How to Study for Long Hours Without Getting Tired or Sleepy? Here, 13 Amazing Healthy Hacks

Do you ever feel that there should be some extra hours available in a day? We can assure you that you are not the only one. Especially during the exams, no matter how much time you get, it is simply not enough! You can spend the entire night preparing for exams the following day, but to stay awake in those dark hours is extremely difficult. You might get an immediate sleep attack when you pick that book!

There are quite several ways to stay wide awake while you study. But not all of those ways will be healthy for you. If you are someone who relies on sugary and harmful substances for staying awake, then, in the long run, they are harmful.

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13 Amazing Healthy Hacks stay Awake and Study Long Houres

Here we have listed some of the amazing healthy hacks for you to stay awake and study at night. If you ever feel your brain shutting down again, try these strategies, and be alert!

1. Sleep Well And Take A Power Nap Before You Sit To Study

This is one of the most basic hacks if you’re in for an all-nighter. The time you are spending awake in the night should be well compensated in the day. So you must make sure that you sleep well during the day.

Sleep requirement for our body to stay healthy is approximately 7 to 8 hours. So make sure that you stick to a good sleeping regime. It will be good for you if you don’t under-sleep, or else you might feel sleepy at night.

You can try for a power nap also if you are feeling sleepy while studying. A nap of 20 to 30 minutes will both give you a study break as well as energy. This short burst of energy is enough to keep you alert and keep you focused throughout your study time.

2. Have Sufficient Quantities Of Water

Did you know that dehydration might cause your brain to shut down? (And also shrink your brain!) Yes, you heard it! By drinking sufficient quantities of water, you will be well-hydrated, and it will ensure the proper functioning of your brain while you study.

For your body to stay healthy, you should be drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. It becomes very easy to forget your daily water dose when you concentrate on your studies. But if you keep a bottle of (cold) water by your side or your study table, you will remember every time you look at it. Keep sipping water from it, and be energized.

3. Keep All Sources Of Distraction Away

While you study, you also tend to keep checking your phone for any messages or calls, right? These are all sources of distraction that you should avoid. These distractions take away a lot of time from you (even if you don’t realize it). The topic, which might have taken an hour for you to complete, would probably end up taking two hours!

Keep these distractions away from you. This way, you will stay awake for only the extremely important time. This hack will also help you to concentrate better on your study.

4. Make A Listicle Of Topics Before You Sit To Study

Let’s be real; no matter how hard you might try, you will not be able to complete your entire syllabus overnight. So it is better to make a list of topics beforehand that you might feel more important and easier to cover.

You can start with the easy topics to get some motivation for the night-long study. Keep the list in front of your eyes all the time, and let it inspire you and keep you wide awake. You can cover the less relevant subjects or topics in the next few days in the same way.

5. Read Aloud While You Study And Keep Writing

If you read aloud while you are studying, then it serves three purposes at once. Firstly, it will keep you more focused and engaged. Secondly, as you read and hear what you speak, you tend to retain more of what you are studying. Thirdly, when you keep speaking, no doubt, sleep will stay miles away from you! (Although you might want to keep your voice a bit low. You don’t want to disturb others, do you?)

There will be a similar benefit when you keep writing. Keeping your hands engaged in a rough copy will keep a point or chart about your study’s important points. It will also keep your mind pre-occupied, awake, and alert.

6. Refrain Yourself From Sitting Cosily

Cosiness is probably one of the most cherished friends of sleep. When you sit too comfortably on your bed, there are higher chances of you falling asleep. The best way for you to avoid this is to not study on your bed. Keep the study area separate from your bed.

You should arrange for a study table and a chair. Even your posture while you sit is crucial to keep yourself awake. Try to sit straight on your chair. Keep your room full of bright lights, and it will help you keep your mind awake.

You can also try to change the place where you sit every hour or so. This way, you will definitely not sit comfortably for too long.

7. Have Small Doses Of Caffeine

This is surely not a surprise, right? Caffeine is the best tool if you want to stay up all night. Caffeine kicks in your system in as little as 15 minutes and its effect will last up to 6 or seven hours! But you should take caffeinated products in very small quantities because after you stop drinking them, there are high chances that you will end up crashing heavily.

The best way to get a good dose of refreshment is to combine coffee with power naps. Have a small cup of coffee, then take a quick power nap for half an hour. As soon as you wake up, you will feel refreshed with the effect of coffee rushing in.

8. Study In A Cold Temperature

This might come as a nice wonderment, but it is a proven hack for living through an all-nighter. For sleeping, your body demands a warmer temperature. So if the temperature is warm, it is comfortable, and it will be more difficult on your part to keep the coziness away.

By studying in a bit cold temperature, you will stay alert for a longer time. You can try for a cold compress (apply it to your forehead). So now you know that for a good study, you should be ditching your warm blanket, and you will find yourself not nodding off!

9. Play Some Up-Beat Music

While you study, there are many a time right when you want to give yourself a short break? Take a short break of 5 to 10 minutes and listen to some fast and uptempo beats. This will break off the monotonous studying and kick off the sleep that is starting to set it!

It will be better if you choose some upbeat music. Because if the music is soft and soothing (just like a lullaby!), you might doze off quicker. Did you know that music helps in improving concentration too? Amazing, right? So find your chill jam (not the one where you will sing along) and prepare better for your exam.

10. Explore Acupressure

For a proper recharge to your body, acupressure is very effective. When you feel like you are about to sleep off, give yourself a break for 20 to 30 minutes. Use this break to refresh both your mind and body.

Use this break to apply some acupuncture to the pressure points in your body. This will be relaxing, and in absolutely no time, you will revive all the energy!

11. Protect Your Eyes From Constant Screen Time

The days where you used to study from a book or your notebook are gone. The digital era has hit, and lots of learners spend their time accessing e-books. This takes hours, and sticking such long hours to a laptop screen hurts eyes. This tiredness makes you doze off even quicker!

Every expert suggests that you take a break from the long screen time after every 20 to 30 minutes. Give your eyes a quick message, and protect them from tiredness. This way, you will not fall asleep.

12. Make A Study Group

Study with your intellectual friends to beat all the sleep off your eyes. This way, you will both push yourself to study harder and also work your best. If you start dozing off, you can rely on your friends to wake you up as well.

Talk to your group members about the topic of study, discuss what you have studied. This will keep your brain engaged, and you will also be able to revise all the important points that are needed to cover.

13.Get Your Favorite Chewing Gum

Yes, chewing a piece of gum is bad for our teeth. But this is your last option if all the above hacks fail. Pop one gum in your mouth and your chances of sleeping in the middle of study are quite less.

So, believe in yourself that you can do it! Take refuge in these hacks, and you will easily survive through an all-night study session. Yes, studying all night has never been a fun activity, but it is beneficial if you don’t over exceed yourself. Understand your limits, and you are all good to go. So good luck with your exams and that all-night study session!

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