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E-Commerce Full Notes & Study Material Pdf Download: Candidates who are pursuing a 2nd-year bachelor of technology can get E-commerce subject Textbooks and Lecture Notes from this page. Students can download these E-commerce books & study materials in Pdf format for free of cost. By downloading the best lecture notes for eCommerce, you can gain more knowledge about all the concepts in one place and it becomes handy during your exam preparation.

So, download ECommerce Textbooks and Full Notes Pdf by clicking on the links provided here and study well for the upcoming examination. Also, you can get more information about B.Tech 2nd Year E-commerce such as reference books, syllabus, and review questions list from the below modules.

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About E-Commerce Subject in Btech 2nd Year

E-Commerce is a portion of E-Business. E-Business = Any time, Anywhere Business / Shopping. E-commerce is the act of buying and selling goods through the internet. Also, it is the use of technology towards the automation of business transactions and workflow. However, you can bag various advantages of e-commerce such as a reduction in paper costs, global reach, lower telecommunication, faster access to information, Diminished production cycle time, Improved customer service, etc. There are six basic types of e-commerce such as Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Consumer-to-Business (C2B), Business-to-Administration (B2A) and Consumer-to-Administration (C2A).

If you are excited to gain full-fledged knowledge about all these types of eCommerce then refer to the best Textbook or Lecture notes which are recommended by subject experts. In order to help you to find out the good books and study materials for E-commerce, we have provided the list of eCommerce notes & textbooks along with Pdf download links for free in the below sections. So, go through the modules and view the BTech 2nd year E-commerce Full Notes and know the latest Syllabus & important review questions.

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E-Commerce Full Notes Pdf Download Links for B. Tech 2nd Year

Aspirants who are studying 2nd year can avail the E-commerce full notes pdf from the below table. You can make use of the below-mentioned E-commerce Books & Study materials at the time of preparation. By using these PDF formatted best books and notes, you can score max. marks in the exam. With the help of E-commerce 2nd year lecture notes, you can easily understand the concepts explained in it. So, click on the download link and access the E-commerce Textbook & study materials in pdf files for free of cost.

B.Tech 2nd year E-Commerce Notes & Books Pdf Download Links
E-commerce Lecture Notes PDF Download
eCommerce pdf books for reference Download
E-commerce Full Notes PDF Download
E-Commerce Question Paper PDF Download

Suggested Books for E-Commerce B.Tech 2nd Year Subject

From this section, we will get to find out the best E-commerce reference books list along with author names. So, refer to the subjects experts Suggested E-Commerce Textbooks and study well for the exam. As it is a primary resource for the exam preparation everyone should check out the below-given list of e-commerce recommended books from the best authors while preparation and make it effective.

  • The E-Commerce – Business, Technology, Society, Kenneth C.Taudon, Carol Guyerico Traver.
  • Electronic Commerce – Gary P.Schneider – Thomson.
  • E-Commerce, S. Jaiswal – Galgotia.
  • Frontiers of electronic commerce – Kalakata, Whinston, Pearson.
  • E-Commerce, Efrain Turban, Jae Lee, David King, H.Michael Chang.
  • E-Commerce fundamentals and applications Hendry Chan, Raymond Lee, Tharam Dillon, Elizabeth Chang, John Wiley.

B.Tech 2nd Year E-Commerce Syllabus

Having a prior idea about the e-commerce syllabus helps you to know the concepts involved in the subject. You can even divide each topic and make a perfect schedule for exam preparation. Make sure to finish the study of the latest E-commerce Syllabus before appearing for the final examination. Have a glimpse at the below unit-wise B.Tech 2nd Year E-Commerce Syllabus and know the concepts and important topics in advance and prepare well for the examination.


Electronic Commerce-Frame work, the anatomy of E-Commerce applications, E-Commerce Consumer applications, E-Commerce organization applications. Consumer-Oriented Electronic commerce – Mercantile Process models.


Electronic payment systems – Digital Token-Based, Smart Cards, Credit Cards, Risks in Electronic Payment systems. Inter-Organizational Commerce – EDI, EDI Implementation, Value-added networks.


Intra Organizational Commerce – work Flow, Automation Customization and internal Commerce, Supply chain Management.


Corporate Digital Library – Document Library, digital Document types, corporate Data Warehouses. Advertising and Marketing – Information based marketing, Advertising on Internet, on-line marketing process, market research.


Consumer Search and Resource Discovery – Information search and Retrieval, Commerce Catalogues, Information Filtering.


Multimedia – key multimedia concepts, Digital Video and electronic Commerce, Desktop video processing, Desktop video conferencing.

List of E-Commerce Review Question for 2nd Year B.Tech Exam

  1. What is e-commerce? State how e-commerce differs from traditional commerce.
  2. What is e-retailing? Explain its advantages to consumers and businesses.
  3. Discuss the various available strategies of Internet advertisement
  4. What is electronic cash? Explain its properties and advantages.
  5. Distinguish between multitasking and multithreading. How are they different from multiprocessing?
  6. State the features of B2B commerce? Discuss the challenges of inter-organizational B2B commerce?
  7. Explain how enterprise resource planning and supply chain management software differs in their goals and implementations.
  8. What are the challenges for information search? How business houses find consumer information

FAQs on E-Commerce Books & Lecture Notes PDF Download

1. What is E-Commerce Notes?

E-Commerce signifies buying and selling of goods, products, or services via the internet. Electronic Commerce or Internet Commerce is the other name for E-commerce. All e-commerce services can be done online with the help of the internet network. However, Transaction of money, funds, and data are also recognized as E-commerce services.

2. How to Study for B.Tech 2nd-year E-commerce subject?

You can easily learn E-commerce by using the full notes and study materials provided over here. Moreover, you can also use the list of Electronic Commerce Reference Books which is presented on our page to study all the concepts of e-commerce without any fail.

3. How can I Download PDF formatted E-Commerce Full Notes & Books for free?

It is very simple to download E-commerce notes and study materials in Pdf format from our site Because we have attached the direct links to download E-Commerce Books Pdf, study materials ppt, and e-commerce Question Paper Pdf for free of cost on this page.

4. What are the best reference books for E-Commerce?

Below is the list of best E-commerce reference books along with author names. These are suggested by the subject experts so have a look at the below E-Commerce Recommended Books & Notes list:

  1. E-Commerce, S. Jaiswal – Galgotia.
  2. Frontiers of electronic commerce – Kalakata, Whinston, Pearson.
  3. E-Commerce fundamentals and applications Hendry Chan, Raymond Lee, Tharam Dillon, Elizabeth Chang, John Wiley.

Final Words

We gathered the possible information about E-Commerce Full Notes & Books pdf from various valid sources and provided here for the sake of the 2nd year engineering students and e-commerce professionals. If you need any assistance regarding Electronic commerce or eCommerce Study Materials & Textbooks PDF Download, reach us via the below comment box. Soon we’ll get back to you with the best possible solutions. Meanwhile, share this article with your friends and try to help them in their exam preparation. Also, bookmark our site and get more related info about E-commerce reference books, notes, study materials, review questions,

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