You Can Achieve Much More in 3 Years Than You Think

To some people, three years may seem like a lot, and to some people, it may seem like quite little. Well, it depends on the way we look at it to understand what all can be achieved in a span of three years. For those people who think that three years is fairly less time, always try to remember that you can achieve much more in three years than you think. Whether this relates to academics, career goals, personal life, etc. it is important to remain confident and hopeful, and have a good plan set in our minds.

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Why Do People Underestimate What Can Be Achieved in 3 Years?

It is not easy to maintain confidence and hope at all times, but what’s important is to stay focused on the goal that one has set for oneself to meet by the end of three years. There are a few reasons why most of us underestimate the power that three years can have to make transformations in our lives, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Low self-esteem and confidence in oneself
  • A lack of aspirations, dreams or goals to work towards
  • A lack in planning for the three years
  • Being afraid to leave one’s comfort zone
  • Societal effects

Let’s take a deeper look into these reasons why people underestimate the power of three years in our lives.

Low Self-Esteem and Low Confidence

With a low self-esteem, we are unable to bring our dreams and goals to a point where we can start planning on ways in which we can reach it. Low confidence further adds to this predicament where we don’t have or we lose faith in ourselves and the motivation to reach our goals dies down. This can also be enhanced further when we are faced with minor setbacks in meeting our goals.

Lack of Goals and Aspirations

If there are no set goals in a person, there will be nothing for that person to work towards. Without something to work towards, nothing can be achieved, and thus, the fault here lies in not brainstorming for our goals, and not in that there are only three years to accomplish it.

Lack of Planning

We may have a goal set in our minds, but what good is that if we don’t plan how we want the next three years of our lives to go? You may have a dream, but you need to devise a step-by-step plan. even including how to deal with the situation when things don’t go according to the plan. Doing this provides some direction to us about how to go about achieving what we want to in three years.

Being Afraid to Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Someone once said that the comfort zone is a dangerous place, and that nothing fruitful happens there, and it is quite true. The comfort zone is a place where a person can forget about reaching for the stars and merely remain in their own bubble of consciousness. It is when we step out to do something bold and find a way to get out there and do our own thing that we can achieve things of greatness – remaining in our comfort zones does the stark opposite of this.

Societal Effects

Under societal effects come all the pressures from our families, our communities, etc. who want us to achieve different things. This can create a lot of conflict in our minds about what we want to do, and the path that we want to take to achieve it. Collectivistic societies often pull individuals down when they dream of the sky for reasons which have been listed in psychology, sociology and anthropology. While it may be difficult to get out of the shrewd clasps of society, it is incredibly important to do so.

What All Can A Person Achieve in 3 Years?

There are so many things that a person can achieve in just a mere three years with appropriate planning, the right amount of hard work, dedication and motivation, and the will within the person to want to do more. Let’s look at the different strata of life and what all can be accomplished here in a span of three years.

In Education

There are several educational goals that one can accomplish in a span of three years, and getting a good education is one of the best things that a person can do for themselves. In three years, here’s what one can achieve in the stratum of education;

Bachelor’s Degree: Most Bachelors courses in India are three years long (with the exception of engineering and medical courses, and maybe some others), and this seems to fit the timeline that we’re looking at here rather perfectly. Arts, commerce, several scientific courses, and vocational courses in India have a duration of 3 years. What with the abundance of great colleges all over the country, this is a highly achievable goal to have and work towards.

Master’s Degree: Slightly shorter than Bachelors courses, most Masters courses or Postgraduate (PG) courses have a duration of 2 years. With a bachelor’s degree, another three year plan consisting of 2 years for your masters is brilliant and speaks to what can be achieved in this much time.

Competitive Exams: Three years is more than enough time to prepare for any competitive exam that you need to write, be it the test for Civil Services, Defence Services, Staff selection tests, etc.

Standardised Tests: Once again, three years in enough time to prepare for standardised tests which are required for certain people in specific situations. For example, UGC test for teaching in college in India, or international tests like IELTS or the SAT for your next educational journey, perhaps abroad.

Certificate Courses and Skill Development Courses: It must be noted that certificate courses and skill development courses are widely available and also incredibly useful. Not only do such certificates look good on applications for future jobs and the like, but the knowledge gained from the same is irreplaceable and of wide relevance.

In Your Career

Your career is another place where you can achieve much more in 3 years than you think. Most of us look at our career goals as something far-fetched, something that is only appropriate to to think of getting in the future. This kind of train of thought is nothing if not harmful for all of us, as it very much downplays the ability we see in ourselves. Here are some of the career-related things that one can achieve in a span of three years:

Internships: Internships can last a month, six months, even a year, and in about three years, one can do so many. Internships consist of providing interns with a place where their ideas can be voiced and heard, and they can learn many new things. Thus, the more internships that we do in three years, the more we can learn and put to use our learnings as we move forward in our careers.

Building Your Resume: Building your resume to get better positions and higher salaries is one of the best things we can do in three years. It may seem like a task, to wonder what all we can add to our resume in just three years. There are things like courses, extra-curricular activities, internships, even events that you may have managed or taken part in and won something, and much more that you can add to your resume. It must be noted here that everything we do holds a certain importance in our lives because all our experiences shape us into who we are, and this also reflects in the work we do, as it will in our resumes.

Starting A Business: This is the career goal which requires the most efficient level of planning. A lot of us dream of starting our own businesses, and this is something that one can definitely do in three years. What with the varied options available today, including the option to sell products online, it makes a lot of parts of business, such as marketing and sales, a lot easier. With an idea and a proper plan of order, starting a business is definitely doable in three years. Although it will take time to grow, one has to begin somewhere, right?

In Your Personal Life

In your personal life, you may have several goals that you would like to meet, dreams to fulfil that are waiting for you, our “bucket lists”, so to speak. While these are all highly personal in nature, the following are some of the general personal goals that one can accomplish in three years:

Learning A Language: It is on all of our bucket lists to want to learn a new language – maybe it’s something exotic like French, Italian or Spanish, or maybe it’s the language that the people around us speak but we don’t know it, an Indian language – Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, so many others. All it takes is enrolling yourself for language learning classes and you’d be surprised with how much of it you can learn in three years.

Family Goals: We all see ourselves with someone special in our lives, building a family with that someone, having people around you to look after or someone to look after you. Three years is enough time where life finds someone for you and these dreams of yours can be made into reality. If not, you can always adopt a pet!

Savings Goals: When we talk about our saving goals, it can mean generally saving up out of good habit, or saving up for a particular goal. These goals can include buying a house, a car or two wheeler, or other investments for something like property. With a good amount of money put aside each month, we can easily save up to buy what we want to.

Travel: This is a slight extension of our saving goals, where instead of to buy something, we save money for going to the places we would like to travel to. This includes air, railways or bus tickets, the fare for staying in a hotel, BnB or hostel, money to get around and money to shop. This is a highly achievable goal for three years with an appropriate saving plan in place.


In conclusion, there is a lot more you can achieve in 3 years than you think. This includes where we can arrive in our personal lives, such as for saving money to buy a car, house or even for travelling. It also includes how far we can reach in our work careers and what all we can achieve in our educational paths. All in all, one needs to have a goal in mind, a proper blueprint or plan pertaining to how one might achieve that goal, and finally, the will to carry out the goals we have dreamt up. In this simple manner, you can achieve much more in 3 years than you think, and it is all possible if you genuinely put your mind to it, including not allowing any setbacks to halt your plans altogether. Keep sailing, as the water ahead might be stormy but with strength and willpower, we can all get through it.

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