. From this page, you goona get the answers to such questions like what is the national sport of India? Is cricket a national game of Australia? etc

National Games of Different Countries in the World

list of countries and their national games

Any national sport or game of a country represents the culture, rich heritage, and tradition of the country. Based on the popularity or its historical connection with the country, officials designated the particular game or sport as a National game of the country. Each and every country has its own national game or sport and this is one of the important categories in various exams like govt, UPSC, SSC, Bank, etc. Students who are preparing for the competitive exams can gain complete knowledge and be aware of the national sports of all countries from the below modules.

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List of Countries and their National Sports (Alphabet-wise)

In the world, there are 195 countries and they have different national symbols to represent the traditions of the country. So, all countries have their own national games or sports as per their followed cultural values. To aware of all countries and their national sports kindly go through this table mentioned here. Below is the list of important countries and their national games/sports that help you at the time of preparation and revision time.

Country National Games / Sports
Afghanistan Buzkashi
Anguilla Yacht Racing
Antigua And Barbuda Cricket
Argentina Pato
Australia Cricket
Bangladesh Kabaddi
Barbados Cricket
Bermuda Cricket
Bhutan Archery
Brazil Association Football
Canada Lacrosse (summer), Ice Hockey (winter)
Chile Chilean Rodeo
China Ping Pong (Table Tennis)
Colombia Tejo
Cuba Baseball
Denmark Association Football, Handball
Dominican Republic Baseball
England Cricket
Estonia Basketball
Finland Pesäpallo (Finnish Baseball)
France Football
Georgia Rugby Union
Grenada Cricket
Guyana Cricket, Water Polo
Haiti Association Football
Iceland Handball
India Field Hockey
Indonesia Pencak Silat
Iran Wrestling
Ireland Gaelic Football
Israel Association Football
Jamaica Cricket
Japan Sumo
Lithuania Basketball
Madagascar Rugby Union
Malaysia Sepak Takraw
Mauritius Association Football
Mexico Charrería
Mongolia Mongolian Wrestling, Archery
Nepal Volleyball
New Zealand Rugby Union
Norway Cross-Country Skiing (winter)
Pakistan Field Hockey
Papua New Guinea Rugby League
Peru Paleta Frontón
Philippines Arnis
Puerto Rico Paso Fino
Romania Oina
Russia Bandy
Scotland Golf
Slovenia Alpine Skiing
South Korea Taekwondo
Sri Lanka Volleyball
Tajikistan Gushtigiri
The Bahamas Cricket
Turkey Oil Wrestling
Turks And Caicos Islands Cricket
United States Of America Baseball
Uruguay Destrezas Criollas
Venezuela Baseball
Wales Rugby Union

The above list of countries and their national games is helpful for both sports lovers and for the aspirants of different competitive examinations.

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FAQs on All Countries National Sports

1. Which is the oldest sport in the world?

The oldest sport in the world is Wrestling. Also, Wrestling has been a part of the ancient Olympics since 708 BC.

2. Which country’s national game is football?

The national game of France is football.

3. Sumo wrestling is the national game of which country?

Sumo wrestling is the national game of the country called Japan.

4. What is the National Game of India? 

As per the latest report from the government, there is no confirmation on the national sport of India. So, at present, there is no specific national game that represents India.

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