How to Become a Car designer in India | Course Duration, Eligibility, Skillset, Steps to Follow, Scope & Salary Aspects

A creative person who loves cars will most likely aspire to become a car designer in India. However, the competition for becoming a car designer in India is quite less and because of which no one talks about a car designing career.

Nevertheless, If you are interested in car designing and want to become a car designer in India, then this article How to Become a Car designer in India is for you. This page explains everything about how to become a successful car designer in India, salary, career opportunities, perks, and much more. Scroll down to read further.

About Car Designer

A car designer is otherwise called an automotive designer. Automotive design is a unique field that involves engineering, creativity, business awareness, and safety. They can design any form of wheeled transportations. The main purpose of the automotive designer is to design for the appearance, components, and functional design of vehicles.

Automotive engineers ensure that all the calculations, dimensions, and mathematical formulas are correct and the outcome of their design matches the image of the vehicle and meets the needs of the customer.

What is Car Designing in India?

Car designing is nothing but Automotive design. It is a creative method for defining the physical design of motor vehicles like cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It includes both the interior and exterior building of a car.

Skill Set of Car Designer in India

Car designers work on the creativity of the vehicle’s design. Car designers are involved in the development of new products to meet the specific needs of the various automotive markets. They plan their designs and appeal to a specific market of car buyers.

The essential skill set includes interior and color design. In addition, a car designer should know about vehicle functional design, vehicle body part design, and design-related computer applications.

Who Can Become a Car designer? | Car Designer Eligibility Criteria

To become a successful car designer, you must meet a certain set of qualifications. Below are some of the conditions that must be satisfied to become,

  • It is important to have a degree of undergraduate programme before becoming an automotive (car) designer
  • Candidates having a degree in automotive design or automotive engineers are ideal candidates for pursuing a career in car designing. Also, one who has completed a degree in transportation design or industrial design can work on car designing
  • One Should know about 3D design, drawing, color theory, CAD (computer-aided design), model making, and industrial materials.
  • Upon completing the bachelor’s degree, candidates can go to a post-graduate programme in industrial design, automotive engineering, or industrial engineering. This can help in enhancing your skillset and gaining more knowledge.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to lead a team or work independently
  • Ability to understand engineering aspects of design and ready to collaborate with engineers on this aspect
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills and innovative approach to problem-solving

We have also included a rundown of other course details such as eligibility, admission, job profiles, salary offered, etc. on our website. Please check out them as well.

Steps to Become the Car Designer in India

Here is the answer to how to become a car designer in India.

1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree can teach students important abilities such as 2D and 3D sketching, research, model making, computer-aided drafting(CAD), and others. Some universities provide Automobile Engineering courses, while others provide Transportation Design and Automotive Engineering.

Below are some of the courses you can pursue to become a car designer,

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Transportation Design
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Mobility Design

B.Tech in Automobile Engineering is required for those who want to work as car designers or automobile engineers. One of the eligibility is to clear entrance tests such as MRNAT, JEE Mains, SAT, and Uni Gauge-E.

Students who complete the UG course in Automobile Engineering will gain knowledge in creativity, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and technical knowledge of automobiles. Aspirants can apply for a Master’s degree in Automotive Design after graduation.

2. Experience through Internship

Students are given the option to participate in research at universities, as well as summer internship possibilities to collaborate with professional designers. Through internships, you will learn more about the needs of your customers as you gain experience, and this will improve your abilities.

3. Create a Portfolio of your Work

A professional portfolio shows off your design abilities and experience uniquely and creatively. You can begin constructing your portfolio as soon as you finish your undergraduate studies.

4. Improve Your Designing Skills

Computer-aided design (CAD) is presently in high demand in the manufacturing sector. While you are studying for your B.Tech, enroll in a CAD course to help you save time and boost your job prospects.

Expertise in designing the software will help you to get more opportunities. A designer should be familiar with digital, sketch, and clay modeling methods. The most commonly used CAD software and additive manufacturing tools used by car designers are AutoCAD Revit LT Suite, ZBrush, Alias, 3Ds Max, Lumiscaphe Patchwork 3D, Blender, HDR Light Studio, SolidWorks, Adobe Photoshop, Creo Parametric, and ICEM Surf.

Scope and Salary for Car Designing in India

Automobile manufacturers such as Eicher, Ashok Leyland, and TVs have design and development centers in India, and they are looking for experts in this field.

Dilip Chhabria, a talented designer who aspires to be an entrepreneur, has established himself as a known automobile designer not just in India but throughout the world.

With the new localized design centre formed by businesses in response to the Prime Minister’s call for “Vocal for Local,” there will be a big demand and supply mismatch soon. M&M, Maruti, Tata Technologies, Altran Engineering Solution, BMW, HONDA Cars, and other manufacturers will hire car designers when they locate their center.

For a person with more than 10 years of experience, a salary package in this industry can range between INR 16 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs.

Salary Details of Car Designer in India based on Level

  • Entry Level Car Designer Salary: Starts from 3 Lakhs
  • Mid Level Car Designer Salary: Starts from 10 Lakhs
  • Senior Level Car Designer Salary: Starts from 20 Lakhs

How to Become a Car designer in India

Five Top Car Designers in India to Take Inspiration From

A significant number of Indian designers work for both multinational and national car manufacturers. The following are some famous car designers in India to whom you should look for inspiration:

  • Lov Meena: Meena is a senior group head designer at Honda R&D India Pvt. Ltd., based in Gurgaon. Meena earned a postgraduate degree in product design from NID before interning at TVS.
  • Moneet Chitroda is a senior designer (interiors) at Renault Technocenter in Paris. His work is how the Renault Kwid appears from the inside. Chitroda, a NID graduate, joined Renault Design Studio in 2007.
  • Harish Kumar: Kumar works as a creative designer for General Motors in Detroit, where he works on both interior and exterior design. Kumar is the designer behind the Essentia, a sedan that Chevrolet unveiled on February 3rd at the Auto Expo.
  • Ramkripa Ananthan: The head of design at Mahindra and Mahindra, Kripa designed the XUV5OO and Mahindra’s most recent offering, the KUV1OO. She is a BITS Pilani graduate.
  • Ramesh Gound: A senior creative designer at General Motors Co., Gound is based in Detroit. Gound, who was born in the Maharashtra district of Jalgaon, studied engineering before earning a master’s degree in transportation design from the National Institute of Design (NID).

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FAQs on How to Become a Car Designer in India

1. How much do car designers earn in India?

Car designers’ earnings start from 3 lakhs at an entry-level and it varies from one level to another level. For more details about the salary of car designers in India check out our page thoroughly.

2. Is car designing a good career in India?

The most creative and exciting job is to design a car. Who loves a car can easily show interest to choose the car designer but one which rarely appears in a job. Overall view about my career as a car designer in India is good.

3. How can I become a car designer after 12th in India?

After class 12 also you can become an automobile designer in India by attempting the following entrance examinations:

  • DSK International Campus Entrance Exam.
  • National Institute of Design – Design Aptitude Test (NID-DAT)
  • MIT Institute of Design – Design Aptitude Test (MITID – DAT)

4. How long does it take to become a car designer?

The course duration to become a car designer in a few schools is a 4-year bachelor’s degree program in transportation design. Also, there are few more programs in industrial design with a transportation design concentration

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