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Sudha Murthy Books: Sudha Murthy is a creative writer from India who has written several novels, travelogues, books for children, technical books, non-fictional pieces, and numerous short stories in Kannada and English. Murthy’s books have been translated into all major languages of India. She is a social worker, a novelist, and an Indian Engineering teacher who was born on 19th August 1950.

Sudha Murthy is a co-founder of The Infosys Foundation and is working as the chairperson. She is also a member of initiatives like Gates Foundations who work for public health care. Murthy is also a famous humanitarian.

Her social work covers education, public hygiene, poverty alleviation, and health care, empowerment of women, and art and culture at the grassroots level.

Murthy had successfully handled natural disasters like the earthquake in Kutch- Gujarat, drought in Maharashtra and Karnataka, the tsunami in Andaman and Tamil Nadu, and hurricane and floods in Odisha.

Books By Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy is one of India’s best female contemporary writers. Her greatest works include Wise and Otherwise, The Mother I Never Knew, Gently Falls from Bakula etc.

Her books had a feminist undertone. Her novels exude a very native sense of English that brings forth the ruralness and the nativity of India. Owing to her works, she has been awarded numerous accolades.

Best Books by Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy’s Best Books

Sudha Murthy has a fantastic collection of books, and we have shortlisted some of the most famous books of her, and they are as follows:

  • Wise and Otherwise (published in the year 2002): It is a non-fiction book that is a collection of fifty real-life incidents of Sudha Murthy. It is filled with the description of some amazing encounters with ordinary people with extraordinary minds who she finds during her travels which leave a profound impact on her mind.
  • How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories (published in the year 2004): This heart-touching book is a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories. Each of the 25 stories written by Sudha Murthy is touching, simple, and is packed with moral values. The spirited, inspiring, and funny touch of the book teaches a valuable lesson. It consists of the importance of doing what one believes is right and having the courage to realize one’s dreams.
  • Gently Falls the Bakula (published in the year 2008): It is a story of a boy and a girl who fall in love, but they belong from two different hostile communities. It describes the hardships of the couple as they belong from two different communities and the best thing about the book is its character depiction. It is a story that many of us have seen in our daily lives and is happening around us. This helps the readers to connect to the core of the book very quickly. The story is simple, yet, the book is very engaging.
  • Mahashweta (published in the year 2000):  It is an inspiring story of resilience and courage in a world marred by betrayals and illusions. It is the story of a girl whose marriage breaks off when she is diagnosed with leukoderma. It describes how hard it is for an Indian girl to overcome the dishonor that the society has to offer to a married woman who is left by her husband. It is a story of success that she achieves when she discovers herself after moving to Bombay and starts to respect herself and how she rebuilds her life.
  • Dollar Bahu (published in the year 2003): This is a story of a mother in law, a daughter in law (dollar bahu) and another simpleton daughter in law. The story evolves on the plot of how the mother in law only notices the dollars of her dollar bahu while ignoring the pure and selfless love and devotion of her other daughter in law.
  • The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk (published in the year 2012): The book is about the engaging and amazing experiences of Sudha Murthy. The book is a collection of the daily lives of women and men in India and the things one learns on their way travelling and living a different kind of lifestyle while she walks the roads of urban and rural India. The title of the book is based on a short story about the imperfect tribal lives the author met on her visit to Odisha.
  • The Old Man and His God (published in the year 2006): A simple tale directly told from the heart. It captures the various facets of human nature and serves as a mirror to the souls of the variety of people living in India. The story speaks about the different kinds of human nature that one portrays during the times of natural disasters like a tsunami. It also showcases the struggles of women voicing their opinions in a world that refuses to listen to them and the hardships of young entrepreneurs who are trying to climb the stairs of the corporate world.
  • Grandma’s Bag of Stories (published in the year 2012): This book revolves around the tradition of the grandmothers of telling stories about animals and mysterious characters. It is a story of summer vacation when the kids visit their grandma, and she opens her big bag of stories.
  • House of Cards (published in the year 2013): The book portrays the difference between the complexity of urban lifestyle and the simplicity of the rural lifestyle. It is a story about a village girl who moves to the city of Bangalore after marriage and how her lifestyle changes and how they find out the difference in their relationship as they belong from different social statuses.
  • Three Thousand Stitches (published in the year 2017): The book is about the experiences of Murthy as the chairperson of Infosys and narrates the rescue of over 3,000 devadasis in Karnataka and their rehabilitation, and the experience of a girl in a college where she was surrounded with boys, etc.

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10 Lines On The Topic Of Sudha Murthy Books

  • Sudha Murthy is the recipient of the Padma Shri Award.
  • Murthy also won the R.K Narayan Award in the year 2006.
  • She also won the Attimabbe Award for excellence Kannada Literature in 2011, which was given by the government of Karnataka.
  • She had an expansive vision of setting up libraries in each school to contribute to the field of education.
  • This dream of hers has made it possible to set up 50,000 libraries across India.
  • She has also provided all government schools of Karnataka with computer facilities.
  • Murthy has also built nearly 2,300 houses in flood-affected areas.
  • She is a novelist as well as the CEO of Infosys.
  • She is a philanthropist.
  • She has numerous best-selling books.

Sudha Murthy Books List

FAQ’S On Sudha Murthy Books

Question 1.
State any exciting fact about Sudha Murthy?

Sudha Murthy had begun her professional career as a computer science engineer and was the first woman to be recruited by TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company or TELCO as a Development Engineer in Pune and then she shifted to Jamshedpur and Mumbai.

Question 2.
Is there any specific publisher that publishes the books of Sudha Murthy?

The “Penguin” publishers are mainly associated with Sudha Murthy’s books and have published several of them.

Question 3.
Name some of Sudha Murthy’s best sellers?

Some of Sudha Murthy’s best-seller is as follows:

  1. Wise and Otherwise: A salute to Life,
  2. The Daughter from a Wishing Tree: Unusual Tales about Women in Mythology, The Sudha Murthy Children’s Treasury, The Magic of the Lost Temple,
  3. How I Taught My Grandmother To Read: And Other Stories, and
  4. Three Thousand Stitches: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives are a few to name.

Question 4.
Is there any net worth of Sudha Murthy?

Sudha Murthy has a net worth of approximately Rs. 2,480 crore.

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