Who Am I Essay | Essay on Who Am I for Students and Children in English

Who Am I Essay: Who am I? That is a question every individual should ask himself or herself. There are two situations to this inquiry. The primary situation is the point at which an outsider asks you, “Who are you?” Without a squint, you will reply, “Who am I? I’m this and that. I work at… .” For this situation, your answer is shallow and brief, since you need to complete your association with the outsider immediately.

The subsequent situation is the point at which an individual needs to get private with you like in a dating setting. So when s/he asks you “who are you?” what s/he implies is, “reveal to me more about you”. They need to know more than the shallow things that are utilized to portray you, like stature, age, work, titles, weight and so on They are keen on your interests, fears, diversions, interests and so on.

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How to Write Who Am I Essay?

Introduction (50-75 words) 

  • Snare The Question – who am I?
  • Brief synopsis: Well, I know very much about myself: I am a social, kind, deferential, and principled young fellow.
  • Proposal: I am a sort, well disposed of, deferential, and principled youngster.

Body Paragraph 1

  • Point: Social
  • Representation: Meeting new companions
  • Rationale: Makes me dynamic
  • Proposition connection: A happy, social and accommodative individual is the number of individuals who know me.

Body Paragraph 2

  • Point: Respectful and honest
  • Delineation: Want to coexist with everybody, the two youngsters and seniors. Vehicle seats, amiable character
  • Clarification: I know the cutoff points
  • Proposal connection: Every day, I need to be known as an individual who is deferential even to the individuals who least merit it.

Body Paragraph 3

  • Point: Hobbies
  • Representations: Sports, chess, music
  • Clarification: Clear my psyche, get better.
  • Proposal connection: Sportsmanship has instructed me to be reasonable, persistent and centered.

Last Paragraph

  • Point: I am not wonderful when I don’t hit my objectives, clear resistance from individuals who don’t cherish progress. My adoration for oddity makes me awkward with ordinary principles.
  • Delineations: My mum says I am self centered and that I generally need everything to turn out well for me. However, I’m as yet the individual you will discover in accomplishing deliberate local area work to help individuals.
  • Clarification: I surmise my confidence is excessively high for individuals to put down. This rubs feathers with individuals who stand my way to progress.
  • Postulation connection: I’d be a liar to say I am a virtuoso, immaculate or interminable and that is who I am.


  • Rehashing of postulation
  • Synopsis of paper
  • Marking out

Long Essay on Who Am I 500+ Words

I’m an adoring, kind and caring individual. I’m a social individual. My character deals with helping other people and has consistently assisted me with heaps of companions to my side. I favor others; I love to help the colleagues of my general public and my local area.

To this end, I am additionally the dynamic individual from the social associations of my space. However, it is truly great to serve others, be that as it may, it additionally costs your own time. You have next to no time left for your own-self and your close family also.

Understanding this, I’m attempting to keep harmony between friendly assistance and family responsibility. Also, I perceive that the abundance of anything is truly downright terrible.

Me As A Social Person

Helping other people nonetheless is all around appreciated. One feels glad, happy and merry consistently. Bliss can be basically capable at whatever point, you help other people, you understand the grin on their countenances and supplications from their souls.

Help a poor getting entrance into a school, help anyone monetarily or tackling different issues you will really feel the glow of joy inside. I never really do my degree to spread grins and satisfaction in general.

Once in a while, my companion can’t help thinking about why I have been so genuine in helping other people. This all, truth be told, I can identify with my granddad. My granddad has been an eminent individual in my space in aiding others at whatever cost.

My propensity for helping other people in overabundance has, somewhat, brought issues for me. I help my kindred understudies too. For instance, I help understudies in clarifying and aiding various subjects, I share my notes regardless of whether it is the second day of the test! I can’t deny anybody any assistance.

Otherly, I share my lunch, pocket cash, books and so forth with one who needs it! At times, it brings inconveniences for me also! Like you imparted your notes to other people and a similar one got torn and in an unwell condition!

You share your fixes and so forth with others and you get in broken condition! I have learned, from here, that for assisting others you have to be solid. You experience to confront the difficulties and difficulty from helping other people, now and then

Me As a Helping Person

With respect to my aiding nature, I in some cases face troublesome occasions. Here and there, I was unable to deal with my time. My investigations and my well-being at times get affected. This makes my mom anxious here and there. My family, however, lauds me for my earnestness and helping other people.

In any case, alongside it, my mom has instructed me to keep harmony between family time and social time. Furthermore, recently I have understood this. I accept that, when you help other people, you can’t end every one of the hardships of others.

Issues are there to remain in this world. At the point when we help other people, indeed we are contributing a little and to our own degree in limiting the difficulties of others.

I have understood the significance of self. Furthermore, I have been attempting to keep up a harmony between family obligations and social duties. My mom, in such a manner, has been a genuine motivation.

I’m an individual who loves to share love, chuckling and bliss throughout everyday life. I’m incredibly grateful for whatever I have in my life.


I’m genuinely grateful to my family and my companion for remaining adjacent to me in the entirety of my undertakings. Furthermore, I accept, social work is the aggregate work. I give credit to all my family and my companions.

Short Essay on Who Am I? 350 Words in English

The topic of “who am I” is by all accounts the least difficult inquiry one can reply to. However, when I set aside the effort to attempt to sort out Who am I, I discovered this inquiry is one that requires basic reasoning. By and large, the response to this inquiry is that I am a customary individual who loves investing quality energy with individuals I appreciate. Likewise, I commit myself to finish my obligations, and I have a fantasy about turning into an incredible individual. Notwithstanding, there are countless different things that make me an individual. I generally attempt to utilize each chance to possess all the more free energy for my diversions.

For one to be an extraordinary individual throughout everyday life, it is important that they pose themselves this inquiry, particularly given that it is an inquiry that assists an individual with being in a place of assessing themselves. By and large, the topic of who am I is feasible to offer a response by sorting the overall attributes of a person’s life into three divisions. The three classifications are otherworldly, individual attributes and how I see life and the general public around me.

As far as the otherworldly division, I would view myself as a moderately profound individual basing on the existence that I have been sustained through. The matter is that for my entire life, I have been raised up by guardians who are resolute Christians and who have shown me the significance of having an otherworldly existence.

As to character, I feel that I am a cordial individual deriving from how I identify with my friends, youngsters and more seasoned individuals. Actually, I like being idealistic, and I like discussing positive things in life since I accept that individuals have the ability to do incredible things as long as they trust in themselves.

In conclusion, discussing my insight about the world and the general public around me, I feel that I am a liberal person who accepts that the world is a decent spot to live in, just that it has been annihilated by individuals. Accordingly, it is our call as individuals to do our best and make commitments to transform the world into a greatly improved spot.

FAQ’s on Who Am I Essay

Question 1.
What to write in the “Who am I” Essay?

Be straightforward, yet sensitive. Affirmations officials just as recruiting chiefs read huge loads of CV’s, application articles, and introductory letters.

  • Expound on your energy.
  • Offer an intriguing story.
  • Switch on your inventiveness.
  • Go through make.
  • Reveal to them more.
  • Abstain from gloating.
  • Show your viewpoint.

Question 2.
What is the example statement of “Who am I as a person”?

I’m a person. I’m my own individual; an individual who commits errors, snickers, cries, damages, grins and loves. I’m who I am through my delights, distresses, heartbreaks, bliss and losses. Each progression in my life and every second that passes by makes me up as a unique individual.

Question 3.
How to be a good person?

Be kind, helpful, honest, polite, to others. Respect others and compliment them.

Question 4.
What makes you a bad person?

A terrible individual is somebody who is discourteous, mean, repulsive, obtuse, angry, barbaric, bossy, eager, manipulative, narrow-minded, coldblooded, disgusting, perverted, awful, snide, presumptuous, grandiose, irredeemable, despicable, cutthroat, unfaithful, untrustworthy, vicious, chilly, ruined, derisive, disagreeable and simply relentless.

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