How to become PGT Teacher in India | Educational Qualification, Necessary Skills, Salary, Steps to Become a PGT Teacher

How to Become PGT Teacher in India?: Teachers are the source of inspiration for the future of the nation. From childhood, many kids have dreamt of becoming a teacher. Are you someone who loves to spread knowledge? Then, being a teacher is the right profession for you. To know about how to become PGT Teacher in India, read the complete article.

PGT or Post Graduation Teachers are teachers that teach senior secondary or higher secondary students. PGT teachers are also famous as senior secondary school teachers. It is a high-level position. The roles and responsibilities of a PGT teacher are the same as that of a school teacher. The Post-graduation teachers work under the principle of teaching. They teach students according to the curriculum and instructions of the institution they are teaching in. To become a PGT teacher, you should have in-depth knowledge of the subjects. The primary duty of a teacher is to prepare and guide students to secure better marks in examinations. The role of a teacher is not limited to teaching only. They are the source of light in the life of the students.

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Educational Qualification to become a PGT Teacher

To become a PGT teacher, you need to qualify some criteria and should have specific academic qualifications. Some of the academic qualifications are as follows:

  •  A Candidate should complete his/her 10+2 from any authorized board with a minimum of 60%. You will not be able to give the examination for PGT if you have not passed any of the subjects.
  •  A Candidate must have a graduation degree with a minimum of 55%.
  • You need to have a Post-graduation degree from any reputed college/university with a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  •  If you have some additional knowledge of any subject or if you have any additional skills that are relevant for teaching such as coding, writing, etc. It will help you in getting into PGT.

Necessary Skills to become a PGT Teacher in India

After passing the necessary criteria/educational qualification to become a PGT teacher in India, you need to have some necessary skills to move further in pursuing to become a PGT teacher. There are some required skills such as:

  • Good communication skills are a must. It is not always a necessary condition to be proficient in English, you should have proficiency in any language, But, it is preferred to have better communication skills to interact with the students.
  • To become a teacher, it is always necessary to have a positive mindset to deal with students. There are students with different mentalities. You should be capable of handling them.
  • A person should have great interpersonal skills.
  • Apart from communication skills, you should have good listening skills to be able to solve the problems of students. You should also have a problem-solving approach to tackle the issues.
  • To enter into the educational industry, you need to have a helpful attitude to help students.

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Salary of a PGT Teacher

The salary of a PGT teacher is quite decent. The salary of a PGT teacher varies from INR 45,000 to INR 47,000 after the 7th commission. With time and experience, the salary increases. There are other benefits such as a pension after retirement. And, if you have joined a government institution, there will be comparatively more security than a private institution.

How to become PGT Teacher in India

Steps to Become a PGT Teacher

To become a PGT teacher, one must follow certain steps such as:

  • You must have to have an educational degree from any reputed organization. To become a PGT, it is mandatory to have an honours degree.
  • If you want to be in a better position and want to open new avenues for yourself, then you should have a post-graduation degree from any reputed university in the same subject/stream.
  • To simplify entry into this field, it is always a recommendation to complete a B.Ed degree from any reputed university. It acts as a benefit to get a better opportunity.
  • After completing B.Ed or any Bachelor’s degree, you should go for M.Phil and other degrees with the same value. To broaden the scope, you can opt for a PhD.
  • Many institutions lookout for teachers with experience, then if you have experience of teaching. It eases the processes of entering into PGT.
  • After completing the post-graduation degree, you have to clear examinations held by Higher Secondary Boards. Once you will qualify for the examination, you can apply for the PGT post in any institution.

In the end, it can be concluded that after qualifying for the educational qualification and passing the examination test, you will be able to become a PGT teacher. You will open ways to a secure and successful future.

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