List of National Animals of all Countries | Scientific Names for Every Country’s National Animals

National Animals of all Countries: In simple words, it’s nothing but a symbol of the particular country. National symbols rally social power, serve as the effectual purpose of communicating that social power identity, and present visual artists a piece of bread on the table. In terms of things such as animals, or plants, or birds, rare gems being determined with areas or culture or other groupings of qualities.

So, today we are going to learn all about the national animals of all countries. Firstly, get some idea about national animals and their importance from the below modules and collect the list of worldwide countries’ national animals along with scientific names.

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Importance of National Animals & List of Countries and Their National Animals

The majority of the countries are quite known from their symbols instead of the country itself. So, having knowledge about the national symbols like animals, birds, mythical creatures, etc. are most important. That’s we have shared some of the importance of National Animals of worldwide countries here below. Have a glance at the points and memorize them for the rest of your life.

  • The importance of National animals is it shows a country’s values if it is strength, joy, or intelligence.
  • If anyone wants to know about the country then the national animal is enough. As it expresses so much regarding the country.
  • Many times doesn’t prove to the world what is important to it without having a national animal to a country.
  • Also, national animals symbolize a peculiarity that the country finds itself to possess.

countries and their national animals list

List of National Animals of All Countries With Scientific Names

Here is the list of national animals of all countries which offer scientific names too for all students to memorize and improve their General Knowledge. If you remember the below tabulated national animals of every countries list then you may score well in any of the GK General Knowledge Related Quizzes or competitive exams.

Country National Animal Scientific Name
Afghanistan Snow Leopard Panthera uncia
Argentina Rufous Hornero Furnarius Rufus
Australia Red Kangaroo Macropus Rufus
Bangladesh Bengal Tiger Panthera tigris tigris
Belgium Leo Belgicus Mythical
Bhutan Takin Budorcas taxicolor
Bolivia Llama Lama Glama
Brazil Jaguar Panthera onca
Bulgaria Lion Panthera leo
Chile Huemul Hippocamelus Bisulcus
China Chinese Dragon Mythical
Colombia Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
Cuba Cuban Crocodile Priotelus Temnurus
Cyprus Cypriot mouflon Ovis Orientalis
Denmark Red squirrel (National Mammal) Sciurus vulgaris
Egypt Saladin’s Eagle or Steppe eagle Aquila Nipalensis
England Lion, Bulldog Panthera leo, Canis lupus Familiaris
Finland Brown Bear Ursus arctos
France Gallic Rooster Gallus gallus Domesticus
Hungary Turul Falco cherrug
India Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera tigris tigris
Indonesia Komodo Dragon Varanus komodoensis
Ireland Irish Wolfhound, Red Deer Cervus elaphus
Iraq Goat Capra aegagrus
Japan Pheasant, Koi Phasianus Versicolor, Cyprinus carpio
Brazil Jaguar Panthera onca
Malaysia Malayan Tiger Panthera tigris jacksoni
Myanmar Peafowl Pavo cristatus
Netherlands Lion Panthera leo
New Zealand Kiwis Apteryx sp.
Norway Lion Panthera leo
Pakistan Markhor Capra falconeri
Philippines Carabao Bubalus bubalis
Poland White Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla
Portugal Iberian wolf Canis lupus Signatus
Romania Lynx Lynx lynx
Russia Russian Brown Bear Ursus Aarctos Arctos
Scotland Unicorn and Lion Mythical
Singapore Lion Panthera leo
South Africa Springbok Antelope Antidorcas marsupialis
South Korea Korean Tiger Panthera tigris altaica
Spain Bull Bos taurus
Sri Lanka Grizzled giant squirrel Ratufa macroura
Taiwan Formosan Black Bear Ursus thibetanus formosanus
Thailand Thai Elephant Elephas maximus
United States of America American Bison Bison bison
Vietnam Water Buffalo Bubalus bubalis
Zimbabwe Sable Antelope Hippotragus niger

FAQs on National Animals in the World

1. What does national animal mean?

The symbol normally taken is an animal, often marked as the national animal of that country. These animals signify a quality that the country believes itself to own. The bald eagle of the United States is one of the most famous national animals.

2. What is the National Animal of India?

Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India and stands among the biggest cats in the world. The Scientific name or Latin name of the Indian national animal is Panthera Tigris Tigris. It was given the status in April 1973. The Royal Bengal tiger is the symbol of strength, agility, and grace. These and some other qualities make it the national animal of India.

3. Where can I find the scientific classification of the national animal of India?

The national animal of India is the Magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger and its scientific classification is as follows:

Kingdom Animalia
Class Mammalia
Clade Synapsida
Phylum Chordata
Genus Panthera
Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
Species Panthera tigris
Subspecies Panthera tigris tigris

4. Do countries have national animals?

Yes, nearly 35 percent of countries all over the world have various national animals that represent their countries. You can see that 17 countries have one animal as their national symbol because some countries also share identical national or heraldic animals as other countries. In addition, some more motherlands are represented by mythical animals.

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