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Health Certificate: Health Certificate is a declaration given by the Physician or a Doctor that shows the aftereffect of the actual assessment of an individual. It is also called a Medical certificate or Medical report. This declaration is required for various purposes such as proof for taking leave from work or school or to join for a new job in a company.

A health certificate is perceived as an authority report and ought to be converted into English. On the off chance that a person’s primary care physician can’t give English interpretations of a wellbeing testament, a candidate should have the first declaration in their ownership, compose English interpretations, have their PCP sign the deciphered form and present all unique desk work to the school that the candidate is applying to proceed with the application interaction.

The health certificate endorsed by a clinical official in India guarantees that an individual’s wellbeing has been inspected and he/she is restoratively fit for the work position he/she has applied for. A portion of the exceptional positions, for example, safeguard occupations, clinical positions, public help occupations, and so on obligatorily requests for a clinical report of the candidates. This report must be introduced by the candidate during the determination technique for the work.

Health Certificate Uses

The health certificate is a significant authority archive that isn’t just needed for occupations yet additionally, at times it goes about as proof for an individual that he/she was actually unsuitable to be available at a specific spot or time. For instance, an understudy can show the wellbeing report to his/her educator as confirmation that his/her ailment was not adequate to go to the school. Indeed, even a worker can show the wellbeing report to his administrator for taking debilitated leave.

These days with the progressing wellbeing emergency in the country, for example, Covid-19, it is vital for every one of the people to look at themselves by the specialists or clinics and keep the record as proof that they are not influenced by the infection.

Health Certificate Benefits

An individual can profit following the medical advantages from the association:

  • To profit from the advantages of saved classifications
  • To get leave on ailments
  • To guarantee tax cuts
  • To guarantee clinical protection
  • To ensure that the individual is sans sickness

Health Certificate Format

Various schools and offices issue their own health certificate or medical reports. During their clinical assessment, candidates should demand their primary care physician to finish the school’s wellbeing shape and submit it bearing the specialist’s mark and additionally seal.

The format of the health certificate includes the following details:

  • Name of the Patient
  • Name of the Diseases or Diagnosis
  • Number of days required to rest or to heal
  • Name and Sign of the doctor
  • Date
  • Contact Information

Health Certificate for Students

The motivation behind presenting a health certificate is for the more noteworthy advantage of the understudy. If there should be an occurrence of a crisis or if a candidate requires prompt clinical consideration, schools and clinical staff can allude to candidates’ submitted wellbeing structures for crucial data.

Medical Certificate


This is to certify that [Name] is suffering from the following disease.




The patient has to take rest for [number of days] to get heal from the disease. I am attaching the medical prescription as well for consideration.

Signature of doctor                                                                Contact Details:[___________]

Name of Doctor


Health Certificate for Job

In numerous government occupations and private positions, new employees need to show Health Certificate in India. Medical Certificate endorsed by a Medical Officer in India. The candidate affirms that he/she looks at the individual and discovers him/her restoratively fit for the post candidate tries to apply. Overall Medical Officer/Doctor Examines Candidates Height, Weight, Vision and so on and furthermore rely upon specific necessity as characterized be the enrollment office.

Health Certificate

I do hereby certify that I have examined the health condition of Shri/Kumari/Smt. _______

Son/Daughter/Wife of Shri ____________a candidate for employment in the _______________ Department and cannot discover that he/she has any disease, constitutional affection or bodily infirmity Communicable or otherwise except ___________.

I do not consider  this a ineligibility for Employment if the office as a ______________

The age of candidate is according to his/her own statement _________year and by appearance about _______ years.

I have further to certify the following findings on my medical examination:

  1. Height ______ Ft.____In
  2. Weight ____lbs
  3. Vision:         R.E.      L.E.               With Glasses        RE                 LE



  1. Urine Colour ____________ Specific Gravity___________

Albumen Present/Nill Sugar Present/Nill.

I declare that I have not been Medically examined before for any post in Government Service and was declared  Healthy/Unhealthy.

Signature of Candidate                                                                                   Signature of MD

Place of Examination:


Health Certificate for Export

A Health Certificate for Export is an archive utilized in trade exchanges, given by the administrative associations at the nations of the starting point, to affirm that a food shipment is good for human utilization, and satisfies security guidelines or another required enactment for sending out. In the Indian setting, this declaration is given by the EIC and the Export Inspection Agencies (EIA) under EIC, through mandatory confirmation just as through willful affirmation programs. Products that fall under the Export health certificate are Fish and fishery products, dairy products, egg products, meat products, honey and poultry products.

Export Inspection Council of India is responsible to issue the Export Health Certificate for their exporters. The validity of the EHC is usually 90 days from the date of issue.

Health Certificate for Covid

Covids (CoV) is a huge group of infections that cause sickness going from the normal virus to more extreme illnesses. This disease is a communicable disease and spreading in a vast number. Since, then while travelling or moving to a city, the government has asked Indian passengers to carry a Medical certificate stating that they are not suffering from corona disease and are fit to travel.

Health Certificate for Passengers


I, [Name of the doctor] is a certified medical doctor and is holding medical license number [mention doctor’s license number], have examined [Name of the passenger] on the date [____] and have found him/her free from the following disease.

Coronavirus Disease – 2019 (COVID-19)

In the past 14 days with proof of negative testing for COVID-19 not more than 48 hours before departure [specify test and date].


Name of Doctor:

Hospital/Clinic Name:


Contact Details:

FAQ’s on Health Certificate

Question 1.
What is a Health Certificate?

A health certificate is a medical report issued by a licensed doctor or medical officer after the physical examination of a person.

Question 2.
How to write a health certificate?

A health certificate will include the following details:

  • Name of the individual
  • Name and designation of issuing medical officer
  • Date of issuance
  • Name of the diagnosis through which person is suffering (if any)
  • Number of days required to take rest, as per the disease
  • Signature of the doctor
  • Address of the hospital or clinic
  • Contact details

Question 3.
Is a medical report and Health Certificate the same?

The medical report and health certificate are the same.

Question 4.
How long is a health certificate valid for?

A general health certificate is valid for 10 days but in some cases, it is also valid for 30 days.

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