Certificate Courses After Engineering | 7 Best Certificate Courses After B.E. or B.Tech

Certificate Courses after Engineering: If you are searching for certificate courses to do after you have finished Engineering, this article will help you. Given below is the list of the best certificate courses that you can select and enroll in it.

Engineering is a course that’s very popular in the country. Most students prefer to take up science as a part of their higher studies. They take up courses like Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology. These certificate courses are courses you can do after finishing your bachelor’s and want to join a job or before joining a Post Graduation course. These courses will help you pursue small individual courses that you are interested in and want to pursue.

Certificate Courses after Engineering

Here is the list of the Certificate Courses that you can join after finishing your Engineering.

  1. IOT
  2. VLSI Design Courses
  3. Embedded System Design
  4. Material Management
  5. Industrial Automation
  6. Programming
  7. Engineering Management


The first certificate course that you can choose after finishing your engineering is IOT. Internet of Things or IOT  is one of the most modern and has the most scope. It has a lot of potentials, so you will continue the learn new things.

This certificate course is about networking physical devices. You can connect your physical applications like electronic gadgets, vehicles, appliances, and other things to your phone. Here’s an example of what this course achieves.

You can connect your refrigerator to your phone. If any food item is almost over or needs a refill, your refrigerator will send it to your phone. Your phone will get notifications about things like this, and you can do the needful.

The gadgets connect and exchange data. It is an excellent course that you will learn many new things that you can apply in your daily life.

VLSI Design Courses

The second certificate courses that you can choose after finishing your Engineering in VLSI Design Courses. VLSI design means Very Large Scale Integration. It is a course for the students that are interested in electrical engineering.

Very Large Scale Integration course is about the creation of the Integrated Circuit. You have to create this circuit using transistors or other devices into a single integrated chip. The two areas where it is commonly used are designed and to create Integrated Circuit. These Integrated Circuits are used in devices we use daily, like electronic devices, computers, and other sophisticated machinery.

Embedded System Design

The next certificate course that you can choose is Embedded System Design. It is a perfect course for you if you like mechanical or electrical engineering. This course is related to these two courses.

Embedded System Design is related to embedded systems like digital watches, MP3 players, and many other devices. It is a part of the system or the electronic device. The main objective if this is to optimize the system.

Optimization creates changes in the system. It is suitable for reducing the size of the device, along with the cost of the device. Embedded system design deals with a lot of things like controllers, networking, and sensors. This course is ideal for students who are interested in telecommunication, networking engineers, and electrical engineering.

Material Management

The next certificate course that you can choose to do is the material management course. It is an easy and exciting course which will help you in the more extensive process of production. This course helps in planning, sourcing. Producing, storing, and controlling of materials. It’s going to help to achieve all this in an optimum manner.

If you are interested in the areas or fields like production, manufacturing, and quality control, this is the perfect course. This certificate course will help you a lot because you will be learning a lot about production.

Industrial Automation

This course is for students who are interested in Mechanical Engineering, IC engineering, and production Engineering. It’s one of the most helpful courses because it’s going to increase your knowledge in this field.

The goal of Industrial Automation is to optimize and automate the processes taking place in a plant or an industry. All aspects of the industry can be automated right from the manufacturing process to the storage. This course will help you learn and understand how this process of automation works.


Programming is one of the best certificate courses. It caters to the needs of a particular group of pf engineers. Students with a background in computer science engineering, IT engineering, and EC engineering can apply for these courses.

This course will help you learn about software designs, development, software testing. You will learn programs like Python and Java programming.

Engineering Management

The last certificate course on the list is engineering management. It is a course that is perfect for all engineering students. There are no particular criteria for applying for this course. It is a course that’s going to help you if you are looking for a job after finishing a bachelor. It’s going to help you increase your management skills.

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Eligibility for Certificate Course after Engineering

The eligibility for these certificate courses is simple and easy. The most important eligibility criteria are that the candidate must have a passed with an engineering course. Candidates must have passed from a recognized university, college, or institute. If there are other eligibility criteria, it may differ from course to course.

Duration for Certificate Course after Engineering

The duration of a certificate course is from six months to one year. Please check the website of the college or institute for the entire duration of the certificate course.

Certificate Courses After Engineering

FAQ’s on Certificate Course after Engineering

Question 1.
When can you apply for the certificate course, and are they helpful?

You can apply for certificate courses after you finish your bachelor’s in Engineering. These are courses that will help you learn more about a particular subject in the field you want to pursue. You can apply for these courses before joining a Post Graduation course or before you start working.

Question 2.
What are the things you will learn in a Material Management course?

In a material management course, you will all the things related to materials. The things that you will learn in this course are planning, storing, sourcing, purchasing, moving, storing, and controlling materials.

Question 3.
What is the duration of these certificate courses?

The certificate courses are usually for six to twelve months. Duration varies from college to college. You need to check the website or the brochure for definitive details.

Question 4.
What are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria are that the candidate needs to have a Bachelors’s degree in Engineering. This degree needs to be from a recognized university, college, or institution.

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