10 Lines on Tailor for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Tailor: A tailor is a person who stitches, repairs, or alters the cloth pieces or dresses professionally. The term ‘tailor’ has been in use since the early thirteenth century, but the modern meaning for the word sensed out in the late eighteenth century. Presently, the ‘tailor’ word refers to a person who makes all men and women’s dresses and garments from the cloth pieces. Sometimes, they also help the people by altering their garments or repairing any defective ones by charging a slight amount from the customers.

Many small and large scale tailors available across the globe provide their services nationally and internationally to various clients. Many tailors associate with more prominent clothing brands and local markets and supply stitched garments according to their needs. Many tailors travel around the cities and visit different places and meet various people to showcase their skills and get some regular customers. The tradition method of tailoring is known as ‘bespoke tailoring’ in the UK, where the trade’s heart is Savile Row tailoring of London. Across the US and Hong Kong regions, the traditional tailoring is known as ‘custom tailoring’.

For such an essential element of our daily lives, which is clothing, tailors are very important. In fact, modern-day clothing and outfits are only possible because of the skills of the tailors. The article contains the top ten lines on tailors for the students of different classes and various age groups.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Tailor for kids

This set of ten lines Tailor is perfect for the kids of classes 1st to 5th:

  1. Clothes are essential for everyone, and thus tailors play a vital role in our lives.
  2. To make clothing suitable according to different seasons and occasions, tailors play an indispensable role.
  3. The tailors help the people by tailoring various garments, suiting the needs of other individuals.
  4. Tailors work on various clothes to make them look attractive and fit for different sizes.
  5. The work of a tailor is a difficult task.
  6. Tailors have a sewing machine, threads of different colours, needles of various sizes, and scissors.
  7. The tailors own a place where they keep all these tools and generally meet their clients and customers.
  8. Male Tailor is also referred to as a seamster and a female tailor as a seamstress.
  9. The tailors also carry measuring tapes and marking pens with them whenever they are ready to stitch clothes for any client.
  10. Tailors also alter the garments and fix the defective ones for the customers.

10 Lines on Tailor 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Tailor for School Children

This set of top ten lines is perfect for the children of classes 6th to 8th:

  1. Tailors are the creators of beautiful and attractive professional as well as casual wears.
  2. Tailors have expertise in designing all type of clothes, meeting the needs of the individuals.
  3. Tailors also carry handbooks of many designs, to help their customers choose the right one for themselves.
  4. Tailors have hectic schedules throughout the year, and it gets busier during the festivals and wedding seasons.
  5. A tailor works very hard, from day to night, to earn his/her living.
  6. We must always appreciate the Tailor who stitched our clothes and assures that we can wear the best outfits on any occasion.
  7. Tailors have their stores across every city and village.
  8. Without tailors’ services, none of the people of civilised and modern societies would have been the way they are now.
  9. The efficiency and work detailing the Tailor depend on his/her skills and experience.
  10. Some tools like scissors, sewing machine, needles, threads, measuring tapes, and marking pens are essential for the tailors.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Tailor for Higher Class Students

This is the set of ten best lines on Tailor for the students of classes 9th to 12th:

  1. The tailors also carry various designing items, pressing iron, and different sizes of needs to provide more attractive and beautiful garments.
  2. In the ancient era, nomads used to roam around naked. The modern way of dressing is only possible because of the skills of the tailors.
  3. In our society, the people who do the task of stitching the clothes, altering them, or repairing them are known as tailors.
  4. Tailors are now available in every second society, colony, and across all the cities, towns, and villages.
  5. A tailor works very hard and stitches various clothes according to its needs to fulfil their livelihood.
  6. Previously, tailors considered Saint Pipa as their adorable god, and across India, Tailor’s job is there since last many centuries.
  7. Tailors associate with some brands too and make the available trendy outfits and garments easier in the market.
  8. Tailors mark their customers’ measurement precisely and then use their skills to make any garment perfect for their size and fitting.
  9. A tailor also owns a shop where he/she keeps all his tools and deals with the clients and customers.
  10. A tailor is always busy throughout the year, but his schedule gets more engaged during the wedding and festival seasons.

10 Lines on Tailor 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Tailor

Question 1. 
Explain the tasks of a tailor.

Tailors are responsible for stitching the cloth pieces and making attractive and beautiful garments for all men and women. They also help the customers with altering their clothes to make them perfect for their size and fittings. Tailors also help us by repairing the torn and defected garments and outfits.

Question 2.
Is a seamstress and a tailor the same?

According to the Collegiate Dictionary of Merriam Webster, a Seamstress is a woman having sewing as her occupation. On the other hand, Tailor refers to a person whose occupation is altering or making the garments. The seamstress generally works with seams, fabrics, and hemlines.

Question 3.
What is the importance of tailoring for humans?

Tailoring is a vital aspect of the fashion designing courses that emphasise the cut or style of the garments and then sewing it to fit people of different sizes and body measurements. The modern way of clothing according to various occasions and timings is only possible because of tailors’ job.

Question 4.
What is the significant difference between a fashion designer and a tailor?

A fashion designer has a profession of applying the designing rules to some product or piece of cloth. He/she might not stitch the entire garments and provide the final products. On the other hand, a tailor has a profession of stitching, repairing, sewing, and altering the clothes to offer the final garments.

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