Conversation Between Waiter and Guest Two Simple Scenarios

In today’s article, we will see some scenarios of conversation between a waiter and a guest. This scenario will help the readers to understand basic conversation technique. It is very crucial in today’s world to communicate effectively with everyone. In this article, we will see how a conversation can bring along many small things. Readers will be familiar with how one can order something in a restaurant.

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Simple Conversation Between Waiter and Guests

Conversation between waiter and a customer

1. Conversation Between a Waiter and Two Guests, Dining In a Fancy Restaurant.

Waiter: Welcome to the King’s. You both look very sharp tonight!

Guest: Thank you so much.

Waiter: Do you people have a reservation tonight!

First guest: Yes, we did reserve a table for two.

(Guests show the confirmation and the waiter guides the guest to their table)

Waiter: What can I get you gentlemen to drink?

Second guest: I would like to have a glass of coke, please.

Waiter: I’ll be right back with that.

(The waiter goes and comes back with coke)

Waiter: You people are in luck! Today is the fifth anniversary of our restaurant. And this is today’s special menu. Take your time deciding.

(The waiter gives the menu card and leaves)

Waiter: Are you gentlemen ready to order now?

Second guest: Yes. So I think for starters I will have the Gravadlax with celeriac & fennel salad. Please make the salads extra crispy.

Waiter: Noted! And for you, sir?

First Guest: I think I will go with the Tomato, burrata & broad bean salad.

Waiter: Thank you, gentlemen! I’ll be right back with those!

(waiter leaves and returns with the starters)

Waiter: Are you gentlemen ready to order the main course?

First guest: I will have Lamb chops with chilli & Ligurian broad bean pesto.

Second guest: I will have Cumin-crusted lamb with shallots & crushed new potatoes.

Waiter: Anything to drink for you, gentlemen?

Guests: No, thank you.

(The waiter returns after 15 minutes with the main course. After finishing the main course, the waiter returns).

Waiter: What will you guys like for the desert?

Guests: What is the speciality of this place? We heard it is famous for its desert section.

Waiter: So Blackberry & lemon fool has been the speciality of this place for sometimes.

Guests: Okay. So we will be having that.

(Waiter noted and leaves for the kitchen. Waiter returns after 10 minutes)

Waiter: Enjoy your desert gentlemen!

(Guests finfish their desert after some time. The waiter returns after some time seeing them completed the deserts)

Waiter: How did you enjoy the service here, gentlemen?

First guest: We were talking about that. Not only the deserts, everything has been delightful. Especially the toppings on the deserts were very thoughtful.

Second Guest: The lambs were perfectly cooked. The seasoning was spot on, and the flavours were just as expected. We are very pleased with our experience.

Waiter: I’m glad that you liked them.

(Guests pay the bill)

Waiter: We are looking forward to having you again.

2. Conversation Between a Waiter and a Group of Customers in a Pizza Palace

Waiter: Welcome to the Midtown Social.

Customer: The place looks very crowdy today. Can I get a small table for my friends and me?

Waiter: Yes. We are nearly full today. Let me check things and get back to you.

(Waiter leaves and comes back 5 minutes later)

Waiter: Sorry guys we could only manage a place for you in the corner. Will you guys be okay with that?

Customer: Yes, of course. We are here for the pizza anyway.

Waiter: You guys do not look like from around here. Can I ask you where are you from?

Customer: Yes, you are right about that. We are visiting Newyork from Austin. We heard of this pizza palace from various places and came to grab a bite.

Waiter: Great. I am a massive Austin FC fan.

Customers: So are we!

(everyone laughs!)

Waiter: Here are today’s special guys! What will you take for the drinks guys?

Customers: we all will be having chilled coke, please!

(Waiter arrives with chilled coke. Because the place is very busy waiter goes to another table.)

Waiter: You guys ready yet?

Customers: Yes.

(Customers order. The waiter noted all the details)

Waiter: So will it be a large one or medium?

Customers: Make one large and the other one medium.

One particular customer: Please make the medium on extra cheesy with some extra toppings.

Waiter: Nice choices. We recommend the same to everyone who comes here for the first time. I will be returning right away with your food.

(Waiter leaves and comes back after 7 to 8 minutes with their pizza)

Waiter: Enjoy your food guys.

(The customers jumped into their pizzas. Customers start talking among themselves how good the food is. After sometime waiter returns seeing them being finished with their pizzas)

Customers: The pizza was fabulous. We enjoyed every bite of it.

Waiter: Thank you. I am happy that you like it.

Customers: Please get us the check.

Waiter: Are you sure you guys are not going to have anything else? We have other variations also.

Customer: We are pretty much full, and there are many places to visit today.

Waiter: Okay, sure. Here’s your bill.

(waiter passes the bill and everyone pays for it. Customers leave after paying the bill)

Waiter: Thank you for coming. Come again.

3. Conversation Between a Bartender and a New Customer in a Bar

Bartender: Hello, sir! Are you new here?

Customer: Hello. Yes, this is the first time I have come here.

Bartender: Welcome. What can I get for you?

Customer: I heard this place is making some name for its bespoke cocktails.

Bartender: Yes. We do some specials in the cocktail sections sometimes. What type of cocktails do you like, sir?

Customer: I like something less harsh, to be honest, but I’ll be having any out of your specials today.

Bartender: Sorry, sir. Unfortunately today we don’t have any specials.

Customer: Oh, I see. In that case, I will have a vodka martini.

Bartender: Sure, sir.

(Bartender starts to prepare the drink and finishes after a few minutes.)

Customer: Thank you.

(Customer enjoys his drink and calls someone in the meantime.)

Bartender: What are you feel like having today, sir?

Customer: Actually I am in a bit of a hurry, so I have to go. Can you close me out?

Bartender: Oh, that’s too bad. Okay sure.

(customer pays the bill)

Customer: I liked the cocktail very much. I’m hoping to get back here.

Bartender: We will be delighted to have you, sir. Have a great day.

Customer: You too.

(Customer leaves)

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