Natural Resources Speech | Speech on Natural Resources for Students and Children in English

Natural Resources Speech: Natural resources are the earthly resources that exist in the environment. Natural resources are independent of human intervention. Air, sunlight, plants, soil, water, and many other naturally occurring elements are categorized as natural resources.

Natural resources are of two types- renewable and non-renewable. Natural resources are very important to humankind in direct and indirect forms. We are dependent on natural resources directly when it comes to survival. For example, we breathe the air and drink the water that Mother Nature provides us.

Long And Short Speeches On Natural Resources for Kids And Students in English

We are providing a long Speech on natural resources of 500 words and a short speech of 150 words on the same topic along with ten lines about the topic to help readers.

These speeches will help the students, teachers, and guest speakers who want to deliver an informative speech on human resources to educate students and enthusiasts.

A Long Speech on Natural Resources is helpful to students of classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. A Short Natural Resources Speech is helpful to students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Long Speech On Natural Resources 500 Words In English

Greetings to everyone.

We are born in a beautiful world with every luxury we need. We breathe the air and drink the water with sunshine above our heads. We should always be grateful for the gift called natural resources, which is the key factor in life. It is because of these resources that life on earth survives. These are naturally occurring materials called natural resources. Natural resources are formed, or it already exists in the environment which is independent of human exertion. They are useful to humankind or may be helpful with physical or technological processes and advancement.

There are many natural resources, either independently existing or derived by technology. The resources are living as well as non-living in nature. The most important natural resources are air, water, soil, forest, and iron. These are the key components for humankind and every living organism. Air is necessary for humans, plants, and animals to breathe.

Water is a crucial element because we drink water, bathe using water, and cook using water. Soil is the fundamental component of growth for plants that provides us with air. Soil is the key element that holds our shelters and becomes the base of our houses.

Forests consist of plants, trees, birds, and animals. Plants and trees offer us with the air we breathe, the fruits we eat, the flowers we enjoy, and many different materials like wood, bamboos, paper, and rubber. Iron is derived from silica and becomes the key element in making weapons, automobiles, and buildings.

Natural resources can be categorized based on origin as well as the recovery rate. Based on origin, it is of two types- biotics resources and abiotic resources. Biotic resources are those that are obtained from the biosphere, such as trees, plants, animals, and birds. It also includes the materials obtained or derived from them like coal and petroleum. Abiotic resources are those elements that are derived from non-living resources such as soil and water and minerals.

Based on the recovery rate, natural resources can be differentiated using renewable and non-renewable entities’ parameters. Resources like sunlight, air, water, and soil are constantly available and are formed independently of human use. These are termed as renewable resources. The elements like mineral ores are derived from naturally occurring resources and may or may not be replenished. Thus they are called non-renewable resources.

We are fortunate and gifted by this beautiful nature around us, but we also intentionally or unintentionally contribute to its exploitation. Human activities have resulted in air pollution, making the naturally clean air poisonous. Similarily our activities have also resulted in the dirt flowing in the rivers making the clean water barely usable without purification.

The biosphere is in a horrific danger as our need for luxury increases. We often forget that it is the natural resources that keep us alive. We shouldn’t be exploiting it and take measures to respect it. We have to keep our natural resources unexploited to help ourself and future generations.

Thank you.

Short Speech On Natural Resources 150 Words In English

Greetings to everyone,

We are born in a beautifully gifted and perfect world with all the needed luxuries around us. The most important component for our survival is made up of natural resources.

The air we breathe, the atmosphere that protects us, the sun that shines above us and most importantly, the air we breathe, everything is natural resources. Natural resources are living as well as non-living in nature.

But the offerings of the resources are independent of life or human exertion. The natural resources are categorized based on origin and recovery rate. Based on origin, it is divided into biotic and abiotic, and based on the recovery rate, it is divided into renewable and non-renewable resources.

As the consumers of the resources, we should always be respectful towards it and avoid exploitation by pollution and any other mean. It is crucial for us and our future generations to save it and consume efficiently.

Thank you.

Natural Resources Speech

10 Lines On Natural Resources Speech

  1. Natural resources are the earthly components that are found or created without any human actions in the environment.
  2. Natural resources are the key component of our life as survival depends on it.
  3. The most important natural resources are air, water, soil, forest, and iron.
  4. Natural resources are both living and non-living, organic and inorganic.
  5. Natural resources can be categorized based on origin and recovery rates.
  6. Based on origin, it is of two types- biotic resources and abiotic resources.
  7. Based on the recovery rate, it is of two types- renewable resources and non-renewable resources.
  8. We, as the consumers of natural resources, should be responsible and grateful for it.
  9. Human activities must avoid the exploitation of natural resources. This degrades the quality and sometimes the quantity of the gift called natural resources.
  10. Air pollution, water pollution, and increasing humankind demands are the greatest threat to natural resources.


FAQ’s On Natural Resources Speech

Question 1.
How to start a speech on natural resources?

There are many effective ways to make a speech interesting with a great start. A speech should be started by expressing the motive of the topic chosen. What makes the topic of natural resource important must be said first. Using factual but common statements can lead to a great start.

Question 2.
Can natural resources get used up entirely?

No, with the presence of renewable natural resources, there will be no end to them. Resources like air water and soil are replenished independently of human consumption; thus, it will always be available. But the exploitation through human activities by means of pollution and luxuries, the quality might suffer.

Question 3.
How to make an easy speech on natural resources?

There are many effective tactics one can use to make a speech easy. The most common methods are to use vivid and unsophisticated words. Simplicity wins the game when it comes to easy.

Question 4.
Can natural resources be created artificially?

No, natural resources cannot be created artificially. Natural resources are only obtained through natural means. We cannot create air water and sunlight as it is obtained from nature. Natural resources are the means of our survival and play a crucial part in the environment.

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