C++ Language Course Details – Duration, Fee, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs & Salary

C++ Language Course Details: Candidates who are desirous of getting Certification in C++ can check for the course-related info. You can avail information on Duration, Fee, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Jobs, and Salary Offered. Students having a basic knowledge of Computers can undergo this course and have a great career ahead. You can have diverse options to join after finishing the C++ Certification Course.

About C++

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that is simple and modern and a general-purpose programming language for application development. This can be great for students who wish to enter the Object-Oriented Programming.

The Course is designed in a way that develops basics and skills of C++ Language to Students. It gives Programmers a high level of control over system resources and memory. This cross-platform language can be used to create high-level applications. Aspirants who have done this course can have a wide range of opportunities open up in various platforms.

C++ Language Course Details

Course C++
Full form C++ Language
Eligibility  No Eligibility
Duration 2 months
Fee Offered  Rs 2,000 to 5,000 For the course
Course Type Certification
Starting salary offered 10,000 to 15,000
Advance Courses  Java, Python
Similar Course  C, C+
Employment opportunities C++ language developer, C++ programmer

Subjects, Concepts in C++ Language

Get to know the course contents in the C++ Programming Language by referring below. Aspirants can find the topics and concepts in the Object Oriented Programming Language and have idea in advance. They are in the following way

      • Programming principles & Elementary programming
      • OOP concepts & C++
      • Different data types in a computer program
      • Compile & debug programs in C language
      • The basics of computer programming
      • Structure of a C++ program
      • Programs involving decision structures, loops & functions
      • Objects & member functions of a class
      • The standard input & output functions
      • Private & public sections of classes with member functions
      • Functions, pointers, and arrays, function overloading, inheritance, polymorphism
      • Conditional constructs
      • Exception handling

Colleges list Offering C++ Language

Some of the top-most colleges that offer C++ Programming Language is listed below. You can pick the college that better suits you and join the particular course. They make it easy for you to choose from plenty of colleges out there.

      • NIIT, Neemrana
      • TSF Institute of Computer Education
      • Vinayaka School of Information Technology – VSIT
      • Codekul
      • Center of Management Studies
      • Oxford Software Institute
      • Vardhman Mahaveer Open University

C++ Certification & Eligibility

C++ is a general-purpose programming language and there is no specific eligibility to pursue the C++ Programming Language. Any student or graduate can pursue the programming language course. Candidates applying to this course should have basic knowledge of computers and also programming techniques.

C++ Course Fee Structure

Many institutes follow their own schedule and even fees vary from institute to institute. Average Fee for the C++ Programming Course lies between 2K – 5K.

C++ Admission Procedure

Admission into this Certification Course will be granted ob the basis of merit in Class 12. You can fill the application form of the concerned institute online or offline. On successful registration institute, people will contact you and guide you in further process. Carry the required documents you may need during the time of registration.

C++ Course Duration

Usually, in most of the institutes, the course duration is for 2 Months. Most of the institutes will have their own schedule for the course duration. You can check the corresponding institute and be aware of the information.

C++ Syllabus

We tried mentioning the topics that are covered as a part of the C++ Language Syllabus. Have a glance at the subjects, concepts and be prepared in advance. Aspirants must know about the C++ Course Syllabus before beginning their course. Thus, we have provided the concepts prevailing in the curriculum to make it easy for you.

C++ Overview  Inheritance
Functions and Variables  Polymorphism
 Classes in C++  Input and Output in C++ Programs
Operator Overloading Exceptions
Initialization and Assignment Templates
 Storage Management  –

C++ Job Profiles

After completing your C++ Language Course you can have a plethora of Opportunities. It opens up a wide range of opportunities and there are bright chances of getting the job. Candidates certified in the course can join in various fields like MNC’s, BPOs, Government and Private Organisations and KPOs. After finishing the course students can join in any of the profiles. They are along the lines

      • Software Analyst
      • Application Engineer
      • Software Engineer
      • Programmer
      • Software Developer
      • Web Developer
      • Technical Writer

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Salary Offered to C++ Professional

The average salary offered to professionals having expertise in C++ ranges in between 2,40,000 – 4,00,000 Per Annum. However, the salary varies depending on the skills and diligence of the individual.

C++ Language Course Details

FAQs on C++ Course

1. What is the duration of C++ Course?

C++ Certificate course is for a duration of 2 months. However, this even varies from institute to institute as they have their own schedule.

2. What is C++ Course?

C++ is an extension of C Language and introduces Objected Oriented Programming features to C.

3. Is it hard to learn C++?

C++ is a difficult language to learn due to its huge feature size. Some Programmers even feel the C++ Curve to be a bit steep.

4. What is the average salary of a C++ Programmer?

Average Salary a C++ Professional earns will be in between 2,40,000 – 4,00,000 Per Annum. This can vary based on the skillset, experience gained by the individual with time.


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