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For a food-savvy country like India, the fact that the course of hotel management as a proper education is still not outstanding and popular among the Tom, Dick, and Harry of all rungs of the society is not only surprising but a sad and sorry state of affairs for India.

Hotel management is one of the most lucrative career options that one can opt for either after their 10th standard or after completion of their 12th standard. While this career option might not be on the top of your head or your parent’s head, you can rest assured that hotel management graduates will have an equal or a much better career in comparison to the all-time popular engineering and medical fields.

In this particular article on a 1-year diploma in hotel management, we are going to provide a 360-degree holistic overview of the course and help students understand everything about the said course.

At the end of this article on a 1-year diploma in hotel management, an aspirant should be motivated enough to pursue his or her career in this field. The potential that this course holds is something that should be reason enough to take it up. We as a team have written this article with the sole objective of providing an honest review of a career and life in hotel management.

If your queries are not answered through the above questions, we have a separate FAQ section on a 1-year diploma course in hotel management which should answer additional questions that one might have on the said course.

What is a 1 Year Diploma in Hotel Management?

A one-year diploma in hotel management is a unique program that is offered by certain private institutions as well as universities in the field of Hotel Management, hospitality, and Catering Technology. This course is designed with the sole objective of providing hands-on and real-life experience to students opting to pursue their careers in the field of Hotel Management and hospitality.

A one-year diploma in hotel management might not be an in-depth course in terms of the theoretical and practical subjects that students might expect but it will give a rudimentary understanding of the science behind hospitality and the technology behind it and will prepare the students for future challenges that they might face in there professional career.

In the subsequent sections of this article on a 1-year diploma courses in hotel management, we are going to give a holistic view of what a student might expect and experience during the course and after the graduation of the said course.

Why should you study Hotel Management?

Whether it’s a diploma in hotel management after 10th or a bachelor’s in hotel management or the engineering in Hotel Management, the details of Hotel Management should be studied at just as a course but as a passion and this is a strong reason as to why one should opt for hotel management and catering technology as their career choice. In this particular section of why should you study hotel management with a one-year diploma in hotel management, we are going to answer the advantages as well as disadvantages of pursuing a course in hotel management.

Job Satisfaction in Hotel Management

Who here doesn’t love food and especially who here doesn’t love a fine dining experience. Food is one of the basic needs and necessities of human beings and the science behind food is something that has attracted creative minds into designing a course such as hotel management. The fact that you could make someone happy through your job is enough to pursue a career in such a field. Hotel management is one such course that provides immense job satisfaction and happiness while providing a stable career for yourself.

Entrepreneurship in Hotel Management

Hotel management is a unique course where the potential to be an entrepreneur is very high and the initial capital investment depends on what kind of hotel management business that you want to open. If you are someone who is not interested to work in a 7-star hotel as a fancy chef or a manager but wants to open a small cafe on the beachside of your town and have a laid back life along with having financial stability, then a diploma in hotel management is one such course that is going to full fill your dream.

Job Opportunities in Hotel Management

The hotel industry including fine dining, fast-food franchises, and tourism is more than a billion-dollar industrial just in India and is a multi-billion dollar industry across the world. Given the staggering numbers in terms of revenue potential, the job market is enormous and vast in the field of Hotel Management, Catering, and Hospitality. In India, you might get placed directly as a hotel management manager in any of the star hotels in India such as Taj group of hotels, ITC, or Trident group of hotels.

Financial Stability after 1 Year Diploma in Hotel Management

While a Hotel Management graduate as a fresher might not earn as much as his counterpart in Engineering or Medicine, five years down the lane, a hotel management graduate will be earning a staggering number where his or her take-home salary will be on the upside of 1 lakh rupees a month and is going to live, what can be called at the least, a lavish life. 5 years or maybe less than that is enough experience for a 7 Star Hotel to give you fat pay packages ranging from Rs. 30 lacs per annum to Rs. 60 lakhs per annum.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be an employee working under someone, you can open your own business, whether it’s a catering business or a small-time cafe and once you are established in the market, your take-home salary will be on the higher end of the spectrum in comparison with your colleagues who are working in star hotels.

Personal benefits in hotel management

While Hotel Management teaches you the organizational design and hospitality subjects, the stuff that one learns in classrooms and their job can easily be reciprocated in their personal life as well. While this might not sound like a great benefit on a personal front, after your diploma in hotel management, one should keep in mind that a good work-life balance is what everyone aims for and a Hotel Management graduate will provide you with wonderful work-life balance years down the lane once you start working in a company.

1 Year Diploma in Hotel Management after 10th Admission Process

Most of the universities in India will directly hire students based on their merit in the 10th standard or 12th standard. The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing a 1-year diploma in hotel management is to have passed the 10th and 12th standards from a recognized educational Board in India with an aggregate of 50% for general category students and with an aggregate of 45% for scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and other backward class students.

Certain private universities also conduct entrance examinations along with group discussions and personality interviews to test the competency level of students and gauge whether they are cut out to be hotel management graduates or not. Below we have given some of the top colleges in India a one-year diploma in hotel management.

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Top Colleges to pursue a One Year Diploma in Hotel Management

The following are the top 10 colleges in India to pursue a one-year diploma in hotel management

  • Indian School of Business Management and administration
  • Institute of hospitality and management
  • Indian Hotel Academy
  • Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management
  • Sridevi College of Hotel Management
  • Bengaluru University
  • Mysore University
  • University of Mumbai
  • Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management.

Syllabus for 1 Year Diploma in Hotel Management

One year diploma in hotel management course is divided into two semesters with 6 subjects in each of the semester. Almost all of the public university that has a one-year diploma in hotel management will conduct two exams for each of the semesters. However certain universities also include a compulsory internship program as a part of their curriculum for hands-on experience.

Following are some of the subjects that are thought to students in 1-year diploma in hotel management

  • Basic food production
  • Nutrition food and science
  • Health and hygiene
  • Front office operation
  • Principles of accounting
  • Principles of management
  • Beverages operation
  • Hotel law
  • Applications of Hotel Management
  • Theories financial management
  • Research methodology
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business development
  • Hotel law project and
  • Internship

The practical subjects include:

  • Basic food production
  • Accommodation practical
  • Hotel maintenance practical
  • Interdisciplinary is studies
  • Environmental practical
  • Industry exposure training.

Find various course details pertaining to different streams all under one place and make the most out of them.

One Year Diploma in Hotel Management Career Prospects

There are plenty of industries and companies just in India that a graduate with a one-year diploma in hotel management can start working in. Below we have listed down the following areas where one might get a job after completion of their diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

Tourism sector

The tourism sector is one of the largest contributors to the economic growth of India and the Government of India and various state governments have been investing crores of rupees to improve tourism. A part of the investment also goes to all those competent people who are upping the ante in hotel management and catering.

A graduate with a diploma in hotel management can start working in any of the state-sponsored government organizations in tourism or various private corporates who are playing the game in the tourism sector such as Thomas Cook, MakeMyTrip, RedBus, etc. Students can also start working in small-town cafes, lodges, and guest houses if that is, or their cup of tea


Hotel Management graduates’ competencies and skills are needed in administration work in various industries, Government, and Non-governmental organizations. Hospitality is one such area that is required everywhere right from managing international leaders, diplomats, businessmen to catering to local guests. Hence there is a vast ocean of opportunities for Hotel Management graduates to start working in any of the industries where their skills are required.


Academics is one such area where senior Hotel Management graduates after having worked 15 to 20 years in the industry get into. Academics is a much laid-back area in comparison to the real job market but the kind of research that takes place at universities in the field of hospitality, catering, and hotel management is something that is lucrative and is attracting young graduates to step into.

Although the funding of research is much lower in India, hotel management graduates can start working in academic institutions in developed nations such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, etc.

1 Year Diploma in Hotel Management Course

Top Companies that hire Hotel Management Diploma Candidates

The top recruiters in India for Diploma Hotel Management Course graduates are:

  1. The Taj group of hotels
  2. The Radisson group of hotels
  3. The ITC group of hotels
  4. The trident group of hotels
  5. The clerks
  6. Thomas Cook
  7. MakeMyTrip etc

One year Diploma in Hotel Management Job Profiles

The following are some of the jobs that one might get into after completion of a one-year diploma in hotel management:

  1. Executive assistant
  2. Executive Manager
  3. Front office manager
  4. Inventory manager
  5. Hotel manager
  6. Restaurant manager
  7. Bar manager
  8. Guest executive
  9. Tourism executive
  10. Marketing officer

Diploma in Hotel Management Salary

After the completion of your one-year diploma in hotel management, you might start earning anywhere between Rs. 20000 to Rs. 80000 per month depending on the brand of the college that you are graduating from, your competency level, and the job market dynamics at that point time.

5 years into the industry, you will start earning more than 5 lakh per month if you work in any of the star hotels either in India or across the world. Then again, these numbers are highly subjective and depend on various factors as mentioned above.

FAQs on 1 year Diploma in Hotel Management?

1. What is the difference between a regular diploma in hotel management and 1 year diploma in hotel management?

One-year diploma in hotel management is a small course that doesn’t dwell into the in-depth analysis of the subjects while a regular diploma is a 3-year course that equips students with in-depth knowledge of Hotel Management, Catering and Hospitality subjects

2. How much do Hotel Management graduates earn after pursuing a diploma course?

Hotel Management graduates earn anywhere between INR 30000 to INR 80000 at the start of their career after graduating with a diploma in hotel management. But their packages can increase 10 to 15 times after a few years in the industry

3. What is the fee structure for pursuing a 1-year diploma in Hotel Management?

The fee structure for pursuing a one-year diploma in hotel management varies between Rs. 20000 to Rs 2 lakh rupees depending on the brand of the college or whether it’s a private or public University.

4. Which is the top college in India to pursue a diploma in Hotel Management?

The Indian Hotel Academy and Indian Institute of Hospitality Management located in New Delhi and Mumbai respectively are considered top colleges in India to pursue a course of diploma in hotel management.

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