Conversation Between Two Friends (On Five Topics)

Conversational English is different and can be difficult. Knowing proper sentence structure, along with the correct grammar, is crucial for conversational English. Your English textbook might not have taught you how to write a conversation between two friends.

Casual conversations can be more challenging than formal conversations. Students learn how to interact daily with the help of such a practice. If you are not confident of holding a conversation in English, you can practice dialogue writing!

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Conversation Between Two Friends about Covid-19 Precautionary Measures, Online classes, Phone addiction and Weekend Plans

Knowing a few phrases and conversational patterns can be useful during writing conversations or dialogues.

Imagine a situation where two friends would be talking about a topic. Conversational English is much different than the English you use for written assignments. However, it becomes easier as you practice.

Conversation Between Two Friends about weekend plans

Creating a dialogue

Conversation writing is fun, and you can make it creative and imaginative. It allows you to create visual scenarios to create more seamless conversations. Instead of writing out the dialogue like lines of text, you can first understand the context. Many nuances may come up in conversations that may not be so frequent in written communications, such as slang, colloquial expressions, exclamations, immediate responses, interruptions, etc.

Choose A Scenario

When you are trying to write a conversation between two friends, you can think about the two characters’ backgrounds. Your dialogues will differ according to the location of your characters. You can choose a situation as required with the appropriate background. You can also further the plot of the dialogues according to the place they are situated.

Choose characters

You need a minimum of two-person or subjects to carry forward a conversation. You can choose a wide range of characters. They do not necessarily have to be human. They can be animals, monsters, inanimate objects, historical characters, and much more! Hence there are many areas for creativity. Dive into your inner imagination to create a unique conversation!

Choose A Topic

People talk about everything. Hence, you can select any topic. You can select from any common topics-

  • Social plans
  • Current affairs
  • Weather
  • Relationships
  • Books, movies, art, etc
  • Social concerns

When choosing a topic, think about relevant and recent topics. You can also select something according to the vocabulary you want to include. In most cases, your teachers will assign you a topic.

Sections Of A Conversation

While writing a conversation, you need to keep in mind the different parts of a conversation. Try to include things such as

  • Greetings And Small Talk– Some people might think that small talk is unimportant while composing conversations. But it is something that we do to make each other comfortable. Hence, you might want to start the conversation with everyday things and casual questions. These lead to the main point of the conversation. Since this helps to open up a person towards the other, they are pretty important and inevitable.
  • Expressions, idioms, slang terms, colloquial terms– Students are used to writing formal writing pieces. In the case of dialogue writing, you can include fun terms, according to need. Try to use phrases that people use on a day to day basis.
  • Incomplete sentences– In conversations, people often speak while the other person is speaking. As a result, a sentence remains incomplete, and one person’s statement remains incomplete. You can try to include such incomplete sentences to make the piece more believable and natural.
  • Interjections, sounds of thinking– Dialogue writing is all about making it as real-life as possible. In real conversations, people stop to think, pause before answering, etc. Similarly, in a conversation, you can add phrases and exclamations like “um,” “wow,” etc.
  • Farewells– You can bring a natural end to a conversation with a farewell of the two imaginary characters. There are heaps of creative ways to make a conversation come to an end. Use seem-less transitions and real issues to end the conversation in a natural way.

We have created a conversation between two friends, Meera and Ali, on the flour following topics:

  1. Covid-19 precautionary measures
  2. Online classes
  3. Phone addiction
  4. Weekend plans

Scenario 1- Conversation Between Two Friends About The Precautionary Measured That One Should Take Due To Covid-19.

Meera: Hey there, Ali! How have you been?

Ali: I’m fine, but you look a bit down. What is the matter?

Meera: (Sighs) My neighbor got infected by the Covid-19 virus a few days back. Since then, I’m terrified to step out of the house!

Ali: That’s terrible news! How are your parents holding up?

Meera: My mother still doesn’t understand the severity of the situation and insists on going out of the house, and so does my father. Since both of them have to go to work, I’m scared something will happen to them.

Ali: They have to go to work, don’t they? Even so, are they taking all the necessary precautionary measures?

Meera: Well, I see to it that they wash their hands thoroughly when they return home. I also sanitize all items they brought back, like their mobile phones, keys, and wallet.

Ali: Do they take multivitamins and eat fruits?

Meera: Yeah, they take multivitamins and eat various fruits in the afternoon with tea.

Ali: What about wearing a mask?

Meera: Oh, yes! I never let them step out without a mask on properly. Sometimes I make them wear two masks when I know they’ll be in a crowded place.

Ali: Do they take a shower when they get back?

Meera: Yes. They take a hot shower when they return. They also wash all their clothes then.

Ali: It seems you have got all the areas covered! What are you so afraid of then?

Meera: I don’t know. I’m worried sick about them all the time. A little cough makes me presume that the worst has happened. I’m their only child, and I don’t know whom to turn to for help.

Ali: Listen, as long as they take all the precautionary measures, like washing their hands, sanitizing their belongings, wearing a mask properly, and maintaining physical distancing, you don’t need to worry about anything. There are plenty of good hospitals you can choose from in case anything goes wrong.

Meera: I pray with all my heart that you are right. It is just that so many people have passed due to the pandemic, and most of them are older people. I don’t know what I’ll do if anything.

Ali: Oh, God! You need to stop being so stressed out all the time! Otherwise, you’ll fall sick! Come, I’ll buy you a chocolate bar. That ought to cheer you up, right?

Meera: I don’t know if I’m happy that you’re treating me like a child, but thanks! I will never turn down such a great offer!

Scenario 2- Conversation Between Two Friends About The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes Due To The Lockdown

Ali: Hey, Meera! I called you to ask for the notes the teacher shared during the class. I couldn’t take down a few portions.

Meera: Sure. I’ll send you the image. But I’m exhausted after the class so I’ll send it to you later.

Ali: No problem! I, too, am exhausted with all the online classes that have been going on. I miss the good old classroom classes!

Meera: (Sigh) I never thought I would miss my teachers so much. I miss how we could maintain eye contact with our teachers during class. It made focusing on the subject so easy! With them behind the screen, it is so tough to focus on the matter with all the tempting notifications popping up!

Ali: Yes! And I always tend to fall asleep during class!

Meera: Well, you always have been a sleepyhead!

Ali: I wonder when we can go back to school. I am not a fan of online classes!

Meera: You know, even though we complain about it so much, it is the only way we can continue with our studies. I also find that online classes are the only time when I am productive during the day.

Ali: Yeah, I look forward to these classes too! They are the only time when I can reconnect with all my friends and my teachers.

Meera: The teachers are also trying to do their best to adapt to this unusual situation as best as they can. It is so fun to listen to our teachers trying to figure out technology!

Ali: Oh, yes! Besides, what more can we want? We can safely stay at home and continue with our studies, while millions of people have to go out of their houses with such uncertainty and danger to do their jobs. We are on the safer side.

Meera: True. I’m thankful to them all.

Ali: Oh, look! It is already getting time for the next class!

Scenario 3- Conversation between Two Friends about Global Warming

Meera: Hey, Ali! What’s up? What are your eyebrows all scrunched up?

Ali: Oh! Is it? I’m just sad that the huge tree in front of our house had to be chopped down. The municipality has decided to widen the streets, so it had to go.

Meera: Wow, Ali! I never you that you were such a tree-lover! As a nature-lover myself, I understand your troubled thoughts. I, too, get very depressed when I see people cutting down trees. As it is, there are only a few trees left in the city. No wonder the pollution levels are off the charts!

Ali: People keep talking about how much they care about the environment, and then they completely contradict themselves and chop down trees.

Meera: Yeah! It makes no sense, right?

Ali: We all know the terrible effects of global warming, but

Meera: But no one cares enough to do anything about it. I know.

Ali: Yes. Do you remember how hot it was the previous summer? I think we hit a new record for hitting the highest temperature in the entire century! Doesn’t that alarm people in the least? What has our earth become? A ball of pollution?

Meera: And you must remember how little it rained this year?

Ali: Yeah! I remember while growing up, how I loved to go out and get wet in the rain. But now, due to such acidity in the rainwater, the growth of plants is hindered. I never go out to get wet in the rain voluntarily now.

Meera: I wonder what a horrible fate is awaiting us due to global warming! I don’t want to see the earth engulfed by the sun while I’m alive! I want to live out my full share of years!

Ali: Let’s hope we

Meera: Oh, my God! Look, Ali! They have come to plant trees near the sidewalk!

Ali: Really? Let me see it! Oh yes!

Meera: Everything is not over; it seems?

Scenario 4- Conversation Between Two Friends About the Negative Effects of Using Smartphones

Meera: Hey Ali! Look at the cute little puppy video I have shared with you!

Ali: I have seen too many cute puppy videos online. I’m sick of it now!

Meera: Really? I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking up such cute videos online!

Ali: Meera, you are always active on social media. Are you sure you are not addicted to it?

Meera: No! Wait, do you think I am?

Ali: Well, I think it is possible. You need to keep your screen time to a minimum. Otherwise, it might become a huge problem later on.

Meera: Now that you mention it, I have been using my phone for long hours.

Ali: There is no need to feel bad. Social media is created to keep people hooked. You need to be cautious about how active you are on such platforms.

Meera: To tell you the truth, I might have a problem. I can’t seem to keep my phone down! I have this continuous urge to know what is going on with my friends and relatives.

Ali: Yeah. Most of my friends are extremely active on such online platforms. Since I’m not as tech-savvy as them, I get taunted. But I don’t mind. I’m not blind to the obvious truth.

Meera: I hear you do a lot of sports? And you do seem pretty fit!

Ali: Yes! I am addicted to playing badminton with my friends in the morning.

Meera: That is amazing! I need to become more like you. I’m becoming too unfit!

Ali: Why don’t you join us? You can play with us if you like! It will get you off your phone for a few hours!

Meera: Why that’s a great idea! I would love to join you!

Scenario 5- Conversation between two friends about their weekend plans.

Meera: Hey Ali, what are your plans for this weekend?

Ali: I am not sure. Do you want to get together or what?

Meera: How about we see a movie? There are a lot of new shows going on!

Ali: That sounds like a good idea. Maybe we can go out to eat before the movie?

Meera: It is fine with me. Where do you want to meet?

Ali: Let’s meet at the restaurant near my house. You know, the one with the gigantic statue in front.

Meera: Sure. I know the place.

Ali: When should we meet up?

Meera: Well, it depends on the timing of the movie. Let’s meet for an hour before the show starts.

Ali: Why don’t we catch the show in the morning? Then we can go to eat afterward.

Meera: Can I bring my cousin along? She’s in town, and I would hate to leave her behind. Do you remember her?

Ali: I don’t quite remember her. Was she at your birthday party, right? There were so many people there. I’m a bit unsure.

Meera: Well, we can all go out, and then you two can get to know each other better. She’s a great and fun person.

Ali: What is she up to these days?

Meera: She has just graduated from college, and she is looking forward to teaching kids in kindergarten.

Ali: Kindergarten? She must be very patient!

Meera: Oh, yes! Besides, she loves kids. She is very patient around them. I think she’ll do just fine. She knows how to handle them.

Ali: I would love to know about her experience! I need to learn how to behave around kids! My niece is coming to town sometime in the next month.

Meera: I’m sure you’ll be fine. You can talk to her about it and ask for some tips when we sit down to eat.

Ali: I’m planning on that.

Meera: I’m so excited about this weekend!

Ali: Okay, then. It’s decided. We are going to the movies on Saturday.

Meera: We’ll go to the restaurant beforehand.

Ali: And you’ll bring your cousin.

Meera: Yes! See you soon!

Ali: Bye! And make sure to be there on time! I do not want to miss the beginning of the movie!

Meera: I will!

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