More Than 240 Words That You Might Be Mispronouncing All Your Life

English is not an easy language. There are words which may sound easy to pronounce, but are not! Mispronouncing English words is quite common among various people (even fluent native speakers!). This is quite a problem, which is enough to create a crease in your forehead.

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The Most Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

From common words to specific brand names, we have been repeating mistakes over and over again. Words do not sound as we expect them to in this language. Do you know why? This is because English has its roots in multiple languages!

Some mistakes are quite evident and tiny, but others are tricky. But before we immediately jump to correcting the mistakes that we do, let’s go through some key terms associated with the correct pronunciation.

Non-Phonetic Words In English

There are numerous words in English, which have a different pronunciation from its spelling. These words are called non-phonetic words. The trick to grasp the pronunciation of such words is to memorize them simply.

Let us take an example so that it becomes easy to understand. One classic example of a non-phonetic word is the word said. This word, as the spelling indicates, should be pronounced as “Righted”. This word should also rhyme with the word paid. But it doesn’t. It rhymes with the word bed, although the spellings are entirely different! English is undoubtedly a funny language, right?

Here we present to you, the most commonly mispronounced words of this funny language. A few words have been highlighted in red. These words indicate the wrong pronunciation. This will make sure that you will remember the mistakes!

1. Dilate
Right: di-late

2. Status
Right: Stay-tus or Stah-tus

3. Colleague
Right: Koh-leeg

4. February
Right: Feb-roo-a-ree

5. Drowned
Right: Drownd

6. Bomb
Right: Bom

7. Prelude
Right: Pray-lood or Prel-yood

8. Valet
Right: Val-ay

9. Library
Right: Li-bra-ri

10. Crocodile
Right: Krok–uh-dahyl

11. Forte
Right: For-tay

12. Athlete
Right: Ath-leet

13. Buffet
Right: Buh-fey

14. Wednesday
Right: Wenz-day

15. Nuclear
Right: Nu-cle-ar

16. Accessory
Right: Ak-sess-or-y

Wrong: Ass-ess-or-y

17. Pronunciation

18. Kilometre
Right: Kill-ah-meh-tur or Kill-oh-mee-tur

19. Gala
Right: Gay-lah

20. Cucumber
Right: Kyoo-kuhm-ber

21. Applicable
Right: A-plic-able

22. Spherical
Right: Sferr-i-kal

Wrong: Sfeer-i-kal

23. Caramel
Right: Kah-ruh-mull or Kar-mull

24. Regime
Right: Ray-gime

Wrong: Ree-gee-mey

25. Joust
Right: J-oust

Wrong: Just

26. Either
Right: Ee-thur or Aye-thur

27. Drought
Right: Drout

28. Neither
Right: Nee-thur

Wrong: Ni-thur

29. Quasi
Right: Kway-zi or Kwah-zee

30. Hypocrisy
Right: Hi–pok-ruh-see

31. Lip– sync
Right: Lip- singk

32. Itinerary
Right: Ahy- tin- uh- rer- ee

33. Faux Pas
Right: Fohpah

34. Gauge
Right: Geyj

35. Cache
Right: Kash

36. Maniac
Right: Mey- nee- ak

37. Victual
Right: Vittle

38. Paradigm
Right: Par- uh- dahym

39. Scone
Right: Skoon

40. Pseudonym
Right: Sood- n- im

41. Genre
Right: Zhahn- ruh

42. Niche
Right: Nee-shey

Wrong: Ni-tche

43. Zebra
Right: Zeb-ra or Zee-bra

44. Hyperbole
Right: Hy- per- ba- lee

45. Minuscule
Right: Min-uh-skyool

46. Ingenuity
Right: In- juh- noo- i- tee

47. Clique
Right: Click

48. Quote
Right: Kwoht

49. Lingerie
Right: Law-jh’ree

50. Antarctic
Right: Ant-arc-tic

Wrong: Ant-ar-tic

51. Marijuana
Right: Mar-uh-wah-nuh

52. Sauna
Right: Saw-na or Sow-na

53. Clothes
Right: Klothz

54. Women
Right: Wih-men

55. Cavalry
Right: Kav-ul-ry

56. Et cetera
Right: Et-set-er-a

57. Heart
Right: Haa-rt

Wrong: Hurt

58. Federal
Right: Fed-er-al

59. Alzheimer’s
Right: Ahlts-hahy-merz

60. Foliage
Right: Fo-li-uj

61. Prescription
Right: Pre-cip-i-ta-shun

62. Refrigerator
Right: Ri-frij-uh-rey-ter’

63. Kayak
Right: Kye-yak

64. Provolone
Right: Pro-vo-lo-nay

65. April
Right: Ey-pruhl

66. Boutique
Right: Boo-teek

67. Suite
Right: Sweet

68. Halloween
Right: Hal-o-ween

Wrong: Hol-lo-ween

69. Echelon
Right: Esh–uh-lon

70. Heinous
Right: Hey-nuh-s

71. Horizon
Right: Huh–rahy-zuhn

72. Entrepreneur
Right: Ahn-truh-pruh-nur

73. Insouciant
Right: In-soo-see-ant

74. Impropriety
Right: Im-pruh–prahy-i-tee

75. Divorce
Right: Dih- vawrs

76. Perspire
Right: per-spire

77. Tuition
Right: Too-ish-uh-n

78. Asterisk
Right: Ass-ter-isk

79. Turquoise
Right: Tur-koiz

80. Tortillas
Right: Tohr-tee-yahs

81. Bury
Right: Ber-ee

82. Mayonnaise
Right: May-on-naise

83. Nazi
Right: Naht-see

84. Sponge
Right: Spuhnj

85. Ticket
Right: Tik-it

86. Salmon
Right: Sam-uh-n

87. Chenille
Right: Shuh-neel

88. Develop
Right: Dih-vel-up

89. Attaché
Right: Uh-tash-ey

90. Position
Right: Puh-zish-uhn

91. Synonymous
Right: Si-non–uh-muh s

92. Salon
Right: Sa-lawn

93. Flour
Right: Flou- er

94. Cocoa
Right: Koh-koh

95. Arctic
Right: Arc-tic

96. Percolate
Right: Perc-o-late

97. Especially
Right: I-spesh-uh-lee

98. Parole
Right: Puh–rohl

99. Nominee
Right: Nom-uh–nee

100. Poem
Right: Poe-um

101. Debris
Right: De-bree

102. Epitome
Right: Ih- pit- uh- mee

103. Coupon
Right: Koo-pon

104. Debut
Right: Dey-byoo

105. Estate
Right: I-steyt

106. Silicon
Right: Sil-i-kuh n

107. Monk
Right: Munk

108. Bass
Right: Base

109. Data
Right: Day-ta

110. Nuptial
Right: Nup-shul

111. Often
Right: off-en

112. Social
Right: Soh-shuhl

113. Plenitude
Right: Plen-i-tude

114. Ticklish
Right: Tik-lish

115. Triathlon
Right: tri-ath-lon

116. Abalone
Right: Ab-uh-loh-nee

Wrong: Ah-boh-lohn

117. Albeit
Right: Awl-bee-it

118. Almond
Right: Ah-mund

119. Meme
Right: Meem

120. Dengue
Right: Deng-ee

121. Tomb
Right: Toom

122. Asthma
Right: Az-ma

123. Bowl
Right: bol

124. Repetitive
Right: ri–pet-i-tiv

125. Police
Right: Puh-leece

126. Vineyard
Right: Vin-yard

127. Coup
Right: Koo

128. Miniature
Right: Min-ee-uh-cher

129. Calendar
Right: Kal-uhn-duh

130. Complete
Right: Kuhm-pleet

131. Menstruation
Right: Men-stroo-a-shun

132. Pathetic
Right: Puh–thet-ik

133. Rendezvous
Right: Rahn-duh-vooa

134. Renaissance
Right: ren-uh–sahns

135. Menu
Right: Men-yu

136. Periphery
Right: Puh–rif–uh-ree

137. Syllable
Right: Sil–uh-buhl

138. Gnaw
Right: naw

139. Sour
Right: Sower

140. Yolk
Right: yohk

141. Vegetable
Right: Vej-tuh-buhl

142. Extempore
Right: Ekstem-pere

143. Resume
Right: Reh-zu-may

144. Poignant
Right: Poi-nyant

145. Mojito
Right: Mo-hee-toh

146. Violin
Right: Va-yuh-lin

147. Japanese
Right: Jap-uh-neez

148. Technology
Right: Tek-nol–uh-jee

149. Schizophrenia
Right: Skit-suh–free-nee-uh

150. Pyramid
Right: Pir–uh-mid

151. Pharmacy
Right: Fahr-muh-see

152. Sword
Right: Sawrd

153. Answer
Right: Anser
154. Committee
Right: Kuh-mit-ee

155. Plumber
Right: Plum-er

156. Height
Right: Hite

Wrong: Hith

157. Mischievous
Right: Mis-chuh-vuhs

158. Picture
Right: Pic-shur

159. Precipitation
Right: Pre-cip-i-ta-shun

160. Triathlon
Right: Tri-ath-lon

161. Vehicle
Right: Vi-ekle

162. Monotony
Right: Muh–not-n-ee

163. Wintry
Right: Win-try

164. Monotony
Right: Muh–not-n-ee

Place Names:

175. Worcester (England)
Right: Woos-ter

Wrong: Wor-ches-ter

176. Bangkok (Thailand)
Right: Bahng-gawk

Wrong: Bang-kok

177. Budapest
Right: Boo-da-pesht

Wrong: Boo-da-pest

178. Melbourne (Australia)
Right: Melb’n’

Wrong: Mel-Born

179. Brisbane (Australia)
Right: Bris’bn’

Wrong: Bris-bayne

180. Lafayetter (USA)
Right: Laff-ee-yet

Wrong: Lah-fey-et

181. Beijing (China)
Right: Bey-jing

Wrong: Bay-zhhing

182. Phuket (Thailand)
Right: Poo-get

Wrong: Ffoo-kit or Fuh-ket

183. Colombia
Right: Co-lohm-bee-a

Wrong: Co-lum-bee-a

184. Reykjavik (Iceland)
Right: Rey-kya-vik

Wrong: Rake-ja-vik

185. Dubai (UAE)
Right: Du-bay

Wrong: Doo-bye

186. Qatar
Right: Kuh-ter

Wrong: Kah-tar

187. Norfolk
Right: Naw-fock

188. Appalachian
Right: Appa-latchan

189. Yosemite Park (USA)
Right: Yoh-sem-it-ee

Wrong: Yo-se-might

190. Versailles (France)
Right: Ver-sye

Wrong: Ver-Rightlz

191. Morocco
Right: Muh–rok-oh

192. Iraq
Right: Ee-rock

Wrong: Eye-rack

193. Niger
Right: Nee-zhair

Wrong: Nye-jer

194. Boise
Right: Boy-see

195. Montreal (Canada)
Right: Mun-tree-all

Wrong: Mon-tree-all

196. Toronto
Right: Tuh–ron-toh

197. Kissimmee (USA)
Right: Ka-sim-mee

Wrong: Kiss-a-mee

198. Worcestershire, UK
Right: Wusta-sheer

Wrong: Wor-chester-shyr

199. Thames, UK
Right: Tems

Wrong: Thay-mes

Food Names:
200. Bruschetta
Right: Brus-sket-a

201. Croissant
Right: Kwa-sahn

202. Liqueur
Right: Lick-Err

203. Espresso
Right: Es-press-o

Wrong: Ex-pres-so

204. Bouillon
Right: Bool-yen or Bool-yon

205. Mascarpone
Right: Mas-car-Poh-neh or Mas-car-Poh-nay

206. Gnocchi
Right: Nyak-kee

Wrong: Gno-chi

207. Chipotle
Right: Chi-poht-ley

208. Fillet
Right: Fih-lay

209. Jalapeño
Right: Hah-luh-peyn-yoh

210. Cumin
Right: Coo-min, Kyoo-min or Cuh-min

211. Moussaka
Right: Moo-sah-Kah

212. Quinoa
Right: Keen-wah

213. Gyro
Right: Yee-roh

214. Caipirinha
Right: Kai-pee-reen-ya

215. Guanciale
Right: Wahn-chall-eh

216. Quesadilla
Right: Key-suh-dee-uh

217. Hummus
Right: hoom-us

218. Foie gras
Right: Fwahgrah

219. Bouillabaisse
Right: Boo-ya-bes

220. Sherbet
Right: sher-bet

221. Pizza
Right: Peet-zuh

222. Parmesan
Right: Pahr-muh-zahn

223. Pasta
Right: Pah-stuh

224. Caramel
Right: Kar-ah-mehl

Brands And Companies:

225. IKEA
Right: Ih-key-yah

226. Hyundai
Right: Hun-day

Wrong: hi-un-dye

227. Nike
Right: Ni-key

Wrong: Nyke

228. Givenchy
Right: Zhee-von-she

229. Volkswagen
Right: Vo-ksvar-gun

230. Lamborghini
Right: Lam-bor-gee-nee

231. Porsche
Right: Por-shaa

232. Del Monte
Right: Del-mon-tay

233. Huawei
Right: Wah-way

234. Xiaomi
Right: Shio-me

235. Asus
Right: A-seuss

Wrong: A-soos

236. Samsung
Right: Sam-song

237. Amazon
Right: Ama-zun

Wrong: Ama-zohn

238. Avon
Right: A-one

239. VanHeusen
Right: Van-hew-son

240. Schwarzkopf
Right: Shwartz-kof

241. Gucci
Right: Goo-chee

242. Christian Dior
Right: Kris-cheen Dee-or

243. Louis Vuitton
Right: Loo-ee We-taahn

244. Adobe
Right: Ah-doh-bee

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