10 Lines on Water for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Water: Water is a priceless commodity. It is every individual’s right to access safe drinking water but this is still a dream for many. Water is the reason for the existence of life on our planet. The water cycle regulates its flow and maintains a balance but human intervention has made this abundant resource a threatened one.

Today the quality of water on our planet is questionable. Rivers and lakes which were the sources of freshwater are dumping grounds for human and industrial waste and the water which used to be colourless is now coloured of all sorts. Humans have been using and still are exploiting natural resources. Water is no exception as the demands for water has been ever-increasing.

The rate at which this resource can be replenished is now far lower than the rate at which we are extracting it. We have exploited surface water and are now living off the groundwater which is on the verge of extinction. We have exploited water to fulfil our desires and wants. It is then now our job to conserve this precious resource for future generations to come and allow life to continue on this planet.

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Short Essay on Water

Water is important to sustain life on the planet. Around 70% of our planet is covered with water but most of it is salty and present in oceans. Of the fresh water that is fit for human consumption, a major part is locked in the form of glaciers, some as groundwater as rest is available as surface water in rivers, ponds and lakes.

There’s enough water to fulfil everyone’s need but not nearly enough to fulfil human greed. The challenge we are facing today is the effect of years of overexploitation. More than two billion people live in water-scarce regions of the world. A majority part of their time daily is used in fetching water. In other regions of the world, even safe drinking water is like a distant dream. Given below are sets of lines on this priceless resources of nature. It is high time that we humans understand it and start respecting water.

Set 1 – 10 Lines on Water for kids

The first set describes the importance of water and its characteristics. It gives basic information about its sources and the causes of its depletion. This set is written to be used by students of primary classes from Class 1-5.

  1. Water is a colourless liquid that is important to sustain life on our planet.
  2. 70 per cent of our planet is covered with water and also 70 per cent of our human body is made up of water.
  3. Out of the 70% only a small quantity, around 3 % is fresh water that can be used form human needs and the rest is saltwater.
  4. The sources of freshwater are waterfalls, rivers, lakes, ponds etc.
  5. Water is transported by a large network of rivers and lakes to different regions.
  6. Life on earth is possible due to the presence of water on the planet.
  7. It is one of the fundamental needs of humans and the basic need for survival.
  8. Due to overexploitation of water and water resources, the freshwater levels on our planet are decreasing at an alarming rate.
  9. Safe and easily available water is very important for public health and the government should make it available to every citizen.
  10. Drinking contaminated water and lack of proper sanitation lead to numerous diseases such as cholera, jaundice, diarrhoea etc.

10 Lines on Water 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Water for School Children

This set is written keeping in mind the students from class 6-10. It contains detailed information about the topic and also raises concerns over the degrading quality of water and the need for it to be recognised as a global concern.

  1. Earth is the only planet in our universe we know about where water is an abundant source and it is critical for sustaining life on our planet.
  2. Most of the freshwater present on earth is in the form of ice caps and glaciers.
  3. Water is also present in our ground as groundwater and the sources from where fresh water is easily available are rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls etc.
  4. Water is a priceless commodity that is unevenly distributed all over the globe.
  5. With the help of invention and development, water is now easily available in our homes due to pipeline connections.
  6. But most people are not that privileged and are still dependent on faraway sources of water for their daily needs.
  7. Lack of clean water for drinking and sanitation purpose is a common cause for degrading health in these regions.
  8. The United Nation recognises this need and Strategic development goal 6.1 stands for universal access to safe and affordable drinking water.
  9. Majority of our freshwater, around 70 per cent is used in the agriculture sector.
  10. Degrading water quality due to the release of untreated waste and effluents from industries and factories has become a global concern and raises questions on how industries need to be regulated.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Water for Higher Class Students

Set 3 points out at the arguments that define the present picture. Students pursuing senior secondary education and above can avail this information and use this for understanding purposes.

  1. Water is one of the most essential human need for survival.
  2. The water cycle is a naturally occurring phenomenon that keeps on going and is critical for life on the planet.
  3. Humans are always in constant search of water or its traces in the universe to find out if life can exist outside the planet.
  4. Water shortage is a global challenge and millions of people are living in highly water-scarce regions of the planet.
  5. Overuse and abuse of water by humans have led to the degradation of water quality and quantity on the planet.
  6. Sustainable development goal 6.1 recognises the universal need for safe and affordable drinking water to every person.
  7. According to a study in 2017, around 2.2 billion people all over the globe face water challenges in the form of lack of safe drinking water, accessibility of water and affordability of water.
  8. By 2025, around half of the global population will be living in water-scarce regions if humans continue to exploit water sources.
  9. The declining levels of groundwater due to exploitation for agricultural and commercial needs is a global concern.
  10. The need of the hour is to recognize water scarcity, water pollution and exploitation as global problems and work towards a common goal of water conservation.

10 Lines on Water 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Water

Question 1.
Comment on the importance of Water in our life.

70% of the human body is made up of water. It is critical to human survival and for sustaining life on the planet. Water is a colourless liquid that is required in almost every industrial or natural process we know about. The primary purpose of water is drinking. Even then drinking clean and safe water is a privilege we don’t understand.

The majority part of freshwater is used to put the food on our tables. Water is used in the manufacturing of every product we use. Not only humans, plants, animals, microorganisms and ecosystems survive due to the availability of water on the planet. Humans are spending trillions on a space exploration mission in search of life and water, but can’t look at this priceless resource and its overexploitation around us.

Question 2.
What are the various reasons for degrading the quality of water on earth?

Overexploitation of water has led to the degrading quality of water sources. Overuse and abuse of water due to a variety of reasons has led to the degradation of water quality. The exploitation of freshwater sources such as rivers, lakes, ponds etc has put the stress on these sources.

  1. Dumping of wastes into rivers and lakes.
  2. Releasing untreated industrial effluents that are harmful for human consumption into freshwater sources leads to the degradation of water quality.
  3. Lack of sewage treatment plants and proper drainage system.
  4. Lack of respect for water and water sources in people.
  5. Use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers on crops which run off into freshwater streams.

Question 3.
Explain the overexploitation of Groundwater.

Groundwater is present in the deeper ground levels and is a clean and safe water source. With the advancement in technology, humans can easily access this resource but it leads to overexploitation of this resource. People have water motors which can access this source of water and that is one major cause for declining groundwater levels in several major cities of the world.

Overexploitation of groundwater for agricultural uses has lead to a sharp decline in several water-rich regions of the globe. According to studies in the past few decades, the water levels have gone seriously down as the rate at which these are replenished is much lower than the rate at which the water is being extracted.

Question 4.
What is our role as citizens of the country and humans on this planet?

Water is our basic need for survival. Clean and safe drinking water is everyone’s right. Many people living in the water-scarce regions of the globe understand the importance of water far well than the ones who can easily access it through taps. We all need to understand this global concern and play our part in conserving water.

Cities like Capetown when they came close to day Zero, the people worked in harmony and understood their role as citizens and were able to avert a major crisis that was only possible due to combined and consistent efforts. By taking small steps at our level we can play our part and this also puts pressure on the government and the authorities to apply robust regulations on exploitation on water.

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