A House on Fire Essay | Essay on A House on Fire for Students and Children in English

A House on Fire Essay: One night, I was sleeping on the terrace and around midnight suddenly there were shouts of “Fire! Fire!” I woke up at once and looked out into the street. A house in our lane was on fire.

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Short Essay on A House on Fire 200 Words for Kids and Students in English

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I quickly rushed out to see, a large number of people had already gathered there. Everyone was trying to put out the fire with water and sand.

But this did not seem to help much. We heard many, screams from inside the house, which belonged to Mr. Williams, a shopkeeper.

A House on Fire Essay

Soon, two fire engines arrived on the scene and the firemen got down to work quickly. While some of them used the hosepipe to squirt jets of water on the fire, two firemen entered the house and rescued the family. A child appeared to have received minor injuries. But fortunately, there was no casualty in the fire.

It took the firemen about half an hour to control the fire but much of the house was reduced to ashes. Mr. Williams suffered a great loss that night.

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