Convert Foot to Miles Calculator

Convert ft to mi Calculator: Do you want to convert foot into miles? If so, you have come the right way and use our online calculator to convert feet into miles easily. Make use of the quick and easy way to convert the metric feet into another metric mile.

Provide the length in the foot as input and then you will get the output converted into miles in no time. Our ft to mi Calculator will also allow you to do conversions in other metrics like cm, yd, etc. Get the formulas associated with the Feet to Mile Conversions, Examples, and Tables, etc.

What is Foot?

A Foot is a unit length or distance in both the Imperial System and US Customary Units. The Symbol used to denote foot are ft or ‘. Usually, you will have 5,280 feet in a mile.

Feet is commonly used in the measurement of objects such as length of a car, the height of a door, or the distance between two objects.

What is Miles?

A mile is a unit of Length or Distance in both US Customary Units and Imperial System. The symbol for the mile is mi. There are 0.00018939 miles in a foot.

Usually, miles are used in the scenarios to measure the distance of how much you walked or how far you are from one place to another, etc.

How to Convert Foot to Miles?

To convert foot measurement to mile measurement, divide the length by conversion ratio. Let’s have a closer look at the formula to convert ft to mi by listing it below.

miles = feet ÷ 5,280
mi = ft * 0.00018939393

Example 1:

Convert 1500 feet into miles?


As per the formula miles = feet ÷ 5,280

On applying the given values in the formula we get the result as follows

miles = 1500÷ 5280

= 0.2840916 miles

∴ 1500 Foot = 0.2840916 miles

Feet to Miles Conversion Table

Feet Miles
1′ 0.000189 mi
2′ 0.000379 mi
3′ 0.000568 mi
4′ 0.000758 mi
5′ 0.000947 mi
6′ 0.001136 mi
7′ 0.001326 mi
8′ 0.001515 mi
9′ 0.001705 mi
10′ 0.001894 mi

How to use ft to mi calculator?

If you are about to use the feet to miles calculator you must be worried about how to use it. Go ahead with the simple steps and calculate the output easily.

  • Initially, enter the foot value in the input provision given.
  • Choose from the unit you want to convert the foot value and then click on the Convert button.
  • You will get the output in no time after submitting the input value.

FAQs on Foot to Miles

1.  How many feet are in a mile?

A Mile has around 5,280 Feet and we express it as such mi = 5280 ft.

2. How to convert from ft to mi?

You can convert Foot to miles using any of the formulas i.e.

mi = ft * 0.00018939393


miles = feet ÷ 5,280

3. How long does it take to walk a mile?

It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to walk a mile at a moderate pace.

4. How to Convert Foot to Miles easily?

You can convert Foot into Miles easily by taking the help of our free Convert ft to mi calculator. This makes your job of doing lengthy calculations easy and gives the result in no time with a detailed explanation.

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