Finding the Volume of a Cylinder

Volume of a Cylinder Radius Calculator: If you want to figure out how much water fits in a can or coffee in the mug you have arrived at the right place. Volume of a Cylinder Radius Calculator enables the calculation of the volume of a solid. By going through this article you will have an idea on What is Cylinder, Volume of Cylinder Formula, How to use the Volume of Cylinder Calculator.

The volume of Cylinder Calculator is a free online tool that displays the volume of the cylinder when provided inputs like radius and height. Make your calculations faster as this tool displays the output in a fraction of second.

What is meant by the Volume of Cylinder?

In Mathematics, the Volume of Cylinder is nothing but the region occupied by the three-dimensional shape cylinder. The 3D shape can be obtained by rotating the two-dimensional shape rectangle. Volume is represented using Cubic Units.

Formula to Calculate the Volume of the Cylinder is V = πr2h cubic units

where r is the radius and h is the height.

How to find the Volume of a Cylinder?

We all know the cylinder is a collection of multiple congruent disks stacked one above the other. In order to find the space occupied by the cylinder, you need to calculate the space occupied by each of them and then add up.

The volume of Cylinder is obtained by the Product of Area of Base and Height

Volume = Base Area * Height

For any cylinder with base radius “r” and height “h” Volume is base times the height

Cylinder Volume = (area of base) × height of the cylinder

As the base of Cylinder is Circle area is given by formula  =  πr2

Substituting in the formula we get Volume(V) = πr2 × h

Volume of Cylinder = πr2h Cubic Units


Find the Volume of Cylinder when the radius is 8 cm and height is 12 cm?


We know Volume of cylinder = πr2h

Given Radius r = 8 cm

Height h = 12 cm

Substitute both the values given in the Volume of Cylinder Formula and on applying them we get outcome as such

V =π(8)212


= π(768)

Place π value as 3.14 and multiply the terms i.e.

V = 3.14*768

= 2411.52 cm3

∴ The volume of Cylinder for radius 8 cm and height 12 cm is 2411.52 cm3

Volume of Hollow Cylinder

In the case of a hollow cylinder, we have two radii, one for the inner circle and the other for the outer circle formed by the base of the hollow cylinder. Let r1 and r2 be the radii of a hollow cylinder with height “h” as the height volume of the hollow cylinder is given by the formula

V = πh(r12 – r22)

Steps to use Volume of Cylinder Radius Calculator

To help you out we have listed the basic guidelines on how to use the volume of the cylinder calculator. Follow the instructions carefully and arrive at the solution easily. They are in the following fashion.

  • Initially, fill up the inputs like radius, height in the input fields provided for the calculator.
  • Choose the metric you want to proceed with the calculation further for both the inputs from the dropdown boxes available be it m, cm, km, in, mi, yd, etc.
  • Once, you choose the units, click on the Volume Button.
  • You will get the Volume of Cylinder Calculated in a fraction of the second showing the detailed explanation involved in it.

FAQs on Volume of Cylinder

1.  What is the formula to Calculate the Volume of Cylinder?

Formula to Calculate Volume of Cylinder is V = πr2h.

2. How do you Calculate the Volume of Cylinder easily?

You can figure out the Volume of Cylinder easily by making use of our Volume of Cylinder Radius Calculator.

3. What is the Volume of Cylinder?

The volume of Cylinder is nothing but the region occupied by the three-dimensional shape cylinder.

4. How to derive the Volume of Cylinder Formula?

The volume of Cylinder = Base Area * Height

Since the base of the cylinder is in circle shape area of circle = πr2

We know height = h

Substitute in the formula and on doing so we will get as below

V= πr2h

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