List of Best Computer Courses After 10th for Certification, Vacation, Jobs, and many

Computer Courses After 10th: Interested to know what are the computer courses we can learn after completion of 10th. Read our article more thoroughly to get an idea about the computer courses and how can you build your career in computer science.

These days without a computer we cannot able to do anything. In every field, the computer is used. You need to learn computer courses in low level and advanced computer courses. A basic understanding of computers will not be enough. Do check computer courses after 12th for job from here.

After completion of the 10th, you can learn computer courses in various fields like Diploma, ITI, and other certification courses. So, this article will be very useful for those students who are passionate to start their career in the computer field. Also, you can know how to build your career by getting good knowledge about computer courses.

Why Computer Courses are in High Demand?

This is the generation of technology. In every company, there is a need for computer operators in different sectors. So that is the reason that they are in high demand. And every student is interested to learn the short-term courses after 10th, 12th and graduation. These days everyone knows how to operate a computer but everyone is in a learning stage, but once you get familiar with the computer courses you can earn a lot of passive income.

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Top 10 Best Computer Courses after 10th

Students can learn the below computer courses to build a good career in the IT field. You can start learning these courses after completion of your 10th itself.

  • ITI in Computer
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Application Development
  • Course on Computer Concepts
  • Basic Computer Course
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development

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Short Term Computer Courses after 10th for Job

Studying short-term courses have many advantages. Especially, the course duration will be very less. If you complete the course quickly you can get a job early. So let us see the list of short-term courses that you will get for the job given below.

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • SEO Course
  • Animation & VFX Course
  • Graphic Designing Course
  • CADD Course
  • Multimedia Course
  • Creative Writing
  • Design & App Development Course
  • Programming Languages like C, C++, Java, and many others.
  • Computerized Accounting

After 10th Computer Courses with Certification

Here you can look into the courses list below that you will get certification for computer courses. You can choose any of the courses you lie and you can build your career.

  • UI Designing
  • UX Designing
  • Video Editing Courses
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Design
  • Multimedia
  • 3D Animation
  • Interior Design
  • Textile Designing
  • Architecture Design
  • Post Production

ITI Computer Courses after 10th

Have a look at this list of ITI computer courses that you can pursue after immediate completion of the 10th.

10TH & 12TH
Smartphone Technician
cum App Tester
10th pass 6 Months
COPA 10th pass 1 Year
Data Entry Operator. 10th pass 6 Months
ICTSM 10th pass 2 Years
IT 10th pass 2 Years
DTPO 10th pass 6 Months
DBSA 10th pass 1 Year
CHNM 10th pass 1 Year
CAED 10th pass 1 Year
Additive Manu.., Technician 10th pass 1 Year

Computer Diploma Courses List after 10th

Listed below are some options to pursue diploma courses in computers after the 10th. we are providing the diploma courses along with the eligibility, salary, fees, and many others.

Course Name Eligibility Duration Average Fee Starting salary
MS Office Certification Program 10th 6-12 months 8K – 15K 10K-12K
Hardware Engineering 10th 1-3 years 15K-40K 15K

Computer Courses after 10th in Vacation

We are going to list out the courses that you can easily by continuing your studies. After the 10th as you will get vacation holidays, you can easily complete computer courses during that vacation holidays itself. Below is the list of computer courses you can learn after the 10th.

  • Web Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Java course
  • Diploma in IT
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data entry
  • Diploma in Computer Application

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FAQs on Job Oriented Computer Courses after 10th Online

1. Can we choose the computer after 1oth?

Yes, you can choose computer science courses after 10th without joining 11th and 12th because we have diploma course in computer science engineering.

2. Which Computer Course is best after the 10th?

Some of the best computer courses that you can join after 1oth are the Data Entry Course, Graphic Designing Course, Digital Marketing courses and many.

3. Which certificate is best for a computer course?

The best certificate you can get for some computer courses like Computer science courses, Artificial intelligence courses, cyber security certification courses, and many others.

Final Words

Hope that the complete information that we have given on computer courses after 10th is very useful for the students who want to study the courses after completing class 10. If you get any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section we will be very happy to help you out. You can be in touch with us by our website NCERTBooks.Guru.

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