Why are some People more Intelligent than Others

Are you a student or working professional who wants to perform better than other people? Do you admire people who have made a great career through their intelligence? If your answer is yes, this article will help you out to perform better than others.

The life histories of the CEOs of fortune 500 companies or successful start-up owners are often fascinating and exciting. Students often admire the best performing student in the class. In general, we all admire successful people, get inspired by their struggle, and wish to be like them. If you are a student, you might have wished to get the first position in a competitive exam.

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If you are a working person, you might have wished to get an admired position. If you are a player, you must try hard to win challenging games. But, you may often think that those people have a different level of intelligence or natural talent. You probably think that they have something extra in their brain or body which you do not have. As a result, you accept it as divine talent and doubt your ability to be the one.

But, the reality is entirely different than your thoughts. There is nothing called divine talent. Everything is in our hands if we want to make it. There is a path which can be followed to reach the level of those people whom you admire.

Some people indeed get a lot of advantages to reaching the top place. For example, people who are already rich and have good connections, become successful with less effort. This single fact should not discourage you because this thing is minimal. If you try your best, there is a 90 percent chance that you will get success.

In this article, you will see how divine talent is a myth. It is not true that every successful person has an added advantage. Though most of the people in our society believe that successful people have god-gifted talent, practice is the key to success. The famous proverb, ‘practice makes perfect’ is true. If you try and practice, there is a 99 percent chance that you will become successful.

What makes a Person Genius?

Some people believe that genius people are born with unique talents. Others believe that geniuses can be made. A boy who scores poorly in academics can learn complex formulas of Physics if he tries to understand it properly. It is hard work that helps people to get success, not any divine gift. One professor of Exeter University told that exceptionally talented people have much in common with ordinary people.

Creativity depends more on consistency than natural skills. Indeed, everyone can not be a genius. It is because it takes a lot of effort to be a genius. Everyone doesn’t have the same level of patience and desire. Geniuses are passionate about what they do and maintain constant hard work. Geniuses are focused on people who know exactly what they want in their lives.

These people work dedicatedly towards achieving their goals. Every great mind has struggled and strived to achieve their goals. Geniuses also make mistakes but what sets them apart from others is their long-term commitment.

Many people think that Albert Einstein was a failure in school. But, the truth is that he was always a high achiever and his family has a strong scientific interest. Innovation doesn’t exist only in the scientific field. The Bronte sisters are another example of geniuses.

They have started writing great novels from the beginning. They practised and perfected their skills over a period of time. George Eliot had undergone excellent training to make herself a serious writer. Some people also lose their talent without practice.

Many musicians, including some of the greatest musicians of the world, practised a lot to become significant composers. Geniuses have a strong sense of purpose and motivation. These people also can maintain consistency and resist distractions. Geniuses focus on particular goals.

Why does the Myth Exist?

We know or learn about a famous person only when s/he becomes popular. We bother a little to know about their struggle. Though there are many biographies and inspirational videos, we do not know about them. We only see the reward, not the hard work behind it. As a result, a knowledge gap is created.

We think that it is impossible to reach their current state. If we know about a genius’s life, it will look similar to us. People who are not born as intelligent, become intelligent through their positive qualities. For example, when a person becomes a successful doctor, we admire them.

We do not notice how much hard work s/he did to get the degree. The idea is straightforward. To be the best, you have to do something more than the rest. Patience and hard work are the key players in someone’s success.


It is popularly known that particular physical characteristics are determined by genetic inheritance like the type of hair, the colour of eyes, type of skin, and many other things. This knowledge helped a lot of people to think that psychological characteristics are also determined by genetic inheritance like behavioural tendency, mental ability, personality, and many other things. Believers of this concept are called nativists.

These people believe that human beings are the products of evolution, and individual differences occur due to unique genetic codes. If a person is smarter than others at a younger age, these people call it genetic influence. If a person becomes smarter later in life, nativists call it intelligence with maturity.


The empiricists believe that human minds are blank at birth, and it grows gradually with experience. These people believe that the level of intelligence in a child depends on his/her learning and development. These people also believe that people learn from the environment. Freud believed that parenting has a significant role in the psychological development of a child.


Geniuses are not born but made. We think that genius people have certain divine qualities, and we can not be like them. It is because we know famous people after their success. We do not know about then their fields are gifted, and hence no amount of work can take them to that level.

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