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Chetan Bhagat Books: Chetan Bhagat is a legendary writer who has contributed a lot in India’s contemporary modern literature. Mr Chetan Bhagat is a multi-faceted character; he is a novelist, screenplay writer, columnist, and a public speaker.

Mr Bhagat has a commendable collection out of which, “The 3 Mistakes of My Life”, “Five Point Someone”, “2 States”, and “Half Girlfriend” are some of his notable works.

Chetan Bhagat’s literary works mainly address issues related to the aspirations and problems of the youths in India.

Chetan Bhagat was born on 22nd April 1974 in a bourgeois and traditional Panjabi family. His father served in the Indian Army as a lieutenant colonel, and his mother was associated with the governmental agricultural department.

Bhagat received most of his education in his hometown and later went to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi to pursue a degree in Mechanical engineering.

The shift from New Delhi to Mumbai later brought a remarkable change in his life. While working as a banker, he had started writing the manuscripts of his first two novels which become quite famous.

Books By Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat has written several books from 2004 to 2018 which includes both publication order of Standalone Novels and publication order on non-fiction books.

Best Books by Chetan Bhagat

Fiction Books By Chetan Bhagat

  • Five Point Someone (2004, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): It is a story about three IIT students who are friends and are unable to cope with the IIT environment. They try to make amends with the stuff they have messed up, but all they face is more trouble. They fail to get a higher GPA and are at the lowest echelons of IIT society. The book teaches one to cope up with their college life.
  • One Night @ The Call Center (2007, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): The writer met a young girl in the winter of 2004 while travelling in a night train. To pass some time, she offered to tell him a story, and she agreed to listen to it if only the writer would make it into his second book. The writer was startled but was curious about what the story was. The girl told him a story about a night when six people were working in a call center, and they received a phone call from God. The novel is a dark and witty novel.
  • Revolution Twenty20 (2011, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): The novel is based on a small town in India, where two intelligent boys live. One wanted to make money out of his intelligence, and the other wanted to create a revolution. They just had one problem that they both loved the same girl. The book describes the struggle of finding love and success in an unfair and corrupt society.
  • 2 States (2014, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): Marriages around the globe are simple, boy meets girl and girl meets boy, they fall in love and get married, but in India, the case is somewhat exceptional. With the two steps mentioned before, there are a few additional steps, the boy’s family needs to love the girl and the girl’s family needs to love the boy. The girl’s family needs to love the boy’s family and vice versa, and after all, if there is some love left, the boy and girl get married. The novel is about a boy and a girl from different states and castes, and it describes their journey in love and the hardships they face in convincing their families.
  • The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2014, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): It is a story about a young and aspiring boy who wanted to have a business of his own. He, along with his two friends, opens a cricket shop. The book is about how they set up goals and overcome the obstacles that life offers them.
  • Half Girlfriend (2014, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): The story is based on rural-urban love where the boy belongs from a rural background and cannot speak fluent English whereas the girl is from an urban environment. The boy falls in love and wants to be in a relationship, but all the girl wants is friendship. The girl at last, agrees to be his half girlfriend to prove that love can exist between classes.
  • One Indian Girl (2016, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): The book is about how Indian women are judged with a different perspective than men when it comes to sincerely making money, having opinions about everything, and having boyfriends. It is to see whether the presence of these characteristics makes her more or less likable.
  • The Girl in Room 105 (2018, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): The story is about how a boy’s life changed when his ex-girlfriend invited him to her hostel room number 105 like the old times. It also explains the rigid mentality of brown parents when it comes to inter-religion relationships.

Nonfiction Books By Chetan Bhagat

What Young India Wants (2014, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): The book discusses corruption, student suicides, rivalry amongst political parties, and voting system. It explains contemporary India’s problems and how can one be a part of its solution.

Making India Awesome (2015, available in hardcover, Kindle and paperback): This is a revolutionary book that explains the problems of India like poverty, corruption, communal violence, unemployment, violence against women, and also gives solutions instead of just ranting and complaining.

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10 Lines On The Topic Of Chetan Bhagat Books

  • Chetan Bhagat is a columnist, writer and public speaker.
  • Chetan Bhagat has won the Society Young Achievers Award in 2004.
  • Chetan Bhagat has won the Publisher’s Recognition Award in 2005.
  • He also found a place in Time’s Magazine in 2010 under “World’s 100 Most Influential People.”
  • He has published back to back numerous books and is recognized to be India’s most famous writer who is popular amongst the youths of the country.
  • While working as a banker, he had started writing the manuscripts of his first two novels which become quite famous.
  • He has many a series of best-selling books.
  • His books are based on contemporary India.
  • His books voice opinions about the corruption and the political issues of modern India.
  • Many of his books are made into popular movies.

Books of Chetan Bhagat

FAQ’s On Chetan Bhagat Books

Question 1.
Are any of the novels of Chetan Bhagat based on a real-life story?

Some of Chetan Bhagat’s novels are said to be based on real-life incidents like the 2 States where the boy and the girl belong from different communities fall in love with each other and manage their families to accept each other and each other’s families.

Question 2.
What is the name of Chetan Bhagat’s first book?

The name of the debut novel of Chetan Bhagat is “Five Point Someone” which was published in the year 2004.

Question 3.
Name any of Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling books of Chetan Bhagat?

There are many best-selling books of the author, What Young India Wants, 2 States: The Story of My Marriage, Making India Awesome, One Night @ The Call Center, One Indian Girl, Half Girlfriend, The Girl In Room 105, Revolution 2020 Love, Corruption, Ambition, are a few to name.

Question 4.
Is Chetan Bhagat a popular writer from India?

The romantic tales and political issues that Chetan Bhagat endorses in the minds of the youths is what makes him famous. He brings up the problems of young and contemporary India and tries to pass it on to the readers which leave a profound impact on their minds.

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