How to Join Cobra Commando and How are CoBra Commandos Trained?

How to Join Cobra Commando?: Cobra commandos which stands for Commando Battalion for Resolute Action is a subset group of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

They are a special operating unit of the CRPF that are specially trained to tackle and neutralise Naxal militants in the region of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and the Western Ghats area in the southern part of India. Though their original purpose was to tackle the Naxal problems in India, cobra commandos are increasingly used for other military operations where their skills and competencies are demanded.

In India, it is a matter of personal and societal pride to serve in the defence forces of India and especially in special units such as cobra commandos.

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The Ministry of Home Affairs under the government of India has approved 10 battalions of Commando Battalion of Resolute Action (CoBra).

The training of these battalions involves multi-tasking operational skills and tactics to fight the insurgents. The different types of skill imparting involves jungle warfare, heli slithering, map reading and GPS, intelligence reading and endurance training (both mental and physical).

While there is a sense of pride for an individual to serve in the Cobra Commando force, it involves and demands extreme dedication and devotion towards training and more importantly towards one’s own country.

In this particular article on how to join the CoBra commandos, we will cover the following important questions:

How to Join CoBra Commandos?

While there is no particular entrance procedure or examination specifically to join the cobra Commando force under the Ministry of Home Affairs (Central Reserve Police Force) there are certain examinations that people need to give in order to join the CRPF forces. The Central Reserve Police force comes under the Home Ministry of India. It is after joining CRPF forces and upon performance evaluation that one might be considered for or being a commando under the cobra or popularly known as Jungle warriors.

The different ways in order to join CRPF and hence for cobra Commandos are as below:

  1. SSC GD

While these are the three ways to join the Central Reserve Police Force, one can complete training after joining CRPF and then can be considered for Cobra Commando training.

One can join CRPF in various positions such as assistant sub-inspector constable rank assistant commandant etc. It is only during the final phase of your CRPF training that you can volunteer to join cobra Commandos. One has to keep in mind that to get selected into cobra Commandos you should be at the top of your class during the training of CRPF both in terms of physical fitness and mental toughness.

The faculties that are responsible for hiring cobra commandos will examine the candidates on various parameters both on the intelligent quotient, fitness in both mental and physical aspects, leadership abilities, management skills and last but definitely not the least, devotion and love for one’s own country.

How are CoBra Commandos Trained?

The cobra Commando training centres are located in two regions around the country which are Belgaum and Koraput. The Commando training takes place in the Jungle warfare under the guidance of experts in defence forces such as the CRPF, the army, the Navy and the airforce. The cobra Commando training will be done on similar lines as that of the national security guard popularly known as the NSG commandos. While cobra Commandos are mainly trained for heliborne insertions and drops, their training aspects and competencies are similar in a lot of ways to other counterpart commando units in the Indian Navy and Indian Air force.

The type of training that is conducted for cobra Commandos depends on the various challenges that they are going to face to fight the insurgency by the Naxalites. The jungles of central India and the southern Western Ghats can be as deadly as one can imagine where the enemies are not just Naxalites but are also poisonous snakes, wild animals and fatal insects and mosquitoes. Cobra Commandos must be trained in a 360-degree overview to overcome all the challenges with a single goal as to survive and stop the insurgency in the militant hit areas of the country.

While fighting enemies might be one challenge, connectivity, logistics, sanitation, food and water can be other challenges that cobra Commandos might have to face while fighting the insurgency. With all this kept in mind, the training is designed in such a way that the cobra Commandos can withstand and overcome all the challenges and protect the nation from right-wing extremism from the Naxalite hit regions of India.

While the Cobra Commandos are definitely one of the elite Commandos in the Indian Defence force there are certain other Commandos which demand the same or in fact more respect than cobra commandos. The list of Commandos that one should aspire to get into in order to serve the country and protect its people are:

  1. Para Commandos
  2. Ghatak force
  3. Force one
  4. Marine commandos (Marcos)
  5. Special Frontier Force
  6. NSG (National Security Gaurd)
  7. The special protection group
  8. Garud commando force

While it is a matter of pride for every individual to serve the nation in uniform it takes an immense amount of dedication, determination, physical and mental agility to get into this type of elite Commando force. While getting into these forces itself is a challenge, sustaining and continuing in these Commando forces is a challenge that is on a whole another level. It goes without saying that not everyone will be fit enough to get into these Commando forces but with proper grit and determination, one can always make their dream come true.

How to Join Cobra Commando

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