10 Lines on Save Electricity for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Save Electricity: Electricity is one of the finest and greatest inventions of science. The era before electricity had limited ample of technological advancements. Electricity can be termed as the first-ever invention of technology.

Since the birth of electricity, the world has seen many revolutionary developments. Electricity obtained by means of natural resources has become an essential part of our lives. It is now impossible to survive in peace without electricity.

However, there are still underprivileged regions in the world where electricity has not yet taken its first steps. Such areas are waiting for the birth of electricity so that they can also experience the wonders of science. In such world circumstances, it is essential for us to understand the vitality of electricity and take measures to save it.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Save Electricity for kids

  1. Electricity is the greatest wonder of science.
  2. The birth of electricity has given way to almost all essential technological advancements of the world.
  3. Electricity is a kind of energy that is generated using natural resources.
  4. The more electricity we use, the more natural resources are consumed.
  5. To save natural resources, we must limit the use of electricity.
  6. Using electricity efficiently becomes very important for the survival of future generations.
  7. Various ways to save electricity include turning off of extra running electrical appliances.
  8. One must use only the needed and essential electrical instruments in households and organisations.
  9. The underprivileged regions deprived of electricity also deserve to live a glowing life.
  10. To be fair to humanity and nature, one must save electricity.

10 Lines on Save Electricity 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Save Electricity for School Children

  1. Electricity is very crucial to have a comfortable life in the contemporary world.
  2. The wonders of electricity include artificial light, artificial breeze and other technological advancements.
  3. Electricity is obtained from natural resources and used to produce artificial ease to mankind.
  4. However, the wonder of electricity has still not reached to every corner of the world.
  5. There are plenty of regions in different corners of the world, where electricity remains strange and unknown.
  6. There are various socio-political reasons why electricity does not reach to all properties.
  7. One of the reasons being limitations on resources to produce the means of electricity.
  8. To overcome this, one must try and save as much electrical energy as possible.
  9. Wastage of electrical energy is irreversible, and it must be controlled for future generations to survive in ease.
  10. The more electricity wasted, the more natural resource consumed.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Save Electricity for Higher Class Students

  1. Electricity is an instrumental element in all our lives.
  2. The birth of electricity has given birth to new standards of comfort.
  3. In the contemporary world, a day without electricity cannot be imagined.
  4. Because everything we do in our daily lives depends on electrical energy, we can suffer minorly or largely due to its absence.
  5. But recent research and studies state that the misuse of electricity can lead to scarcity of resources to produce electricity.
  6. We often misuse electricity through ignorance and psychological limitations.
  7. Humanity has started to consume electricity via various electrical appliances that seem to make their lifestyle easy.
  8. These appliances often are just a substitute for human efforts and result in high consumption of electrical energy. This becomes the vital channel of waste of electricity.
  9. Sometimes, we simply ignore or forget the running electrical appliances around us, which is the primary source of wastage of electrical energy.
  10. Whether known or strange, we have wasted a lot of natural resources via different means. It is time we start saving it for future generations to come.

10 Lines on Save Electricity 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Save Electricity

Question 1. 
How to save electricity?

We can save electricity just by avoiding to waste it. Some of the important means can be remembering to turn off the electrical appliances on time and when not in use, consider using only the necessary electrical appliances, etc.

Question 2.
Will electricity become extinct one day?

Electricity is obtained from natural resources of the earth. The extinction of electrical energy depends on the extinction of natural resources. We cannot predict when the natural resources limit themselves but must save it by saving electricity.

Question 3. 
What are some less useful electrical appliances?

Some of the less useful electrical appliances that can result in the saving of electricity are toaster, Chargeable toys, electric brushes, electric can opener, blender, coffee maker, etc.

Question 4.
When was electricity invented?

Electricity was invented in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison.

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