10 Lines on Kindness for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Kindness: Since childhood, we have been taught to be kind to others. What does kindness cost? Nothing. But it helps the person in front of you to feel better. And these things come back to you as blessings. We all know that charity begins at home. Since our childhood, our parents and elders in the house and our teachers have taught us to instil this noble virtue.

We should foremost be kind to animals because they are innocent. Even the animals understand the language of kindness and retaliate the same way as you treat them. Therefore, it is rightly said, “Little words of kindness, little words of love, help make the earth like the heaven above.” One should be kind in words, thoughts, and actions. It will repay us in the form of blessings.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Kindness for kids

Set 1 is helpful for students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  1. Kindness is rare and hard to find virtue.
  2. People who possess kindness to create a positive aura in the atmosphere.
  3. Motivating and pushing people to do good things is also an act of kindness
  4. We are taught kindness from a younger age so that we can pass good things to others too to attain peace and generosity in the society in our later lives
  5. Kindness is the noblest act of the religion named humanity.
  6. Every religion teaches us not to be violent and spread goodness, leading to prosperity.
  7. We should be kind to all living beings, be it humans or animals.
  8. A kind person is loved and respected by everyone.
  9. We don’t have to be rich to show kindness; instead, we should have the attitude to contribute.
  10. Kindness must be done for everyone irrespective of what religion, caste, etc., they belong to.

10 Lines on Kindness 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Kindness for School Children

Set 2 is helpful for students of Classes 6, 7 and 8.

  1. Expecting results while showing kindness is a negative perspective.
  2. We learn the right way of showing values starts from our home or the place where we live.
  3. We should show kindness in little possible paths, which is in our range.
  4. The best and simplest way of being kind is to be humble and polite with everyone.
  5. We should not hamper other’s lifestyles for our extravagance.
  6. NGOs and other organizations help us further to spread kindness.
  7. Teaching poor kids is also an act of kindness.
  8. Many gods and goddesses portray heart inefficient and straightforward ways, from which we can learn about it.
  9. Kindness should be a part of our lives and should not be considered extra virtue.
  10. Being a human without kindness makes us incapable of propagating humanity in society.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Kindness for Higher Class Students

Set 3 is helpful for students of Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 and Competitive Exams.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, said that “Kindness is caring for others, even when they may not care for you.”
  2. People nowadays get busy with their lives so much that they forget their duty to be human. Hence, we should take time to do good things for everyone and further result in a fruitful path.
  3. We can accomplish things by kindness, which force can’t.
  4. Be a good listener to people who want you or need you.
  5. The more kind you are, the more you become an inspiration for people.
  6. According to science, kindness slows down the aging process and improves relationships and connections, which indirectly boosts your health.
  7. We should be generous with our belongings
  8. Kindness is the only gift given to someone and can be afforded by everyone.
  9. We should start taking small steps toward kindness by creating it in our homes.
  10. It is well said that – Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

10 Lines on Kindness 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Kindness

Question 1.
What if someone does become kind?

Being unkind or cruel to others will do no good but spread hatred and pessimism worldwide.

Question 2.
Why should we be kind to everyone?

We have all heard about Karma. What goes out comes back. So if we show kindness to people during their times of need, of course, in the future, in our times of need, these will come back to us as someone else will show us their kindness. We all are the sons and daughters of the mother earth. This earth is our family. So, we must live happily with each other and be kind to each other.

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