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Pure Science Group Courses List: The science courses offer a wide range of courses to the students. After the completion of class 12th in science, you have ample course options which later offers great job opportunities at both national and international level. Thus, the career scope in pure sciences provides a reputable and fulfilling career scope.

Pure sciences courses are available in many colleges all over India. However, choosing the right course of your interest is completely based on your subjects in class 12th. As for PCM and PCB, the offered courses are different. Here, we are discussing the detailed course structure for the Pure Science Group Courses. Read the below article!

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Pure Science Group Details

Pure science courses are based on natural, fundamental, and basic science aspects. The focus is to teach the students more practically about the theories, laws, and experiments. Mainly the science subjects include physics, chemistry, math, and biology as an important aspect and those courses which are linked with these domains are considered under the pure science course list.

It offers students a lot of discoveries, innovations, and research. It has been believed that without the pure sciences the innovations in this ecosystem could be difficult, thus they are considered the backbone for scientific study. To shed light on pure science courses the below article will be very helpful.

List of Pure Science Group Courses After 12th

After the 12th the bachelor’s degree in science is available to you. You can pursue any course of your choice from top colleges. These courses can be completed in years. Some of these Pure Sciences Courses are:

  • B.Sc Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. IT
  • BSc Microbiology
  • B.Sc. Bioinformatics
  • BSc Forestry
  • BSc Clinical Research & Healthcare Management
  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Physiotherapy
  • BSc Zoology
  • B.Sc. Botany
  • BSc Agriculture
  • BSc Nursing
  • B.Sc. Radiology
  • B.Sc. Physics

Courses for Pure Science Group Eligibility

The Eligibility criteria vary according to the colleges. Some colleges may ask you to clear entrance exams to get admission in bachelor of pure sciences but some may admit you based on your class 12th marks on a merit-based list.

However, you must clear class 12th with a minimum grade of 50%. In class XII studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths, or Biology as the main subjects is necessary. The courses which are offered after biology and mathematics vary.

For a master’s degree, you must hold at least 3 years of graduation degree in pure sciences. And for the doctoral degree, the graduate degree in pure sciences is important.

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Top Colleges For Pure Science Group Courses

The colleges for Pure Sciences are available at both national and international levels. Getting into the top colleges is not an easy task, one needs to clear the high-level entrance examinations. But after getting NITs, IITs, BITS, and others you will surely observe the new ways of teaching and use of technology in a unique manner.

Here, find the list of Indian and Abroad Colleges for Pure Sciences.

Top Indian Colleges 

  • Presidency College, Kolkata
  • Stella Maris College, Chennai
  • St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • Miranda House, Delhi
  • Hindu College, Delhi
  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Christ University, Bengaluru

Top Abroad Colleges 

  • Lawrence Technological University
  • Fontbonne University
  • University of Akron
  • Abilene Christian University
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • University of Toledo
  • Saint Peter’s University
  • Johnson & Wales University – Providence
  • Maryville University
  • Bond University
  • The University of the West of Scotland
  • Plymouth University

Career Options for Pure Science Students

MNCs are coming to India to hire talented freshers here. MNCs want students to hold specific skills and they provide training to the employees for the smooth functioning of the work roles. A pure sciences degree creates jobs in government sectors also. In addition to the corporate sector, the education sector is also on its boom.

There are a number of schools and colleges that want teachers or professors for the pure sciences subjects. If you specialize in some specific subject then you can easily apply for jobs in the education sector. Also, after the completion of a bachelor’s in pure sciences you can go for a master’s degree in your chosen subject.

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Pure Science Group Jobs List

Your job profiles are based on which field you have chosen. For the physics, biology, maths, and chemistry degree holders the job profiles vary. Some of these job positions which are offered by the companies are:

  • Chemical engineer
  • Analytical chemist
  • Healthcare scientist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • clinical biochemistry
  • Pharmacologist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Statistician
  • Research scientist (maths)
  • Microbiologist
  • Operational researcher

Employment Areas in Pure Sciences

The firms which offer jobs for the pure science degree holders deals in these specific domains:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Investment analyst
  • Corporate investment
  • banker
  • Engineering
  • Meteorologist
  • Chartered accountant
  • Chartered certified accountant
  • Insurance underwriter
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Instrumentation Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Science and telecommunications

Pure Science Group Courses List

Salary After Pure Science Group Courses

The salary structure for the science courses depends on which field they have chosen. Also, it depends on which institution you have completed your education at. Such as the average salary can be around Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 3 Lakh as annual income.

The salary structure and other allowances vary in the government and private sectors. You can find a high rise in your salaries after you gain some specific experience.

FAQs on Unique Courses for Pure Science Group

1. What are pure Science Courses? 

The main aim of pure science courses is to define the natural phenomena in nature in our surroundings using law and principles. All pure science courses are related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy.

2. What is the career scope after Pure Science Courses? 

The pure science course offers promising career opportunities for the students. You can get a job in central research organizations. R&D centers, private firms, and other related fields. Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry, Forensic scientist, Pharmacologist, physical sciences, and more are a few career options available.

3. What are the subjects in the pure science group?

The syllabus depends on the course you are choosing. The main subjects which you will find in the Pure Science Group Courses List are astrophysics, chemistry, geology, maths, material sciences, oceanography, operations research, physics, statistics, bioinformatics, environmental science, and more.

4. Can I pursue MBBS after pure science?

The pure science degree is related to the students who have studied physics, maths, and chemistry in their class 12th. But for the MBBS degree, you need to clear the NEET exam for which the knowledge of biology as the main paper is important. So, you cannot pursue MBBS.

Summing up

Now, you have a detailed description of the Pure Science Group Courses List, so you can choose the best career option for you. While choosing the best course you must think about choice and choose a course of your interest as its a matter of your future. As science offers a lot of career opportunities and choosing the right one is important.

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