Role of Education in Development Essay for Students and Children in English

Role of Education in Development Essay: JP or the souls taking refuge in education, the desire for growth has no boundaries. Above lines from ‘Ulysses’, highlight the thirst of minds which are willing to learn. Education is not a destination, but a journey to be cherished. It is an enriching path, not only in lives of individuals, but also chartering histories of nations and building strong foundations of development.

In a developing society like ours, where an entire generation stands at crossroads of traditional values and western education, it becomes essential to define the parameters of education. For a traditionally rich country like ours, the roots of education can be traced back to compilation of Vedas. British furthered the cause of education in India. Though they introduced the study of English language to meet their administrative needs; it opened up a new world for Indians. It provided us with an opportunity to question our beliefs, our customs and our knowledge and with that questioning, the spirit of education dawned.

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Long and Short Essays on Role of Education in Development for Students and Kids in English

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Essay on Role of Education in Development

Long Essay on Role of Education in Development 600 Words in English

Long Essay on Role of Education in Development is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Education has provided light of survival to several nations. Europe could march to development only after Renaissance. Indians could question the evils of sati and caste system only when reformers were exposed to ideas from western world. Even our freedom movement received impetus when we awoke to ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity from American and French revolutions. Though we could successfully overthrow the Britishers, their education system was adopted without questioning. Every society needs to reform the systems to meet some specific needs. However, the colonial education system has left a lot to be desired.

Education is an overall process of not only personal growth but an enriching growth of society and nation. It is the foundation of development of any nation. Educated youth have the ability to think beyond their stagnating lives and contribute to the development of their societies. Education arms individuals with the knowledge of their rights and duties. It is informed citizenry which forms the base for the development of any society. Though the share in GDP may not reflect this reality, we have primarily been an agricultural economy.

India still lives in its villages. The seeds of education must find their way to villages. The ‘Adult Education Programme’ and ‘National Rural Education Programme’ still have long distance to cover. By opening more primary schools in villages, we can not only curb the problem of migration by creating novel opportunities in village, but also educate farmers on knowledge of right seeds and fertilizers. This may lead to better yield and could again push back, the import of wheat and other essential commodities.

The quality of education needs better monitoring in both rural and urban India. Problems of teacher absenteeism in the villages deserve better scrutiny and punitive pleasures to ensure that children gain sufficiently from the time spent in school compounds. Awareness programs for girl child education must be carried out with more zeal and vigour. Along with driving self-sufficiency education provides awareness. This i awareness about the rights creates responsible citizens and responsible citizens can demand responsible and accountable governance.

Education in field of IT has opened galaxy of opportunities in urban India with jobs in software, call centres and BPO’s ushering in a revolution of sorts. The services sector, in this backdrop, is proving a significant contributor to the growth of economy. This knowledge hub has attracted large investments from several countries. The emphasis of government on technical education also highlights the commitment to drive excellence in areas of research and manufacturing.

Education plays a critical role in the democratic set up where an educated voter can make an informed choice. The voice of ballots gets translated into the fate of the voters through the levels of governance delivered. The policies charting the course of development of society get their nod from the representatives of people. Roads, ports, telecom, irrigation, industries, agriculture all demand simultaneous attention for a wholesome and inclusive development. Targeted policies in all these sectors must perform in unison for a balanced development to occur.

More number of higher universities will create a breed of individuals who are capable to chart their future in a growing economy. Education gives a level of confidence which capacitates individuals to compete globally and assert them. Such individuals become national asset with their contribution to the growth story of the nation. Through the entrepreneurial spirit they are able to create jobs and set up corporate empires to employ people. This employment generation goes a long way in raising the quality of life of several families. It is, thus, a positive spread effect which became possible from the seeds of education.

Growth generated by a robust economy has to be translated in overall rising of the standards of people. Often, the fruits of growth fail to reach the bottom of the pyramid. Such accumulation of wealth with few individuals has led to wide gulfs in the society. This trend is alarming and unhealthy for long term sustenance of the system. This balancing of wealth in the society can occur when people imbibe the importance of education to change their fortunes. Education is that vital enabler which can move masses up the social ladder. It helps in upward mobilization of large segments of people who understand its importance and take the rightful refuge.

A holistic development of society is only said to occur when the material wealth is complemented by cultural, social and educational achievements. These are reflected in art, architecture, music, writings and the heritage of that society. All great civilizations of the world, which are remembered as developed, had attained that zenith on basis of importance accorded to education in those societies. The Romans, the Egyptians or closer home Magadha or Indus Valley boasted of rich lineage of scholars and universities which built a solid intellectual foundation and a progressive outlook for the society.

Short Essay on Role of Education in Development 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Role of Education in Development is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Education teaches manner to conduct the way of life which contributes to quality and standard of the individuals. Rich empires may rise and fall in a stroke but those with firm rooted educational groundings have an element of sustainability. This ensures their survival for ages. They derive their vitality from the rich corpus of knowledge, which guides them in survival, even during times of crisis. This knowledge bank, built on educational mantle, enriches the quest for development in such societies.
Education not only provides an opportunity for development in numerous spheres but contributes to the standard of living. Education of our culture and values should not take a back seat in this era of modernization.

For a holistic development, we must encourage at all levels an understanding of our tradition as part of our education. The effectiveness of this can be seen in people to people contacts with our neighboring country, which help us to enhance our international relations. In this era of globalization, we may be tempted to neglect the fundamental. As a nation, we can’t afford to do this at this junction. Education should remain the focus of government, ahead of their political agendas. Not only more policies but their effective implementation is essential in letter and spirit. Some modifications in our educational system is required to encourage talent based and growth oriented teachings. This would be a welcome step. Education for all should be the primary focus as it is the only gateway for sustained development and all round progress of our nation.

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