B.Sc Computer Science Course Details | Eligibility Criteria, Job, Salary, Syllabus

B.Sc Computer Science Course Details: B.Sc computer science is also known as a bachelor of science in computer science is a three-year undergraduate course in the field of information technology. Candidates who are interested in pursuing their career in the technical or IT sector opt for this course.

The main aim of this course is to develop the technical skills of the candidate and make them experts in the process of using computers and other computer-related technologies. The course initially educates the candidates about all the basic fundamentals of the computer to strengthen their core so that they will find it easy to understand other complicated subjects that are there in the course.

The course is becoming more popular among the aspirants because of its demand in the job market. Candidates with a graduate degree in computer science are getting a lot of job opportunities from different sectors. Businesses are using new advanced technologies for the smooth running of different operations, but with more advanced technology, different functions are becoming more sophisticated and complicated, this is when organizations need a computer science graduate to make this upgrading procedure simple and easy ensuring the smooth running of the business.

Importance of B.Sc Computer Science Course Details

Companies are hiring more computer science graduates in recent years to deal with the complex and complicated evolving of different technologies. A computer science graduate makes sure that all the computer facilities of the business are properly managed and handled by the workforce.

These candidates ensure that the cybersecurity system of the business is functioning smoothly and the assets of the business are secured. They continuously research the market for new software and hardware systems so that the company can upgrade to the new systems before their competitors. The computer science graduates run the technical analysis of the company at regular intervals.

This course creates IT professionals who have done expertise in dealing with different technical problems. This course develops and upgrades the candidate’s skills in different IT areas with term exams, practical learning, arranging summer internships for giving an IT workforce experience, and also organizing seminars with IT professionals so that the candidates can interact with the experts and clarify their doubts.

Skillset Required for B.Sc Computer Science Course

The most important factor that affects the career of an aspirant is their skills, if an aspirant has selected a course to pursue his/her career without having the skills for it, then he/she will find it challenging to complete the course as compared to other aspirants who have the required skill set.

Therefore it is always suggested to consider the skills required for a particular course before choosing it as a career. Every course requires a different set of skills. Likewise, B.sc in Computer science requires the candidate to have certain skills which are:

  • Analytical Skills: Candidates will deal with the technological problems of the company as they are pursuing their careers in the IT sector. Therefore candidates need to have analytical skills to come up with technological solutions for every IT problem that comes up in the company. Candidates are required to analyze the problem accurately and evaluate different solutions to come up with the one that perfectly fits the situation.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Candidates with proper problem-solving skills can be relied on to solve a complex problem in a systematic and logical way.  Candidates should know how to use different concepts of computer science while dealing with a complicated problem. They are supposed to choose the best way to solve the problem and come up with a framework to solve the problem.
  • Creativity: Candidates are required to be creative when they are dealing with different technical issues of the company. They should make use of their creative skills to come up with unique and innovative solutions for different problems. Candidates are required to take a unique approach to every technical problem of the business.
  • Critical-Thinking Skills: In the IT sector, the candidates will learn about different concepts of computer science. Candidates are required to have critical-thinking skills to know the right concept to be used for a particular technical problem. This skill will help candidates to save time and make quick decisions.
  • Resilience: In the field of computer science, the candidates are going to fail a lot of times while evaluating different solutions for a problem, before coming up with the right one. So the candidates are required to be resilient and determined until they found the right solution for a particular problem.

B.Sc Computer Science Course Details

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B.Sc Computer Science Course Duration

The B.Sc Computer Science course is an undergraduate course for three years in the field of computer science. The three years are divided into six semesters, which the candidates have to appear on so that they can be evaluated on the basis of their talent in different sectors of computer science. Most of the undergraduate courses in India have a duration of three years, just like this course.

B.Sc Computer Science Eligibility

Every course has some eligibility criteria in order to shortlist the candidates. Similarly, the B.Sc Computer Science course also has some eligibility criteria which the candidate has to qualify for getting admission into this course. Candidates who are unable to fulfill the eligibility criteria are restricted from taking admission.

The eligibility criteria for this course are:

  • The candidate must have 10+2 in the science stream from a recognized college.
  • The candidate must have secured at least a 50% mark in his/her 10+2 exam.
  • There is no age limit for this course.

Eligible candidates have to learn Computer Courses to get get the job at the earliest.

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B.Sc Computer Science Course Fee Structure

The three-year undergraduate course of computer science charges an average fee of around Rs 2 Lakhs from the candidates. The fee structure depends on the college the candidate is getting admission into. Government colleges charge fewer fees than private ones.

The course fee doesn’t include other expenditures of the candidate such as hostel fee, library fee, college development fee, mess fee, and other expenditures for different college functions.

B.Sc Computer Science Course Admission Process

Admission into this course is done in a merit-based system. Colleges conduct entrance exams for admission into this course. The candidates are selected by giving 60% weightage to entrance exams and 40% weightage to the marks the candidate has secured in the 10+2 exam.

B.Sc Computer Science Colleges

  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Mumbai
  • Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, New Delhi
  • Rajdhani College, New Delhi
  • Srm Institute Of Technology – [SRM IST] Kattankulathur, Chennai
  • Women’s Christian College – [WCC], Chennai
  • The Oxford College Of Science – [TOCS], Bangalore
  • Indian Institute Of Management And Commerce – [IIMC], Hyderabad
  • Sarojini Naidu Vanita Mahavidyalaya – [SNVMV], Hyderabad
  • Vidyasagar College – [VSC], Kolkata
  • Dr. D.Y. Patil Arts, Science And Commerce College Pimpri, Pune

B.Sc Computer Science Syllabus

Semester I

  • Introduction to Digital Electronics
  • Basics of Computer Science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Foundation course in Mathematics
  • Functional English-I

Semester II

  • Front Office Management
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Organization
  • Fundamental of Open Source Software-LINUX
  • Value and Ethics

Semester III

  • Object-Oriented Programming using C++
  • Operating Systems concepts
  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • System Analysis and design
  • Technical Writing
  • Analytical Skill Development-I

Semester IV

  • Database Management Systems
  • Introduction to Computer Network
  • Numerical Analysis
  • System Programming
  • Report Writing(Yantra)
  • Analytical Skill Development-II

Semester V

  • Python programming
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Personality Development Program
  • Mini Project-I

Semester VI

  • Introduction to Web Technology
  • Project Work

B.Sc Computer Science Jobs

  • Software Engineer
  • Website Developer
  • UI/UX Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • IT Supervisor
  • Technical Writer
  • Software Quality Assurance

B.Sc Computer Science Career Options

Computer science is an excellent field for job seekers as after the completion of the B.Sc Computer Science course, and candidates get a lot of opportunities. Companies in recent days are hiring a lot of computer science graduates as the companies are adopting new advanced technologies to do business. Companies hire these graduates to deal with every technical problem that the companies come across during the usage of new technologies.

Let’s discuss some of the job profiles where a computer science graduate can get hired.

  • Software Engineer: They are responsible for identifying different issues arising in the technical system of the company. They are required to come up with innovative and unique technical systems that can solve these problems and enhance the performance of the business.
  • Programmer: They are responsible for writing codes and testing the programming of computer software. They ensure that the workflow of the software is smooth and efficient. They are also responsible for fixing bugs of different software preventing the technical issues that may arise due to the bugs.
  • DTP Operator: The DTP operators are responsible for converting the work of graphic designers and art directors into digital files so that they can publish it as brochures, books, cards, or other documents. These DTP operators are experts in using different computer design software such as Adobe CS, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Tech Support Professional: The professionals of this domain advise individuals and companies regarding technical issues such as hardware and software problems. Their advice acts as a great help for the individuals or companies who are beginners in this computer science field.
  • Network Architect: They are responsible for creating and upgrading the IP network’s hardware, software, and virtualized components. They usually maintain communication networks such as LANs, WANs, and intranets.

B.Sc Computer Science Course Salary

Job profiles in the computer science field are well paid. Candidates after the completion of this course can get an average salary of Rs 5 lakhs. The salary of the candidates will increase with their increase in work experience. Let us discuss the salary of some of the job profiles in the computer science field:

Job Profile Average Annual Salary (Rs)
Software Engineer Rs 5 Lakhs
Programmer Rs 4.5 Lakhs
DTP Operator Rs 2 Lakhs
Tech Support Professional Rs 3 Lakhs
Network Architect Rs 15 Lakhs

FAQ’s on B.Sc Computer Science Course Details

Question 1.
What is the advantage of the B.Sc Computer Science course?

The course helps to develop the candidate’s skill in the computer science field so that he/she can find unique and innovative solutions to different technical problems of the company.

Question 2.
Is a B.Sc Computer Science course hard?

Yes, this course is a little complicated as the candidate has to learn about different concepts of computer science that are new to him/her.

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