10 Lines on World Teachers day for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on World Teachers day: 5th October is celebrated as World Teachers Day (International Teachers day). Teachers are the second parents for every kid, and they are also considered having an equal position like that of God. 5th October is the Day to thank all those people who play a unique role in one’s life for imparting knowledge and helping them to be the person that they are! Apart from just teaching the different concepts of different languages, the teachers are the ones who also teach us how to behave in different situations and how to communicate with every other person flawlessly. Teachers also give us several life lessons and enlighten us with several truths and facts of the living World.

It is only because of the teachers that each of us gets through all the good and worse situations. Teachers also help us be the better version of ourselves, and this Day is to celebrate all the teachers globally and thank them for all what they do for all of us.

World Teachers day established in 1994, and this reflects the signing of the 1966 recommendation of UNESCO/ILO, concerning the teachers’ status. This recommendation set is the standard instrument addressing the global situation and status of the teachers. The recommendation also states the standards of the educational personnel policy and initial training and recruitment. It also addresses the continuation of the teachers’ education and the employment and working conditions for them.

World Teachers day is the perfect occasion for focusing on the appreciation, addressing, and improvement of the World’s educators. This also aims at providing an opportunity to consider all the problems related to the teachers and teaching ways.

For the celebrations of World Teachers Day, the Education International and UNESCO jointly mount a campaign every year for helping the World to understand the teachers’ rights and status and the crucial role that they play in each of our lives. This is also aimed at promoting the teachers who are the backbones for the development of the students and thus the entire society. UNESCO and EI also partner with other private media firms for achieving the purpose.

UNESCO also states that teaching is a highly respectable profession of the globe and every move adds up for celebrating the profession. This all could be done quickly by spreading awareness about the issues of the teachers and by ensuring that respecting the profession is a part of the daily lives.

Several schools and students also promote the Day and the teachers’ status by hosting some events and letting the teachers feel special. World teacher’s Day is celebrated across more than 100 countries, and every nation has its way of carrying on with the celebrations.

Here is a list of some top lines on World Teachers Day for the children of different age groups.

Set 1 – 10 Lines on World Teachers day for kids

Here is a list of some best lines on World Teachers Day for the kids of classes 1st to 5th:

  1. On this particular occasion of World Teachers Day, we convey our gratitude to all the teachers across the globe who works too hard to help us all.
  2. Teachers play a vital role in moulding the lives of the students.
  3. The occasion of Teachers day is to promote the necessity of education and educators in our lives. It helps us understand the status of the people who impart knowledge across the World.
  4. Students from across the World can celebrate this occasion by performing some activities for their teachers to make them feel special.
  5. Learning of several forms is promoted on this Day.
  6. Several campaigns are hosted globally for improving the employment opportunities and working conditions of the teachers.
  7. Teachers are the ones who help us to be better humans.
  8. One must always value the lessons that a teacher gives.
  9. World Teachers Day was celebrated for the first time in 1962.
  10. We should always respect and appreciate our teachers.

Set 2 – 10 Lines on World Teachers Day for School Children

This is a set of lines on World Teachers Day for the students of class 6th to 8th:

  1. Each year, World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th October.
  2. For a country’s growth and development, teachers serve as the pillars.
  3. Teachers are always honoured everywhere, especially in different schools, colleges, and universities across the globe.
  4. 5th October serves as the International Teachers Day, but different countries also have their different dates set and customs defined for celebrating Teachers Day. Like India celebrates Teachers Day on 5th September.
  5. The International Teachers Day is marked for the signing of the recommendations of UNESCO/ILO for upholding the status of the global teachers.
  6. On this Day, several authorities take some measures for raising awareness about the profession of teaching.
  7. Teachers’ Day is a special occasion to remember the people who sacrifice their energy and time to shape the nations’ future generation.
  8. This Day is to commemorate the efforts of all those who help make the nation builders.
  9. This Day marks not only the occasion for the teachers, but also their lives and profession.
  10. Teachers’ Day is dedicated to all those who help in the fulfilment of one’s dreams and expectations.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on International Teachers Day for Higher Class Students

Here is a list of some best lines on World Teachers day for the students of class 9th to 12th:

  1. People globally celebrate International Teachers day on 5th October every year.
  2. The occasion of World Teachers Day is to relive all those who make the tireless efforts for the strangers and treat them similar to their kids.
  3. This Day is an essential part of the global culture of celebrating all the people who play a vital role in the development of others and a particular nation.
  4. Unlike any other occasion, World Teachers Day is the perfect occasion of renewing faith in all those who strive for creating good humans for the future.
  5. The Day is about collectively valuing the social progress and the pillar behind that.
  6. This special occasion marks the essence, beauty, and work of all those who teach and nurture us for being the best version of ourselves.
  7. This is the Day for celebrating the joy and promoting the status of all the teachers.
  8. Teachers Day bring in all those who stand for the spirit of existence and advocates for the ones who can learn from them all.
  9. This special occasion of Teachers Day is also about a belief that nobility in any profession comes from sincerity and support, along with hard work.
  10. This Day is about paying our respects to all those who make some significant impact on our daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions on World Teachers Day

Question 1. 
Explain the theme of 2019’s World Teachers Day, as laid forward by UNESCO.

The World teachers Day theme for the last year, i.e., 2019, was “young teachers: the future of the profession.” The campaign went forward, promoting the importance and values of the teaching profession. It also aimed at promoting the fact that the profession and occupation of teaching must be encouraged among modern Day’s youth.

Question 2.
When do Indians celebrate the occasion of Teachers Day? What is the reason behind choosing this date?

Indians celebrate teachers Day on 5th September 2020 every year. Various schools and students celebrate the occasion by holding some events and functions to make the Day memorable for the teachers and help them enjoy their professions.

The main reason why Indians chose this Day for celebrating Teachers Day is that 5th September is also the birthday of the earlier President of the country, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was an intelligent entity and a scholar who also served as a teacher.

Question 3.
Who is a teacher?

A teacher is a person who plays a vital role in the growth and development of everyone’s life. The teacher guides us and helps in becoming a better version of ourselves. They share all their knowledge with the students and treat them all as their own kids. Apart from imparting textual knowledge, the teachers also help us all learn some basic life lessons and know how to behave and communicate with others.

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